Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 351

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 351 Oscar is convinced that Vendetta is behind the recent threats of his life, Cardo and his friends spread false information about Alyana in Sto Nino

Roldan after his deed escaped into the truck which Homer and the rest of the Venom group members were in waiting for his return. They congratulated him for a good job well done. The leader of the Venom group called Hipolito to inform him about the successful execution of the plan.

At Camp Crame, General Borja and his subordinates were doing their investigation on the recent bombing. They were positive that Homer Adlawan and his group were behind that due to their past stories.

As Hidalgo was talking to William, his guards rushed in to inform him about the moving truck with no driver that contained certain items which might belong to the Vendetta. The President asked if his family was secured and he was told his family was safe inside the palace.

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Teddy confronted Marco for disturbing Grandma Flora and made it clear that the De Leons were not the culprit. He knew them very well and weren’t capable of keeping Alyana. However, Marco maintained his stance and said Flora admitted Cardo had escaped with Alyana and she even went an extent of sending the police after him as if he was the culprit.

Teddy told him that he got it all wrong. He actually enlisted the help of Girona and Soriano but Marco said that wouldn’t still change his mind on the De Leons. In Santo Nino, Alyana refused to sit next to Cardo and when Cardo was serving her some rice she objected.

Laurie came to sit next to Cardo to serve him and Alyana looked jealous. While Counselor was up to no good with her lackeys, Captain Dindin had a meeting with her townspeople to talk on means they could rid the area of filth. Marissa began to think that Lucas was right when he said the Vendetta was after his life and that of Brandon and Hipolito.

After receiving a notice that stopped her from operating her kitchen business in front of her house, Elmo was certain that Counselor Gina was behind the act since Gido and Nick were interested in them opening the letter once they received it from the one who delivered it.

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Cardo while escorting Ambo and his family who were sending Tutoy to school, he was scared that Alyana might take that liberty to escape once again so they come up with a plan to make no one assist Alyana to escape. They spread rumours that Alyana has a psychological problems and was sent to the place for treatment.

Meanwhile, Grandma Nita thought Alyana how to prepare Rice cake and used it’s preparation and ingredients as example of how marriage works. Alyana said Cardo neglected her so she has a boyfriend. The women there were against that and told her to be lucky that Cardo even was fighting to make the marriage work.

Alyana explained that it was Cardo’s fault. He prioritised his missions and she was the least he cared about so she got tired and decided to move on with her life. Once the rice cake was cooked Alyana tasted it and said it was sweet. Grandma Nita said with more caring, staring and everything, marriage becomes sweet so she should learn from it.

She should also know that a woman holds the marriage and it would work if she gave in her best. Lucas called Hipolito and was glad that everything went well. He also could not wait to see the looks on Oscar’s face.

General Borja went to the palace after the incident to gather information and they saw the flags that stated that the Vendetta next target was Oscar. Flora and her family payed surprise visit to Counselor Gina to find out if she was the brain behind the letter and the woman pretended not to know anything.

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Flora had no option that to close down her eatery. The family promised to find something doing to help with the expenses. Ambo honoured the invitation of Javier and he and his friends went with Cardo as Javier requested when he and his gangs saw them on their way to Tutoy’s school.

After the drink, Tanggol and his lackeys plotted against Cardo while Doray and her friends helped to keep the room of Alyana in order. Alyana planned to escape from the place to be with Marco. Since Cardo has not returned, Alyana joined Doray and Nita outside to chat with them. The women prayed that Alyana would patch things up with Cardo.

Alyana said that would be impossible. Elsewhere, after watching the footage that showed Romulo and Olegario outside the palace when the running truck went inside that palace, Oscar was convinced that Vendetta was behind the incident. He was sure Cardo would be among and wanted General Borja not to become partial in his report.

At Camp Crame, General Borja and his subordinates examined the footage carefully and still doubted Vendetta was behind it. They were hoping to find any of the vigilantes to question them to get into the bottom of the issue.

The Vendetta was also taking consolation in the fact that the news suggested the truck accidentally ran into the palace and injured some of the civilians, George knew they would have been the suspect if it was not reported to be an accident. However, Romulo had his doubts.

Andi brought juice to the group and was asked to join for breakfast but she said she already had her breakfast. She asked of Cardo and the Olegario said they have not heard anything about him yet. Alyana woke up and saw Cardo sleeping. She decided to sneak out. At that moment, the people of the place were also busy spreading rumours of her psychological imbalance situation.

The women planned not to make their kids draw closer to her again. They now understood why Alyana ran away the other time. Oscar was also at the precinct visiting Brandon. He assured his son that he has implemented measures that would hasten his release.


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