Build national dance studios to project aesthetic culture— Bukom Mama to govt

Build national dance studios to project aesthetic culture— Bukom Mama to govt

Traditional dancer, Samuel Mama Marquaye, known by his stage name Bukom Mama has called on government and industry stakeholders to build a national dance studio to facilitate the path for local dancers in honing talents.

According to him, cultural dance could rake in money for the country when necessary investment is pushed into it.

Speaking in an interview with the SpotOnNews on Friday in Accra, Bukom Mama stated that the governments of Senegal and Guinea have invested into their performing arts which has helped the two countries to project their culture worldwide.

He said dancing project the aesthetic culture of the country and it could be used to preserve “our” heritage when the needed attention is given to it.

“We can’t go away from our tradition and our heritage therefore we need sponsorship and promotion to help increase youth involvement in this rich cultural heritage,” Bukom Mama added.

Touching on the sidelines of cultural dance after two decades of being in the industry, he observed that cultural dancers were looked down upon to an extent that it even affected their love or marital life.

Bukom Mama noted that the Westernisation of Ghana’s music and dance was also killing the indigenous cultural heritage, stressing that “it is up to the Government and stakeholders to invest in this local industry so that the values of traditional dancing and drumming can be exposed and enhanced.”

He therefore called for equal opportunities for traditional drummers and dancers to go through educational system which would enable them to make good economic and financial gains.


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