Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 352

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 352 Alyana fails to gain help when she attempts to escape, Flora decides to vacate Amor’s house, Marco plans to reveal his true colours to the Arevalos for siding with the De Leons

Alyana sneaked out of the room. She did not know that Cardo saw her. She saw Ambo and the rest drinking and thought she has been able to escape them. Unknown to her, they saw her and left with Cardo to follow her to see how their plan would go.

Those who saw Alyana ran away and spread it among themselves that Alyana was cràzy. Catherine called Marco to come home but he refused, saying he wanted to stay with the Arevalos to find information on Alyana’s whereabouts. Teddy told Marco to go home as his mother said.

Menchu was in disagreement with what was going on since she believed Alyana might not be a good wife to Marco. Catherine swore to make Alyana pay should she dare betray her son. Alyana saw a jeep heading to Manila and they did not give her a ride due to her mental condition. She tried to talk to those she came across but they fled.

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All those she tried to ask them questions fled. Cardo and his friends jubilated that their plans worked. The Flower Power Girls were ready to support Andy should Cardo choose her over Alyana. They deemed it wise that Cardo would be with Andy instead of Alyana since he would need a woman who would understand her than Alyana.

Cardo rushed to his room to pretend to be sleeping. When Alyana sneaked in, he woke up to ask her why she was up so early. Alyana said she went to take a walk. Ambo and the rest came for Cardo to prepare the chapel. Captain Gina sent some people over to destroy the things at the eatery and she came in as the savior.

A guy ran to Captain Dindin to inform her about the commotion at Flora’s place. She rushed there to find Flora making her family take out her eatery items. Elizabeth and Doray came to Cardo’s hut to find Alyana cleaning. They asked of Cardo and she said he left with Ambo to prepare the chapel for the upcoming festival.

They urged her to escape and she said she already did but it seems everyone was scared of her so she could no longer flee. Elizabeth said she could actually run if she wanted to. She would have to walk five hours, cross three rivers and two mountains.

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Doray told Alyana to give Cardo a chance since she left James, though he has his family and she has hers, she still thinks of him so Alyana might end up with Marco but she would realize she l0ved Cardo instead. As Oscar was playing with his kids, Homer and his lackeys plotted to vent their anger on Oscar’s family to irritate him to stand up against the Vendetta.

While working and cleaning the chapel, Laurie gushed about the looks of Cardo and wished he and Alyana would never make up and dreamt to be with Cardo instead. Alyana decided to be close with Cardo in order to get hold on his jeep keys to flee. When Cardo came home, she cooked and became so l0ving to him and Cardo asked whether he was dreaming.

Cardo believed that he was dreaming since Alyana has changed. Alyana asked if he did not like it. Cardo said he wanted to patch things up with her but Alyana told him not to build his hopes high.  Marco, on the other hand, still tried to reach Alyana on the phone and asked the Arevalos couple if it was possible that Alyana was with Cardo as Flora said.

He said Flora said Cardo was married to Alyana so there was nothing wrong. Flora decided to leave the apartment she was in for a smaller place to enable Wally to rent out the place for huge sums while she finds a smaller place to cut down cost now that they have demolished the eatery.

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Cardo told Alyana that Mario said a friend saw Alyana in town and she admitted but said she took a walk. Cardo who was was washing dishes told Alyana not to wonder around alone because there were spirits in places like that. Alyana asked whether Cardo believed in that and he said yes.

He has stayed in Botolan before and strange things happened that no one knew of. Alyana asked why he brought her there and asked if she was safe. Cardo said they were safe in there but she should not go out all alone. Alyana called him to be with her since she was scared.

The Flower Power Girls asked Andy what she would do should Cardo get together with his wife. This made Becky asked Andy if she was really in l0ve with Cardo. Alyana after preparing the food ate with Cardo and told her that she has told Doray and Elizabeth that she would help in the cooking for the festival and she would cook spring rolls since that was her specialty.

Cardo said she has missed her spring rolls and she said she was not preparing it for him but for Nita. After his call with his mother, Marco was bent on doing everything to be with Alyana even if he had to go against his in-laws.

“What if all along you really know where Alyana is?” Marco said in soliloquy while looking at the Arevalos couple.

“What if you just like Dalisay’s grandmother?”

“You want to ruin my relationship with Alyana.”

“I won’t let you hide her from me.”

Meanwhile, Lucas told William that he would strike once again against Oscar. William wanted him to wait to gain the President’s trust before. He said the President was beginning to trust him again. Once Lucas heard that Oscar has tightened the security of his family, Lucas decided to change his tactics.

Elsewhere, Romulo believed that Hipolito and Lucas were behind the palace incident and he prepared the group to keep their eyes on Celaro to figure out the next plans of Lucas and Hipolito. Hipolito visited his henchmen, the venom group to tell them about the change of plans which the target wouldn’t be the President. Bubbles his behind the walls to eavesdrop.


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