Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 386

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 386 Teddy gains himself a new job at a publishing house which the owner is Lucas’ enemy, Aubrey regains consciousness to discover the Cabreras’ schemes against her and Oscar

Terante went to Lucas’ office to inform him that his men were trying everything to find the Vendetta. In so doing, he proposed a devious plan that would smoke the Vendetta out from their hideout using Aubrey as bait.

As Patrick went to see his friends, Rosa’s children ran to Melba’s place in tears to tell the woman how Rosa had beaten them that morning. Marie was upset with the act of Rosa and wondered why a mother could do that to her own biological children.

Efren told the kids that they would live with him and his family and if Rosa wanted to take them, she would have to pass through him before. Delfin visited his sister and the latter asked him what he would do now that he was no longer handling Cardo’s case. She advised him to reason along with Terante in order to handle the case but Grandpa Delfin said they would assume that he was desperate.

He, however, promised to find a way through. Marie showed Hidalgo some content on her phone, claiming the person was cute but the president did not care. He was concerned about the two kids Melba and Efren took in. He asked Melba who the kids were. Melba said their names were Hannah and IA.

Their mother developed some unhealthy habit. Before she would continue, Efren urged her to tell the president the truth and he himself told Hidalgo that the kids’ mother was an addict. Whenever she was under the influence of drugs, she beats her children. Melba felt sorry that that kids were covered in wounds and bruises. Hidalgo said they reminded him of his own children.

At the hospital, the doctor checked Aubrey and said her vital signs were weakening, her blood pressure was going down and it was a bad news.  President Cabrera was informed about Aubrey’s condition.

Elsewhere, the cronies of Gina had a little belief in Cabrera and his administration since there was high inflation but Gina believed in Cabrera and was even thinking of a plan that she could use to meet him in person.

Delfin went to see Aubrey but was not allowed in. The president of the country was asked by journalists whether he would give his son a position in his administration. Brandon told the press that he was not looking for a position but he just wanted to help his father to strengthen the government to make sure the Philippines have much better life as well as fighting Cardo Dalisay.

Efren pleaded the ex-president Hidalgo about the food being served without meat and he said he also led a simple life so he had been eaten such foods with his family. Terante had a meeting with his police allies and gave them envelopes as a Christmas bonus from the President for their work.

At Camp Crame, Guzman smelt something fishy and Delfin believed that his job was under the line. Delfin told his subordinates that irrespective of what happens to him, they should carry on with their investigation they started. Terante told his allies that he needed their loyalty as a sacrifice and also to help him take down the Vendetta.

Teddy went to a new publishing house to get his article published. The publisher told Teddy that his   sibling during the vote counting fiasco was k!lled. He said there would be chaos when they allow Cabrera to have his way and since he wanted to obtain justice for his sibling who tragically lost his life in the previous year elections, he hired Teddy.

President Hidalgo was asked what he would do to regain his seat. He said he would let the public know that he was alive and it was his vice president, Hipolito and Terante plotted that coup to overthrow him and staged his deàth to pin the blame on the Vendetta. He said he would make him pay for planning his and all his family’s assassination attempt and take back the seat he stole.

Cardo said once he gets back to the palace, he should do everything to help the common man since he had witnessed the real situation. Alyana also pleaded with him to grant all the Vendetta members presidential pardon. Hidalgo promised that once he regained his seat, he would set them free after witnessing what they were fighting for.

Ramil said now they had to think of means to make the president return to his seat. Romulo said they needed a vigorous plan since they were up against a powerful person. General Olegario said they would use the army against them. Marie rushed to inform the Vendetta that there was a news on the president so they including Hidalgo rushed to watch.

The news was about the burying of the remains of his family the next day. As the Cabreras were setting of for the burial, Brandon requested to form an army to fight Vendetta but Lucas said he should allow Terante and his men to do that job. He said while Oscar and his family were being laid to their eternal rest, he wanted his son and him to be together, that he said was a perfect revenge.

The Arevalos and the De Leons watched the news which the president declared 10-days mourning as they lay the First family to rest. Teddy wanted to attend the funeral to help the feature article that he was writing but his wife was against it. JP advised his mother to allow Teddy to go. He believed that his father was the one who could actually helped with his profession to fight for the country.

As Hipolito was telling Lucas that they had to get rid of Oscar as soon as possible, Terante got there to inform them that his men were scattered all over the place to take down the Vendetta and Hidalgo. Hipolito suggested to give a backup but Brandon stopped him from talking any further since the Venom had screwed up before.

At the office of the mayor, some neighbours of Flora still bad mouth the De Leons to Adonis and Margie went to the poor family’s defense. The people then vented their anger on Margie, demanding her to resign her job as the assistant of the Mayor.

As the Vendetta camped at the cemetery, Lucas told Brandon that Aubrey was still deteriorating so he was waiting for her to d!e, if she survived, once she opens her eyes, they would get rid of her to only have Oscar to deal with. Teddy was spotted by Lucas but he did not mind the father of Alyana.

The President performed all the necessary rites amidst some procession of the army and the security force. The family then laid six feet under. When they left in their car, Brandon told his father that what he feared did not come to pass, neither the president nor the Vendetta showed up. Lucas believed they had a special plan and did not know what they were up to.

He said their problem was Teddy, he saw the reporter and his photographer. Brandon said he shouldn’t be paying attention to Teddy, he never knew where his daughter was. Least did they know that, the Vendetta and Hidalgo were actually at the cemetery and were hiding, looking for a chance to get close to the remains.

Lucas and Brandon went to the hospital and the doctor told them not to build their hopes high as Aubrey might not recover. Lucas in his pretense, told the female doctor that he vowed to take care of her and his son also said perhaps it was time for his father to let go. He tried to console his dad.

Once the doctor left the two, Brandon told his father that he was right to have said once Aubrey d!e, they would only have one problem. On the second thoughts, Lucas said Aubrey might be useful to them for being alive. He explained that all Oscar cared about was to be reunited with his daughter.

“We are going to use Aubrey as bait for Oscar to come to us!” Brandon added.

Unknown to them, Aubrey was moving her hand and heard what they said. As Lucas and his son decided to go to the palace to plan their devious scheme well, Aubrey opened her eyes. She cried and thought about what she heard the two saying and wondered if she heard them right.

She never knew what was going on and she wished to see her mom and dad. She equally wondered what had happened to her brother and sister. Elsewhere, the Vendetta were still standing at the cemetery during the night with their weapons.


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