Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 322-326

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 316 Season 3 Finale

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 316 Season 3 Finale De Silva’s illegal businesses are exposed after his death, Alyana starts a new relationship with Marco

Pilo and Roldan told Homer about Cardo and how they had to as soon as possible bring the Vendetta group down. Homer had a contrary idea. He wanted them to act wisely in order to take the group by surprise since he believed the Vendetta was a strong force to battle with as the group was able to eliminate Senator De Silva and lackeys as well as Don Emilio.

At the Team Building outing, the workers were divided into five groups and they played games. During the game, Alyana fell inside a sea and Marco went to save her, getting the vice President’s son aunt angry. Director Hipolito had a media interaction and promised to bring down the Vendetta group for k!lling his rival in the electoral race.

A journalist asked how he would be able to do that since he was no longer the National Defense Director. Hipolito said it was something personal since Ricardo Dalisay and his vigilante group had assaulted him before. The NMIG wondered why Olegario has sided with the vigilante group while she and Cardo lost their only sons in the hands of those groups.

James believed something was not adding up. Catindig rebuked him and said General Olegario has switched sides. When the Vendetta members saw the negative news about them they got upset about how shallow Hipolito would go using them to win the masses.

“That Hipolito is hypocrite!” General Olegario chided.

“The people don’t know that man that’s why he is free to do that.”

“It’s clear that this guy will use what has happened to bring Vandetta down,” Jimboy fumed.

“Your enemies have tried to discredit you countless time, will you allow that to put a stop to your mission and what you have been striving and fighting for?” General Olegario queried.

“The general is is right!” Cardo said.

“No matter what they will say about us or how much they try to discredit us…”

“They can never break our spirit.”

“Because we know what we are all fighting for, what is right and just!”

The Aunt of Marco got very jealous and came to disrupt Marco and Alyana’s dance to show them the news on Cardo k!lling a great political leader. She then warned Marco for getting involved with the criminal’s wife. She believed Cardo would also k!ll Marco should he find out his closeness to her. This made Alyana feel ashamed and walked out.

Soon, the CIDG held a press conference to reveal the treacherous deeds of Senator De Silva and General Borja said the CIDG discovered multiple transactions of some illegal businesses and certain people who were connected to illegal works including Mayor Jethro, the mayor who recently d!ed. The evidence were all retrieved in a house which belonged to the fomer renowned drug lord, Don Emilio Syquia.

General Olegario showed the good news to the Vendetta and were happy that the news had exposed the secret dubious deeds of De Silva. Meanwhile, Manolo alerted Hipolito to be under look out as Cardo and his group might target him. Elsewhere, Homer and his lackeys schemed on means to get rid of their mortal enemies.

“With our numbers we can easily take them out,” Roldan sounded positive.

“But Homer we have faced Dalisay before and he was alone

Didn’t he almost wipe us out?

What if we end up like De Silva and his men?

“All of them were k!lled!”

“Get up,” Homer got upset.

“There’s absolutely no place for cowards here!”

“I am not being coward!” Pilo replied.

“I am just trying to remind you.”

“Oh you better shut your mouth!” Homer screamed.

“We are going to plan this out alright!

“We will finish them off!”

“I want us to use every single bullet to eliminate Dalisay.”

“Is that clear….”

“Yes boss!” the Venom members hooted.

Homer now shared the mo ey they had and Roldan looked so cheerful. Alyana on the other hand vowed not to associate with Cardo since every bad deeds of his was pinned to her. She decided to live her life as a single person. Elsewhere, Captain Gina was upset that Flora and her family had returned and plotted with her allies against the De Leons.

The De Leons looked disturbed due to the Senator De Silva’s death brouhaha. At the Vendetta’s camp, Olegario proposed to the team for them to seek the help of General Borja in bringing Hipolito down but Cardo objected as his grandpa would not accept their mode of obtaining justice so Ramil told them they should come up with other means to achieve their target.

Ramil believed there would be someone of higher rank who might hinder their plans should they involve General Borja. Cardo later apologised to Olegario for not siding with her at their meeting. Ramil advised Cardo to also fight for his marriage so Cardo made up his mind to make his marriage also work. He later found Olegario still not asleep and joined her.

General Olegario advised him that they should not use anger to destroy the public trust they had in them and they should use right means in seeking for Justice. She already knew the group members one way or the other were hurt but they should ensure their anguish did not get in the way for justice and Cardo agreed.

Alyana went to sit in solitude to think about her problems. Marco got there and offered to help her out of her problems and also to forget about Cardo.

“I promise I will l0ve you so much than how he ever did.

If you only give me the chance, I will give you the l0ve that you deserved.”

Marco made a promise to make her feel happy and urged Alyana to give herself a chance to be happy again since he already knew that Alyana felt same way for him. He k!ssed her.

“I l0ve you, Alyana!”

“I l0ve you too!” Alyana replied.

Marco danced with her and removed her ring. He sent her home and told her that he has already spoken with a lawyer to process her divorce. At the vigilante camp, Jimboy had a nightmare that he was back in prison while another member was restless having a bad feeling that something would happen.

Alyana got home and Vergie was happy to see her daughter. She revealed her relationship with Marco to her and Teddy but Teddy did not like the idea and the reason tat Alyana had to remove her ring. Alyana said she was already separated from Cardo but Teddy reminded her that she was still married to Cardo.

“Teddy do you want our daughter to get back to a vigilante like Cardo?” Vergie queried.

General Olegario wanted to go against the group’s plan to seek help from General Borja.

The next day, Jimboy prepared food for everyone and he told them about his nightmare and was so grateful that he woke up to find himself in the camp not in prison. He was asked whether he had not missed his family and he said he do, however, he could not leave the mission hanging and was glad that he and manager escaped prison.

The Arevalos had breakfast and Alyana informed them that Marco would pay them a visit. Teddy was scared that Marco’s family might not support Alyana, he wanted Alyana to think about Cardo and not jump into hasty decision. Vergie who supported Alyana in her decision queried Teddy if he did not want their daughter to be happy in life.

Teddy later realised Alyana was hell-bent on divorcing Cardo and nothing would make her change her mind. The family of Cardo saw the news article on Cardo and on the front page the public had taken a U-turn and they were now supporting Cardo for eliminating Senator De Silva for being a drug dealer.

However, General Borja saw the act of the vigilante group as not the best even if they were helping the law enforcers to do their work.

At the camp, the vigilantes still thought of means to bring down Hipolito. Olegario insisted on them to seek help from General Borja but they refused. The group only saw NMIG as an option and wondered if they could get an ally in NMIG so Olegario promised to see what she could do.

Cardo asked permission to go out with an intention to meet Alyana. Olegario also requested to go out. Romulo wanted someone to escort her but she refused.


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