Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 353

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 353 Marco pulls a trigger over his claims of Teddy keeping Alyana from him, Lucas stages an ambush to regain Oscar’s trust

Cardo was rinsing the bowls while Alyana plotted against him on means she would escape.

“I need to outsmart you!”

“I need to get hold of your car keys without you ever knowing.”

“I know I will get you drunk and when you’re down, I will snatch the keys to your jeep.”

“I’ve got to make sure that you Cardo will pass out!”

She told Cardo that she was feeling bored and wanted them to entertain themselves by drinking. Cardo was shocked since Alyana was not the drinking type but Alyana explained that so many things about her have changed when Cardo left.

Cardo went for a drink from Caloy and Alyana began to engage Cardo in a conversation to subtly get him to trust her. Elsewhere, Marco stayed outside the house of the Arevalos to sleep in his car. Virgie came out with an umbrella passing through the rain and saw Marco sleeping.

She called Teddy and they woke him up to send him inside. After Virgie served him, she asked Marco why he was outside and he said he honestly thought Alyana would come back but did not know that he dozed off.

Virgie said he could have told them, they would have made him stay in Alyana’s room. Marco then requested to stay in Alyana’s room till they found her. Virgie accepted but Teddy was not happy with that. Alyana and Cardo recalled the moment they met after Alyana through scholarship studied and returned from America.

They were like cat and dog but later, Alyana made up with Cardo with spring rolls in order to gain a scoop for her media. Cardo realised from her speech that she was just using him around that time and not for l0ve. Alyana explained that she fell for him when her job put her at risk and Cardo saved her life.

Cardo eventually fell for her and proposed marriage to her. After their vows, Alyana later got pregnant and gave birth till an unfortunate incident happened for their son to d!e, leaving Cardo devastated for him to make a bold decision which drifted them apart from eachother.

Alyana wept bitterly and left to sleep. The next day, she woke up quite early before Cardo and began to search his pockets for the jeep keys. As she journeyed her hand through his pockets on his shirts. She landed on the trousers and gently, she drove her hand through the side pockets and Cardo caught his hand, asking if Alyana was in the mood.

Alyana labelled him as pervert and swiftly left the room. Cardo took the keys from where he hid it and smiled, saying he outsmarted her. Elizabeth and Doray bumped into Alyana and requested she followed them to the market. Alyana did not even take a shower and left with them.

Oscar talked with General Borja on the running truck incident at the palace to find out if there was a development about the investigation but Borja had no news yet. Oscar was upset and voiced it out to Ascilla that General Borja might be covering for Cardo since he was his grandnephew.

Borja was deeply concerned about the manner President Hidalgo was losing trust in him and urged his subordinates to work hard for them to get enough evidence to report to the President. At the market of Sto Nino, Alyana bought blouses and saw a jacket which would suit Cardo. She recalled days in Cebu when she bought a shirt for Cardo.

Elizabeth and Doray found her and asked if she was buying the dress for Cardo and she denied. She put back the jacket claiming she was looking at it if it would fit her but Elizabeth said the attire was for men. When they took steps leaving the place, they stumbled on Javier who had interest in Alyana and approached the women to introduce himself to Alyana.

Learning from Doray that Alyana was Cardo’s wife, he promised to make her stay in the province an unforgettable one. Elizabeth excused them and told Alyana that Javier and his lackeys were troublemakers so she should stay away from them. Meanwhile, Caloy and his friends went to sit with Marscil.

One asked why Cardo allowed Alyana to go to the market and Caloy explained that they made the people believe Alyana has psychological problems so no one would help her escape. Grandpa Marcil believe Alyana would be upset with Cardo once she finds out what he did.

General Borja went to President Hidalgo to inform him about his findings. He said an eyewitness stated that Homer Adlawan was spotted there. He explained to the President that Homer used to be part of the Bloody Sun but he created a fraction and his group was responsible for the various b0mbings which were reported so the police were even looking for them.

Oscar believed he was now part of the Vendetta but Borja doubted. General Borja assured Oscar that he would let him informed if there was a progress and convinced him to trust him to do a dignified job with no fears or mercy.

Meanwhile, Teddy stumbled on Marco going through his things and when he asked him, Marco rubbed it on his face that he was keeping Alyana. Virgie looked stunned and told Marco not to behave that way since they have told him the truth. Teddy said if they were pointing fingers then they would point their fingers on him instead since he went out with Alyana and she got missing.

Teddy had a hunch that the political rivals of the Cabreras have kidnapped their daughter. He threw Marco away from their house. In the cell, Brandon was provoked by his fellow mates and he hit them with a wooden objects. Menchu went to see Catherine and showed her the current news which was circulating on Brandon. He has beaten his cell mates and one was in critical condition.

Catherine couldn’t contain that Brandon was given the family serious problems and Menchu added that Marco was also about to loose it due to Alyana. Oscar went to the city jail to see Brandon and saw a scratch on his mouth. He warned his son to stay away from trouble. He told Brandon that plans were on the way to get him out so he should believe him.

The De Leons began searching for a new place. The price of the place they got was high so they still roamed around and bumped into Captain Dindi who was ready to do everything to help the De Leons. She has already planned to get the de Leons in her employment project. She sent Flora to a house which was abandoned by her family to stay there.

Marco arrived home in furiousness so Menchu asked of his problem.

“Everybody is making a fóol of me!”

“Even Alyana’s parents are on it.”

“Marco what are you talking about?” Menchu quizzed.

“They are keeping Alyana from me!”

“Marco that is impossible!” Menchu objected.

“Didn’t you tell us before that Alyana’s parents were desperately looking for her?”

“And now you’re accusing them of hiding her from you?”

“But they’re lying!”

“They both know where Alyana is.”

“I swear they will pay for this!”

“Alyana will too!”

“I will make them pay for what they’re doing!”

Alyana helped Grandma Nita to cook since Caloy was sick and Doray was taking care of him. Ambo introduced Cardo to some new friends. Alyana prepared the spring rolls and Elizabeth helped her but was tired and left Alyana. As the investigation was keeping long, Oscar began to doubt Borja.

Catherine saw Marco holding a gun which he claimed he would use it for self defense against all those who were hiding the truth from him to compel them to talk. His mother stopped him and they fought over the guπ. The trigger accidentally pulled and Menchu held her sister to check if she wad okay.

Marco now shed tears asking his mother for forgiveness as he would not be able to bear should anything happens to his mother. Teddy, on the other hand, is more convinced that Alyana did well to run away from Marco. He was glad he has not given his daughter up yet to him to marry her. Virgie felt that her husband was exaggerating since Marco was only worried about their daughter.

Elsewhere, Homer and his lackeys ambushed Lucas on his way home and sh0t some civilians who were also travelling on that path. Lucas hid in his car for cover while the knút headed Homer kept sh00ting the car and passerby in order for Lucas to completely gain Oscar’s trust.


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