Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 244

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 244 Paquito, Ligaya win Barangay Kids Got Talent, Lena makes l0ve with Fernan

At Mt Karagao, Homer caressed Katrina for her to wake up. Realising Homer wanted to take advantage of the lady, De la Paz got in the way and received beatings which compelled Katrina to tell Homer that she would do anything for him so he should not hurt Gerry.

Domingo got there and Homer quickly locked them up. The Hawk warned the hostages not to fight them otherwise they would end up like Quinto. Hipolito visited Diana at the NMIG to present some pastries to her. He asked of an intel and the lady said she had no new intel but if she received anything new he would be the first to be informed.

Gerry told Kath not to do that again, even if she gives herself to Homer, he would still torture them. Kath said he was right as the Father, who was the group leader did not know what Homer does at his back. She wondered why Cardo has done nothing if he had infiltrated the camp. Gerry said they all knew how Dalisay operated and he was sure they were part of his plans.

The r3bels had a drink and Romulo called Anton to join them.

“Fernan I want to thank you since you joined Bloody Sun you have helped us a lot,” Romulo praised him.

At NDA office, Hipolito tried to mislead the PNP again on the location of the r3bels. The chief of police asked if he had received any intel that has made him think they were no longer at Mt Karagao. Hipolito indicated that he knew how the r3bels work and he knew after the encounter with the SAF troopers, they had left the place.

Fernan was praised that he was good but he lacked certain skills.

“Commander is too much to ask you to teach me?”

“Tomorrow, so you must wake up early,” Romulo told Fernan.

Scorpion bought new weapons and before he could keep it, he received an unknown call again and it was Hipolito who asked him whether he was aware that there were some SAF troopers in their camp. Scorpion told him that if he wanted information then he could call commander to ask as he did not trade for free. He would demand money for the information he would give.

Velasco kept asking Chamaeleon questions about Commander and Father but Chameleon advised her to keep quiet, keep being friendly and nothing would happen to her other than asking so much questions.

At NDA, Hipolito gave a work to Catindig since his works of talking General Borja out of searching Mt Karagao for the r3bels, he still went ahead to intensify the search in the area for the SAF troopers.

Major Catindig said General Borja has taken the search personal since his grandson was part of the missing troopers and now that they gained intel that Cardo was in the r3bels’ camp General Borja would stop at nothing till he finds Dalisay.

The kids trained for the talent haunt show organised by Captain Gina. Alyana bought dresses for the kids and Marikit was grateful to Alyana since she did not have money to buy dress for Dexter. Dexter was determined to win the talent show to gain money to support his mother.

Fernan ran fever and earthworm who came to his hut to call him for the training realised it so he fetched for Lena. While taking care of Fernan, Lena made l0ve with him. Meanwhile, Alyana had been crying thinking about Ricky boy and her husband. She wished Cardo would be done with his mission for them to make kids again. Pinggoy consoled Alyana.

Lena tried k!ssing Fernan but tadpole and earthworm barged in and she suddenly pulled back from the sick Cardo.

“The longer I get to be with you and get to know you Fernan and the more I get to know your calm nature person, the more I find myself fallen for you. I think I’m in l0ve with you Fernan.”

Captain Gina organised the Barangay kids get Talent. At the function, she thanked all her sponsors and donors who were helping to unearth the talents of kids. She indicated the money gained from the programme would be good for the entire neighbourhood.

She also announced that the local government would install CCTV cameras in entire neighbourhood to reduce the activities of fraud and other related vices. This sparked a rumour among Elmo and Yolly, thinking she has changed for the better. At Mt Karagao, Lena fed and gave Fernan his medicine to ensure his speedy recovery.

After Delfin informed Hipolito about a week search in Mt Karagao for the r3bels, the NDA Director misled him in an effort to prevent the PNP from knowing the r3bels’ hideout.

“I will do everything to mislead you in order to protect my secret,” Director Hipolito added.

At the Barangay kids got talent, the children displayed their various skills. Paquito and Ligaya who came as pair danced while Dexter also danced. At the end of the competition Paquito and Ligaya won and they took home a trophy an 5000 pesos. Dexter cried and the winners came across the boy apologising for not winning to support Mirikit to pay off her debts. Mirikit consoled but the boy was sad for not winning anything in the contest.

They reached the house and he was still crying. Alyana comforted yet he was upset for his failure so Paquito and Ligaya presented their cash prize to him to give to Mirikit to pay off her debts while they kept their trophy. With the new intel, giving to them by Hipolito concerning the new hideout of the r3bels Diana now believed the group was dangerous than how they thought since they were able to escape unnoticed from the various checkpoints.

She doubted they went to the new hideout by foot as the place was far from Mt Karagao.

“It won’t be long that they attack and victimised more innocent people,” Diana added.

At Mt Karagao, Emman came to see Fernan since he heard he was sick. He slept next to him together with his mother. Romulo and Anton came to the hut and Romulo charged Lena to take good care of Fernan as he was far from his family.

“Or maybe the guy is pretending to be sick so that we won’t find out that he is a well trained soldier,” Anton hissed when Romulo left the room.

Homer made plans to send Hipolito the video of him k!lling Quinto. He then addressed his mini group. He said they would be the ones to wipe out the police and the military. And the group will be feared by the ordinary citizens. Sebastian also recruited new men who he had already screened. However, Miguel was not in support of it, Javier reminded him that Homer was greed and now they had enough men to dispose Homer’s group.

Tadpole and Earthworm told Fernan that, initially Lena used to get scared when her father was leaving the camp but once Fernan joined them she did not care much about her father.

It has been 40 days that the 50 SAF troopers who battled the Bloody Sun lost their lives. A prayer rally was organised in the remembrance of their heroic deeds and Alyana who reported on the event charged the public to inform the authorities if they came across the r3bels.

Manolo told Hipolito that the Alyana was using her job to fetch for her husband.

“I know we have to control her Manolo because she makes her own decisions. We have to watch er every move.”


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