The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 6

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 6 Tristan and Malia meet again, Supremo gets haunted by another prophecy of Jethro

The vampires plan an event, elsewhere Malia woke up to discover that she was in Manila.
Jake granted her wish of wanting to be out of the camp for a while. Malia was scared since it meant that they had defied the orders of Lord Sentinel to stay in the camp. Jake believed they would be scolded no matter what so they had to enjoy the moment together.

Jake even told her that, he had been sneaking out of the camp since and all the gifts he had been giving her was from Manila. Elsewhere, someone brought his van to Tristan for it to be repaired but the aunt of Tristan claimed there was no mechanic available when Tristan was about to repair the van.

Tristan followed his aunt to scold her but his aunt said she wanted him to get extra money and she gave him the keys to the jeepney. He came out for the jeep and a butterfly landed on him. Doc said it meant that he would have a good luck with l0ve that day. He later got passengers who were mainly mourners and drove them to the cemetery.

Elsewhere, as Malia was lamenting and feeling nostalgic for her parents especially her mother, Jake revealed that he knew where her mother was buried but it was a bit scary. He told Malia their lives would be at risk as Supremo might discover their presence. He told her that where Lia was buried was sacred and a secret since the council did not want anyone to be aware.

Jake had managed to get a taxi for Malia since they agreed to make only Malia go to the place since he smelt like a wolf and Malia had a smell of a mortal. He doubled the money for the cab driver and told him to return Malia. The driver was in hurry but the money influenced his decision to send Malia, he pleaded that she should not keep long.

At the new camp, Baristo never knew what to do since Jake had gone with Malia and they had not returned. Since Malia could not transform, most of the camp members were not on Baristo’s side.

Baristo and Lydia sent the kids to go and search for Malia and Jake. They then saw Frederick approaching. Frederick told Lydia that he wanted to speak with Malia. Lydia explained to him that Malia was not feeling well and was resting. Frederick insisted, and he barged in. Baristo told him that Malia was seriously sick and had not woken up since the previous night.

Frederick sat to speak with Malia, it was Catleya that the couple had made her posed like Malia. When they thought Frederick would uncover their secret, Frederick rescinded on his decision to talk to her, he only said she should get well soon.

Baristo and Lydia were relieved as their prayers at the moment were answered. After Tristan alighted the mourners, they told him to wait. He was sleeping in the jeepney when Malia arrived to cry at her mother’s grave. The cab driver was getting impatient since Malia has kept long at the cemetery, he left.

One of the mourners came to pay Tristan and asked him to leave. Tristan was about to leave but the jeepney could not spark so he came out to check the problem to find the butterfly again. Thinking it was his father, he followed the lane of the butterfly only to bump into a mad woman at the grave yard and he fled. He got to his Jeep to discover someone was in.

He asked her to send her to Anti Polo but Tristan said the place was far. Since she had bruises with a swollen eye, Tristan wanted to send her to hospital and also to report to the police. Jake was also waiting for her all day and she was still not showing up. He went to the Cemetery to find that she has left the place and made it a point to find her before Supremo finds him.

At the camp, Frederick enlisted the help of Gael to get herbs to cure Malia but he went to her tent to discover that Baristo and Lydia had been covering up for the girl, as Jake has sent her outside the camp. Frederick was worried since the two might be in danger at the outside world. Tristan got medicine to help cure Malia’s ailment. Before he would drive her to her destination, his aunt called him to send some people to a club.

At the Supremo’s palace, after having an affair with the lady he helped, he realised the girl was hurt so he recalled how his mother maltreated him and locked him up in some basement, sometimes threw animals in there to scare him. One day his mother pushed him out of a balcony and he fell from there to the ground half dead. Supremo was touched by the lady’s cry and he bit her. He did that to take away the lady’s pain.

Tristan went to pick the people who were going to the club for Lemuel Ruiz’s music launch and he reached an agreement with them that he would drop the injured girl off after he alights them at the club and go for them later. At Supremo’s palace, the lady woke to find herself surrounded by some two ladies who gave her a blood to drink, claiming it was delicious. After drinking, the lady wanted more, she was now told that she is a vampire and Supremo bit her to be part of them.

She was sent to SMV corporation to acquaint her with businesses owned by Supremo. She was told Supremo was influential and had links in government who cover the issue of vampire up so that no one would know its existence. Supremo’s ally told the lady that she should not see herself as special even though she was bitten by Supremo himself, she should regard herself as flavour of the month.

The lady after learning that the plan of Supremo was to dominate the world, presently he wanted to run as Philippine’s president and later rule the entire world. The lady then wanted to go back to her family but was warned that she would have to wait otherwise her cravings for blood would endanger her family.

Tristan alighted the passengers at the Lemuel’s party. Malia woke up and asked Tristan if they were already at Anti Polo but Tristan said he was now sending her. Malia now had a second thought that Tristan could be one of Supremo’s men so she alighted and went inside the club.

She bumped into a palmist who wanted to read her fortune, after watching through her palm, she was surprised and could not tell her fortune. Tristan decided to go to the place as well and wasted money to pay for his entry all to check on Malia. He saw someone who a man he deemed as vampire wanted to bite but it turned out that the man was using artificial teeth. A girl got interested in Tristan and approached him, lecturing him about l0ve at first sight.

The fortune teller saw Tristan and she read his palm but could not tell him his fortune since she was startled. Mistakenly, Malia got knocked on her lips and the blood oozing attracted all the vampires in the club and she became a target. One of the vampires lured her to somewhere of the club ready to devour her, fortunately, Tristan saw her and went for her in the guise of being her boyfriend.

At Supremo’s palace, he was updated on all the influential people and the successful business owners that he would have to get in touch to connect with them. He was also told about a potential candidate to run for the president but he ordered his men to turn the person into a vampire to make the person run as vice. He was determined to be the president the following year and nothing would have to come in between his way.

Tristan when leaving the club with Malia lost hand on her, and the two tried to hold hands at the time of the the full moon. As they reached out to eachother, their powers merged and they fell suddenly. Tristan recalled the childhood days incident. Meanwhile, Supremo saw Jethro having an episode and he repeated his prophesy again.

Supremo called him a liar and indicated that he already k!lled the chosen one but Jethro said prophesy never lies. Supremo hit Jethro, while the chosen ones stood up at the party. Tristan saw a vampire biting the DJ at the club. Malia also looked at what was happening but the rest could not see since they were dancing and the light was also dim.


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