Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 241

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 241
Hipolito proposes to Olegario, Alyana confirms Cardo is alive and is a r3bel

At Sta Ursula, the re3bels got away and one of the SAF officers believed they would get them again. Dela Roza, received a call from General Borja for update and he said he would go to Cramp Crame to update them.

Cardo and Lena arrived at Mt Karagao with the injured man and survivors of the attack. Lena told Romulo that they were attacked by the soldiers, unfortunately they lost some of their men but Agila saved them.

Meanwhile, Alyana who had pledged to support Wally find evidence against Counselor Gina arrived at the precinct. She called Delfin for an update and the police officer said there was no update yet, but there had been incident at Sta Ursula concerning a r3bel group and did not know whether it was bloody Sun.

The SAF officers arrived at Camp Crame and in a meeting, De la Rosa told General Borja that nothing happened to any of their men, however, some of the r3bels d!ed and were able to find out that they were members of the Bloody Sun and Cardo was part of the group.

General Borja believed they might be mistaken, Dela Rosa insisted that it was not just a resemblance but being Cardo’s commander, he knew how Ricardo Dalisay did his things and was sure the man they encountered was him. General Borja believed Cardo might be up to something so he asked whether his other three comrades were part and Dela Rosa said no.

At the Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, San Isidro, the workers arrived to work for the Enriquez all thanks to the threats of Homer. Homer then proved how valuable he was if Enriquez pay him well he would do all his bidding for him. He then took his leave with his allies.

However, Javier told his son not to trust the r3bels. Miguel revealed that he only used the r3bels in order to pin the blame on them if things had gotten messy for the authorities to find out about what they were doing. Homer arrived at the camp in Mt Karagao to make up stories for his evil doings outside the camp.

Granpa Delfin arrived at Flora’s place to reveal to them what Dela Rosa said just to calm nerves to make them know Cardo might be alive. However, the family did not understand why Cardo hard to fight at the side of the r3bels. Paco believed he might have suffered amnesia that was why the SAF trooper was now siding with the r3bels. Delfin told his sister that they were going to do their own investigation to get to the bottom of the issue.

Elsewhere, Catindig was scheming with his spy on their investigation to uncover the truth about Hipolito. He decided to find the former mates of Hipolito to know more about Hipolito. Director Hipolito was still with Diana, after his earlier proposal he now tried to convince the Intelligence boss to accept his proposal.

“You caught me by surprise earlier,” Diana said.

“We are not young anymore Diana and with the kind of job that we have, we don’t really know how much time we are left to lead our lives.

I want to be with you, I want to protect you

I want you to be my partner, not only at work but in life too,” Hipolito proposed.

At Mt Karagao, Tadpole, the injured friend of Fernan thanked him for saving him and thanked Lena for attending to his wounds. Later, Homer and his allies including Anton arrived to make fun of Fernan for his inability to save the r3bels he went to stan Ursula with. Lena faced them and said they did not know what happened as Fernan actually saved them, and if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have made it to the camp alive.

The r3bels guarding the hostages got drunk, Dela Paz and Velasco planned to escape and also avenge Quinto’s d£ath. Velasco demanded for a drink and she was given coconut. Romulo now declared his support for Fernan and Infront of Agila’s enemies, he said he owned Agila his life for saving Father and Lena. He then warned those doubting Agila to stop since he has proven his loyalty to the group.

General Borja visited the NDA office to give an update to Director Hipolito. General Olegario arrived after she heard the encounter between the SAF troopers and the r3bels. Delfin was glad to see the presence of Diana since he had an information for them. He told them that the SAF saw someone who they were claiming to be Dalisay.

Later, while seeing Delfin off, Olegario believed Cardo infiltrated the camp. Delfin also shared same idea, unknown to them Hipolito was eavesdropping.

“Is it possible that you have infiltrated the camp of Bloody Sun?

If that is possible then it is possible that you will find my secret.

No way I am allowing that to happen,” Hipolito assured himself.

Seeing that General Borja has left, he called Diana to ask her if it was possible for Ricardo Dalisay to infiltrate the r3bels’ camp. Olegario said they could not be certain, more reason she had to get back to work to investigate.

Olegario got to work and Manolo tried to prove himself that he had taken good care of things during her absence. He told her about the SAF and r3bels encounter at Santa Ursula. Diana told him that she already knew and was even told Dalisay was now part of the r3bels.

At Mt Karagao, Homer now believed Fernan was not Dalisay after defending Lena from the SAF troopers. However, Anton was bent on uncovering the truth about Fernan when he witnessed Emman informing Lena how he had been bonding with Fernan and they went to play at the river. Emman was happy with Fernan and wanted Lena to invite Cardo to have dinner with them.

Manolo and Hipolito had a conversation and Hipolito told Manolo that they had to act fast to mislead the PNP’s search for Ricardo Dalisay since Cardo was not only a threat to the r3bel group but them as well. He charged Manolo to fish out information on every movement of Olegario and Manolo said there would be no need for that since Hipolito had already declared that he now had Diana under his grasp.

Manolo told his spy about how Hipolito now wanted to protect the r3bel group again. He was sure there was a secret so he started getting in touch with the former classmates of Hipolito with an indication that his office was writing a tribute for the director. Through his interview, he discovered that Hipolito had always been against government and there was even a rumour of his involvement to a certain r3bel group.

Javier started to have problems with the Mayor who was not willing to give him permit for his company to operate fully while he had been receiving huge sums from the Enriquez. Miguel suggested they use Homer to threaten the Mayor just like they did with the workers.

At Mt Karagao, Homer and his allies got ready to leave the camp to meet the Enriquez. Meanwhile, Velasco decided to win the trust of the r3bels guarding them. She told Chameleon, the one guarding them that she wanted to bath. He gave her soap and water to bath while the guys spied on her as she took her bath.

Chameleon gave her new clothes to change into and she told Dela Paz to trust her as her action was the only way to ensure their safety. After Otep, Nick and Gedong found a new place for her gambling business, Counselor Gina embarked on a vaccination project to get children within her jurisdiction vaccinated against malaria all to make the DeLeons believe she was not capable of what Wally has been accusing her of.

Cardo began to realise that Romulo was not bad as he earlier presumed him to be, but was compassionate.

Soon, Alyana began an investigation at Santa Ursula on Cardo with the help of Jerome, Rigor, Guzman and Pinggoy. Delfin who directed their path said they should not say they were searching for a SAF trooper as that would endanger the life of Cardo and his three comrades.

After a long search in the market, they finally got someone who confirmed that she saw the man in the picture during the SAF and the r3bels’ encounter.


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