La Vida Lena Episode 32

La Vida Lena Episode 32 Brian shoots Digna to foils Lena’s ace against Vanessa, Conrad and Adrian, Lukas posts bail for Jordan for stabbing someone

Lena went to the house of Cabrera’s and met Digna on the way. She asked the reason Jordan had not been coming to work the past few days and was told that Jordan was not home. Digna was even shocked that Jordan did not tell Lena his whereabouts.

Lena assumed there was a problem but Digna did not tell her. She returned home to call Jordan but Jordan refused to be by her side irrespective of the pleas of Lena. He was jealous that Lena was now with Miguel.

Lena told him that she was only using Miguel, the way that he used her too. Jordan had Impression that it was the other way round, Miguel was the actual person using Lena and refused to return to Lena. Vanessa had a talk with Adrian for him not to tell Lukas the truth.

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She warned Adrian that he would lose everything if he dared tell Lukas. Adrian said it was difficult for him and Vanessa told him to take his time to digest the entire truth. Adrian wondered the time that his mother would have told him the truth. If it had not been Lena, he wouldn’t have known.

Vanessa explained that she kept the truth to protect him. She said if Lukas ever found out that she had been telling lies in her entire marriage, he would k!ll them both so for Adrian’s own sake he should keep quiet. Miguel stumbled on Adrian in a drinking bar and found his act as a loser.

He asked him how a whole COO who was just appointed be in a bar to drink. He also cautioned him that many were those who did not trust him to handle the position so he might lose it in no time. Adrian returned home and Lukas asked why he left way just to drink.

He was about to look disappointed till Adrian showed gratitude again for entrusting him with the position. He attempted to talk to his father about the truth but saw Vanessa looking at him at her hiding place. This made Lukas also turned but he did not see anyone.

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Later, Adrian met with his biological parent in a round meeting to come up with a plan to stop Lena from exposing their hidden secret to Lukas during the launch of Adrian. Since he did not want to lose the money, the position, the life and everything he was enjoying, Adrian proposed they stop Lena by using someone close to her since intimidation and threats did not work on Lena.

Vanessa called Brian to ask for a favour. Brian demanded for his passport so the commissioner himself had a deal with him to use his connection to make him a free man if he does what he would order him to do. During the launch, Lena arrived together with Miguel and Ramona. Rachel appeared in the scene to talk with Miguel concerning their divorce.

After a banter with Lena, she asked Miguel if he had changed his mind on their marriage but Miguel encouraged her to sign the divorce papers ASAP since his lawyer already delivered to her. Lena teased Rachel and left to the event hall with Miguel. After Adrian delivered his speech, Lena was called on stage but she was interrupted by Vanessa.

She told Lena that she would not be able to execute her plans against her. Suddenly, Lena had video message from Brian. He was pointing a gun at Digna who was drying her clothes. This made Lena feel threatened and failed to carry on with her plans. She went to tell Ramona about it and they left the event to go to Digna’s rescue.

Conrad called Brian to remind him not to do anything against the old woman. He promised to reward Brian handsomely for his job. After his call, Kiko reached there and Brian to stop Kiko from running after him shot Digna to flee. Digna was rushed to the hospital. In the ambulance, Kiko called Jordan to inform him and he also called Lena.

Jordan arrived at the hospital, few minutes later Lena also arrived with Ramona. Kiko said Brian shot Digna on the shoulder so Digna lost lots of blood and was in critical situation. Lena cried and blamed herself, she asked Jordan and Kiko for forgiveness. Jordan was very hush on Lena. Kiko went to the Narcisos mansion to demand Lukas to tell him where he had kept Brian and also asked him why he sent Brian after his wife.

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Lukas denied knowing anything about Brian. When Kiko left, he stormed Vanessa’s room to slap her for doing things with Conrad at his back. Lena blamed herself harshly for what had happened to Digna and Ramona told her not to blame herself, Vanessa and Conrad were to be blamed.

Later, Conrad met with Brian and gave him the passport to flee. Brian was unhappy that Conrad promised to make him a free man but did not. Conrad explained that it was because he could not fulfill his end of the bargain.

Conrad said shooting the woman would make Lena go wild on them but Brian said he could end her life. Conrad saw that Brian was not using her head. Lena had already said on television that the Narcisos and him were her enemies so if something happens to her they would be the prime suspect.

Brian wanted to use threat to make Conrad do what he wanted but Conrad warned him and urged him to tell Lukas what he knew. He made him know that he has the upper hand to make Brian’s life more miserable. When Lena went to see Digna at the hospital, Jordan sacked her and Rambo was upset that Jordan was treating Lena like that.

Unknown to them, Lukas has sent a spy to the health facility to spy on them and the spy reported the misunderstanding between Lena and Jordan to Lukas. Lena told Betchay how Jordan treated her but she understood her friend. She said she was so focused on her revenge and forgot about the good people she l0ved.

She neglected them and never knew Jordan was going through a lot. Betchay said she did not mean to hurt Jordan. Knowing Jordan, she knew he l0ved her so he would come around. At the hospital, when Betchay was taking to Jordan about his act of distancing himself from them, Rambo appeared in the scene that someone had paid the bills so Digna could be discharged.

For a moment, Betchay thought it was Lena but it came as a surprise to them when Rambo revealed that Lukas Narciso settled everything. Jordan went to see Lukas to know about his intentions of helping his mother. Lukas made it clear that he wanted him on his side and when Jordan refused, he tried to convince him to take an envelope containing money to ask him what Lena has against his wife, Vanessa and Conrad.

Jordan refused to tell him and left. After the Cabreras brought Digna home, Jordan drunk that night and some people come to worry him and his friend who he was drinking with and a fight broke. Rambo came to his rescue and one of the guys attempted to stub Rambo. Jordan intervened and took the object to stab the person instead.

He was then arrested and Kiko asked his son why he had to do that at the moment his mother was discharged. Lena arrived to ask the detail of Jordan’s case and Kiko said the person he stubbed filed an attempted murder case against Jordan but we’re surprised when Lukas appeared to say the case filed has been dropped since he talked with the victim.

He has also posted bail for Jordan. Lena scolded Lukas which made Jordan confessed that he was the person who called Lukas to help him. Lena asked why he did not call her instead. Jordan reminded her that he has made it clear to her that he did not want to have any connection with her and her company and once he was out, he left with Lukas while Lena called out his name.

Kiko did not understand Jordan. He promised Lena that he would talk to Jordan. Lena looked so sad and devastated.


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