La Vida Lena Episode 33

La Vida Lena Episode 33 Conrad orders for Lukas to be k!lled, Jordan saves Lukas’ life

Jordan after coming out from the cell, he told Lukas that he would not be his ally since all the problems he was facing was spearheaded by him. Lukas tried hard to convince him to accept that he had no hands in what happened to Digna so he should tell him what Lena has against Vanessa and Conrad.

Jordan refused to comply and gave him a condition that he should sell Brian out to him since he was the culprit which meant that someone close to Lukas was behind the act. Jordan walked out when Lukas also failed to be swayed by him.

Lukas had a call and learnt where his wife and Conrad were. He stormed there and was even stopped at the gate but he barged in. He accused his wife of having an affair with Conrad that was the reason they were having secret meeting. Vanessa insisted that it was a business meeting and Lukas attacked her for telling him lies.

Conrad began to threaten Lukas not to hurt Vanessa otherwise he would expose him. Lukas told him not to test him, Vanessa was his wife and he would determine her punishment. He eventually left with Vanessa when Conrad kept on with the threats.

Unknown to Lukas, when Vanessa and Conrad met, Conrad proposed they k!ll Lukas with the fear that Lena might expose them for failing to fulfill their end of the bargain. Vanessa made it clear that she was not only after Lukas’ money, she l0ved him irrespective of Lukas’ short comings. Conrad was willing to pull the strings for Vanessa to inherit all the fortune of Lukas but she refused.

Kiko went to Jordan’s new place to query him on his act of accepting money from Lukas when he knew he was a bad person. Jordan insisted that Lukas was the culprit and he had to pay, that was why he called him to pay. Kiko sensed that Jordan has an ace up on his sleeves. He left but warned him not to fall prey to the Narcisos and their evil schemes.

At M&R, Ramona after speaking with Miguel on phone told Lena that Miguel has gotten a stockholder in Royal Wellness who was selling his shares. Lena looked so worn out and Ramona knew she was thinking about Digna. Lena said she was thinking about Digna and Jordan.

She believed partnering with Miguel has made Jordan take that drastic measures against them to side with Lukas. For the sake of Jordan, Lena proposed to Ramona that they hold on with their plans against Conrad and Vanessa.

Lena later visited Digna at home with Betchay. Digna was sad that Lena came to see her at the hospital but Jordan did not let her see her. Lena understood Jordan’s act but Digna did not like it that Jordan has changed so much and was even distancing himself from them.

She wept when she thought of the possible reason the Narcisos kept hurting her while she did them no wrong. Lena assured that Brian would be brought to book. When she was leaving, Lena left money with Rambo to use it to help in the expenses and pleaded with Rambo not to tell anyone.

When Lena got home, Miguel saw her looking sad and learnt about what happened to Digna. He proposed for a dinner date for him to cheer Lena up. That lightened the spirit of Lena since that would help her to also get Miguel to fall for her. She wasted no time in preparing food to surprise Miguel who he wanted to pamper Lena instead since she was the one feeling sad.

Conrad, on the other hand, called Vanessa to inform her that he was pushing through with his plans to eliminate Lukas but Vanessa refused. Adrian overheard his mother and asked why Conrad wanted his father déad. Adrian now was convinced his mother was having an affair with Conrad that was why he wasnted Lukas deàd for him to be with Vanessa.

Vanessa denied and said she and Conrad’s only connection was him. They only wanted his betterment. Adrian said if that was the case they should not hurt Lukas, he l0ved him so much as his father.

“I really hope you fall in l0ve with me because once that happens I will break your heart into pieces.”

“Do you think just because we were working together I have forgotten everything you did to me?”

“Never Miguel!”

“I am not yet done dealing with you.”

“You’re still an enemy like Lukas and Vanessa.”

“I am going to ruin your lives!”

Conrad watched a news on what a defence agency would do to those who illegally ship drugs. He called his friend who is into drug selling to seek his help. Adrian began thinking of what Conrad might do to Lukas so he called his father to find out where he was.

Lukas said he was going to a meeting and was waiting for Thomas outside the office. Adrian offered to drive him but he refused. Jordan arrived there and Lukas ended the call. Jordan came to pay some of the amount Lukas helped his family. Once Adrian arrived there, an henchman shot and Jordan shoved Lukas aside and got down with the bullet.

Adrian replied the shot before the henchman could pull the trigger again. Adrian went back to the office to confront Vanessa for pursuing her plans with Conrad but Vanessa denied having a hand in it. Since Adrian overheard her conversation with Conrad, she stopped Conrad from pursuing that bad agenda.

Adrian said Conrad has delivered it and he ended up as a murderer just to conceal his mother’s dirty secret to stop the henchman from talking. Vanessa went to meet Conrad at a certain place. When Conrad arrived, Vanessa slapped him for what he did. Conrad was shocked to learn that Lukas was alive.

Vanessa told him to thank God that Lukas survived because if that was not the case, she would have been very upset with him. Conrad made it clear that it was about survival and he had to choose her and Adrian since Lukas hurt her. So he chose to save them and eliminate Lukas.

Conrad said Lukas lost it for hurting Vanessa in front of him and doubted that Lukas l0ved her. He walked towards her to caress her. Unknown to them, someone who was spying on them had taken a shot and sent to Lukas. Lena, Digna, Rambo and Kiko rushed to the hospital to check on Jordan. Kiko did not understand why Jordan would take a bullet that was meant for Lukas.

Jordan said it was the right thing to do and urged them to leave. Lukas got there to tell Jordan that he has already settled his bills. Lena got furious with Lukas for trying to turn her friend against her. Jordan asked Lena to leave. Lena went to her condo to find Adrian already at the back of her door waiting for her.

Lena feared once she saw him. She asked what he was doing there and he claimed Lena has ruined his life. He has done something that he shouldn’t have done all due to Lena. Lena said she did nothing wrong for making him aware of his identity. He held Lena and told her that he needed someone to talk to.

Though she was his enemy but she was the only person he could confide in her. Lena screamed for help sensing danger but Adrian assured not to hurt her or force her. Miguel came and Adrian left. Miguel sent her inside and asked if she was okay and she said she was.


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