Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 394

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 394 Cardo saves General Borja from Terante’s goons, Terante is bedridden after bloody encounter with Vendetta

Brandon after a call told Lucas that General Borja was not ready to cooperate even when they k!lled the detainee in front of him. Lucas described Borja as a difficult person who was willing to sacrifice himself to save his grandnephew.

Brandon told his father that he should allow him to squeeze the truth from Borja. He was experienced in that to make him talk.
Lucas refused and told him that since he has discovered that Borja was compassionate and they would use his weakness against him.

He called the goons of Terante and spoke to Borja that if he failed to talk they would even involve his family. General Borja described Lucas as monster and a beast. The goons brought another detainee and beat him mercilessly in front of Borja to compel him to talk. General Borja said he would talk only to Lucas. He would tell him whatever he knew.

On the street, Cardo made sure to ambush Terante and his convoy even when the unscrupulous police had seen he was being tailed and his driver was doing anything to escape the Vendetta’s clutches.

Cardo and his allies gün him down and Terante began to cry for mercy. Cardo told him to confess where he had detained General  Borja. Brandon came to inform his father about the good news that Borja was now ready to talk and he would talk to him alone. Lucas saw that as even better so that he would be the first to know the hideout of Cardo to finish him off himself.

As they were in a car racing to hear the news Borja had for them, Lucas was in in doubt that Borja would reveal Cardo’s hideout but Brandon the man was afraid that Lucas would involve his family. Meanwhile, Cardo has been able to squeeze the truth of Borja’s hideout from Terante. They went to the house and Cardo left Terante in the care of George, Alyana and Bubbles. He told them any wrong move from Terante they should k!ll him.

Cardo and his guys split out as they secure means to go into the building. They k!lled the guards and went inside the building. Meanwhile, one of the goons had informed General Borja that President Cabrera was on his way so he should not think of delaying the President.

Guzman sent all the files of the missing people to Teddy and he thanked Teddy for is effort in ensuring that the truth of Lucas’ administration was being reported even when journalists against the current administration were missing mystiriously. Marquez shared bonuses which Lucas has given them to his allies but some of the police were not ready to go against their sworn duties just to please Cabrera.

Margie was worried about her junior sister who was not to be found that night. As Margie was talking to Shirline about their kid sister. She showed up and she scolded her for going out at night. She cautioned her against it since there were lots of people getting missing. Teddy showed the various men, women and teens who were missing to his family JP was willing to help his father to find the family of the victims for him to interview for his articles.

Lucas was worried that he could not reach Terante. He did not want to think that something bad had happened to Terante. The goons were alerted that the Vendetta were there so the leader instructed the rest to go and check what was happening outside. He opened the cage in order to k!ll General. Unfortunately for him, Cardo had already made it there and shōt him to flee with Borja.

While the rest of the Vendetta were in a gün fight with the goons, Terante who was wounded pulled a fast one on George to use him as bait to flee. He shot George before leaving with an available car. Lucas could not reach their contact at the the detention facility so they got scared and cancelled their trip to the facility.

JP had a research about some of the victims. Elsewhere, Elmo was acting so paranoid and Wally together with Yolly were trying to calm him that they would be safe. Borja met the Vendetta after rescued by Cardo and was surprised to see Oscar. Oscar told him that he has now  aligned with the Vendetta and what they were fighting for. Lucas called the police and the police called for reinforcement team to go to the facility.

They saw the goons deàd and reported to Cabrera. They were still unable to reach Terante. Terante who was driving almost got hit and another driver of a truck found him and saved him. The next day, some police officers who were protecting counselor Gina’s shoddy business went to her office for payment. As they were leaving, Margie stumbled on those officers saying the uniform meant nothing to them.

One dealing directly with Gina said he would deal with Gina when she rats him out. Flora called the Public Attorney’s Office to get an update on the case of her brother. The secretary admired the courage of Flora for going against high profile personality. Aubrey was however sad that her father had not shown up yet. Marie tried to calm her, the Vendetta soon arrived and Aubrey was glad to see her father.

Nicko was called to treat George’s gün wound. When Nicko was taking off the bullet, George screamed out in pain, making Tadpole and Earthworm laughed at him.

Delfin was introduced to Efren and Melba as the owner of the place and the protectors of the Vendetta. Delfin thanked them for what he has been doing Cardo and the group. Efren told his wife to go for a dress for Delfin to change into and also since he was having bruises on his face, Melba said she would get him treated.

Delfin said he was fine the one brutally wounded was George so he needed attention. He doubted if Nicko would be capable of treating George’s gün wounds and Cardo said Nicko was an expert. Hidalgo said he was one of the people Nicko treated.

At the palace, Brandon suggested the find Terante as soon as possible. Hipolito interjected that did he believe Terante would still be alive if he was in the hands of the Vendetta. Lucas wondered how the Vendetta discovered where Borja was kept. He then received a call from an officer who told him that Terante was admitted but was doing fine.

Lucas said they had to find out exactly what happened to know how Vendetta rescued Borja and decide on their next move.

“Yes Vendetta has outsmarted us but we have to make sure this gonna be the last time.”


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