Viral Scandal Episode 44

Viral Scandal Episode 44 Jigs reveals why his mother escape with another man, Consuelo discloses to Rica that Kyle and Axel are in l0ve with her

When the Sicats returned home from the law firm, Rica thanked Dan for accepting to make them work together with the Mayor on her case although it was not easy for him. Dan said he was doing that for her.

When Rica left to her room, Kakay and Dan had a misunderstanding. Dan did not like it that his wife by passed him to seek help from the mayor and accused her of still l0ving Troy. Karla explained that she has been trying to seek his help but he did not give her the chance so she fell on Troy for help.

She said if that was the only way to help her daughter so if that makes her a bad person, she was ready to accept. At the mayor’s house, Raven asked her father what was wrong but recalling the words of Attorney Dizon that they should not let the new information they have garnered slip off and Raven’s words of siding with Jigs on Rica’s case he refused to tell Raven the truth.

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Kyle had a nightmare about his father. He suddenly woke up to see Axel who heard him screaming and was there to give him water to calm his nerves. Kyle always have those nightmares whenever it is close to Philip’s deàth anniversary. Rica, on the other hand, could not sleep.

Bea woke up to ask her where she was. Rica then told her sister to inform her, if a guy wants to date her. She saw many of those boys as perverts. Bea said it was easy to detect a bad guy since their father is the best of all the men. The Constantinos went to the grave of Philip to offer a prayer.

Consuelo believed that Philip woul be proud of Kyle and Axel for reviving Balai Arkitektura since she did not want to have anything to deal with Sidero after the place took his life and everything from her. However, Kyle did not want to let his father’s name d!e out, he decided to continue his legacy.

After her father refused to listen to Audrey to crawl back to Alberto, Raven went to see Jigs to talk to him to tell their grandfather to allow their family to attend the political event. Raven used the opportunity to inquire from Jigs the reason his mother escaped with another man. Jigs who was thinking about what Archie might have done against him came to his senses to answer Raven’s question.

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He said Bobby abused his mother that was the reason she fled. He was sad that his mother did not send him along for his father to vent his anger on him. Rica went for her therapy. She told her psychologist about the two men she trusted while she never trusted any man after her rape except her father and junior brother.

Kyle went to the rooftop to find out that Rica was around. He went after her and almost took the back steps. When he recalled what Rica said on the reason they never bump into eachother at the place, he took the front gate steps and saw her. He then ended the call since he was calling her in order to inform her that he was there.

They had time together and even ordered for pastries and snacks at that odd place. Rica was glad to see smiles on the face of Kyle. Kyle told her that he hardly feel bad during that time since he blamed himself for what happened to his dad. If he had not gone to school in Manila, he believed that would have made him know that his father was depressed.

However, he said, his therapist had told him not to blame himself. Rica said he was not responsible for what happened to his father. Kyle asked her to be with him the entire day to make him smile. Rica joined him on the motorcycle. At the office, Chino asked Axel how Kyle was doing and he said he was fine.

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He recalled Kyle thanking him after the came out of the grave yard and felt guilty that he wanted to let Rica know his feelings behind Kyle’s back. He asked Chino’s opinion on his decision and Chino reminded him that he already knew his stance. Miss May came to inform them that Kyle was out with Rica so they had to work.

This got Axel upset that Kyle used every opportunity to pursue Rica so he would go ahead and let known his feelings to Rica. Chino queried him how deep he l0ved Rica to sacrifice a friendship for her. He sent Rica a message to remind her on their date.

At school, Pogs stumbled on Bea gearing Brax on when he was playing netball. Brax told Pogs to join and Bea claimed Pogs did not know how to play. Since Bea dared him, played it but he went against Brax who they were in the same team. Brax did not understand Pogs so he asked him whether he has an issue with him.

Pogs went ahead again but Brax swerved him and he hit the ground. Pogs now came clean with Brax to ask if he liked Bea and was pursuing her. Brax said he had no intentions of pursuing her besides they were only friends. Realising that there would be no need to leave Bea for him since Brax was not after her, he hugged Brax and said they were now friends.

Rica on the other hand, returned to the rooftop with Kyle. Kyle thanked her for keeping him company the entire day. Rica said that was the least she could do after all the help he has given her, to always stand by her side, listening to her and her tantrums. Kyle said he did not do that for her to return the favour. He actually liked listening to her.

Rica received a message and left at the time Axel was also waiting for her at the location he always sends her while teaching her motorcycle riding. Rica met with Consuelo in a restaurant. Consuelo made it known that her two sons were all cràzy about her and believed she was not pitting them against eachother just like other girls do.

Rica said she did not do that and even asked how she get to know that. Consuelo now realised Rica did not even know that Kyle and Axel l0ved her so she said both her son’s admitted to her. She said she stole her contact from Kyle’s phone and Kyle would get upset if he found out that she did that. She asked Rica what she intend doing with her son’s since she realised there was tension between Kyle and Axel.

Rica then recalled her confession to her therapist about the two guys she trusted and confided in them. Her therapist asked her if she only saw them as a friend and Rica said she did not have that time to think about her emotions. Her doctor did not understand why she would not embrace her feelings as she was sure that the two guys was interested in Rica.

Rica did not believe that any man would fall for her based on her current situation. She saw that she has a problem and would become a burden to any man. The doctor asked her what she would do if those two guys actually l0ved her. Rica then switched her mind back to Consuelo and told her not to worry.

She had no intentions of making her son’s go against eachother since they have helped her through her distress. Meanwhile, Axel received a message from Rica that she was doing something important and could not be with him but Axel said he would still be waiting for her.


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