Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 418

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 418 Gascon makes lōve with Amor during the new year’s eve midnight, Teddy saves Virgie and JP from the clutches of the Cabreras

Gascon served Señor Gustavo and the old man begged him for being hard on him. Just like the diamond he was holding, he just became tough on him for him to sparkle just like the diamond. Hearing that Madonna followed Gascon to where he was drinking to turn him against Gustavo.

He told him not to believe because the old man was just like a sleeping dragon, waiting to spit his fire on him. She made her plans known once again to steal the wealth of Gustavo for them to disappear before the old man get rid of them when he gets rid of them. She reminded Gascon to live a life of a king since he deserved it.

In the palace, the rotten Cabreras administration officials cheered to prosperous new year and his wish was for them to get hold on Vendetta. He had a cleaver gifts aside the bonuses. Mayor Adonis honoured De Leons invitation to dine with them and the mayor had a surprise for them.

Elsewhere, Homer kept blabbing and Gapon told him that talk was cheap so he should show them action, they also toasted for a prosperous new year while Gustavo was celebrating with his loyal employees and belõved Amor. As Flora opened Mayor Adonis’ gift, Makmak led the kids to present their own gift for Flora and was shocked to see a picture frame.

In order for Counselor Gina to give her lackeys money, she made them danced to earn the money for the yuletide celebration. Gapuz appeared there and soon headed to the detention facility. Least did he know that  he was being followed by Buena and Cruz.

Margie got food for her cellmates so that they could celebrate their new year in solitude. Amor sent Gustavo to the bedroom and when her old producer told her to sleep next to him, she demanded for her gift first. Gustavo said the next day and he slept like a horse, snoring like a motor. Amor rushed to Gascon’s room to take the single young man as surprise.

The two began to make lōve but Amor wanted an assurance on what she discussed with Gascon before the action could proceed. Not ready to get blue balls, Gascon give in to her demands to help her with her pathetic plans against the wealthy galamsey operator. Gustavo, woke up from his sleep and realised Amor was not next to him so he began to search for her.

He called her out and searched for her. He got close to a door and when he was about to open it, Amor appeared from his back and lied to the old man that she went for water. Gustavo was suspicious of her and saw her fading lipstick while she looked so sweaty, Amor said she ate snacks and the place was hot. Holding a glass of drink, she told Gustavo that they should go to their bedroom.

As she took the lead, Señor watched her with suspicious eyes. After spending few moments to observe the loss of his son, Marco, Lucas saw it as time for Teddy to lose a family member. Charlene and Denise came up with a plan to use social media to call for help in locating Margie but Wally and Elmo arrived in time to remind them once again of the danger they would put their lives into.

Charlene and Denise did not care anymore, if their act would bring them closer to their sister in where she was detained they would be happy. Elmo knew Margie would not want them to risk their lives and cautioned them. Buena called Teddy to inform him about the result of the surveillance. He said they have gotten a lead on his wife and son.

Margie fought the goon once they brought their food, demanding for Virgie and Joy. Clarissa sided with Margie and told the rest to fight back because they were going to be k!lled anyway so they have to give the goons some challenge. The miners looked at their numbers and planned to attack their oppressors to return to their family when they have an opportunity. Homer confronted Baldo and his paramilitary for slagging.

He compelled them to go and recruit more men for the job. Tyson sided with Homer and Homer saw that he was small but his brain was big. Tanggol could not stand the sight of Homer. They decided to do their recruitment job. Gapon did not like Homer’s character and Baldo said they should act along after everything then they take their revenge on Homer.

Virgie’s condition got worse. Damien was against Lucas’ plans but Lucas saw his plan as an act which would send a frightening message to his enemies for them not to joke with him. Brandon asked his father if it was time, he should give him his final words for him to inform his goons. JP was frightened that his mother might lose her life as her fever was getting worse and was even mistaken him for Teddy.

He cried once again for help. The goons came in and he pleaded with them to help his mother but they were hurting her instead so he ran to fight them to save his mother. He was dragged out and Virgie cast all her strength to fight back for her son but was locked up while they took JP away. Teddy met up with Buena and Cruz.

He told them about his fears of his assassination attempt on Lucas’ life might put his family in danger and headed with the officers to go to his wife’s rescue as soon as they could as there was no time to waite.

In Sto Niño, it was getting to the new year Aubrey told Aye and Ana about the myth behind fire crackers as said by the Japanese to send bad spirits away so whenever a firecracker cracks in new year, it meant that they were driving away bad spirits. Greco and Patrick lighted the crackers as it was few seconds to the New Year. They then danced from the new year’s eve midnight to the new year.

Oscar was so happy to dance and they celebrated as they wished themselves, happy new year.  Teddy was frustrated staying all alone in his hideout watching the pictures of his family. He said they were his strength in being a professional journalists. He took trip down the memory lane to remember his whole family, days he spent with Alyana and JP. He solemnly pledged to find his family.

As Buena told Capuz and the rest of the upright officers that they had to go get the Arevalos and other detainees, Teddy stole his way into the facility. It was a moment which Hipolito saw that Lucas had a little enemies to deal with and he has started the new year in a good foot. Lucas said Teddy would wake up the next day to the news of the deàth of his son.

JP was sent to another room and when he saw his life was in danger, he fought back but the goons were more. They kicked his stomach countless number and when one who had received orders to k!ll him was about to shōõt, he was down instead. Surprisingly, Teddy shõt him and JP was glad to see his father. He also took the gün of one of the vile men as they headed to rescue Virgie.

Two goons who heard the firing took shovel to go and dig out grave, thinking the deàd person was JP. JP ushered Teddy to where Virgie was locked up. They heard some goons coming, quickly they hid. The goons realised Arevalo’s son was missing so they ran after him thinking he has escaped. Teddy managed to unlocked the place and set his wife free. They ran out and were cornered.

In a shocking twist, Buena and Cruz arrived there to exchange fire with the goons. Margie and the rest who heard the firing cried out thinking Virgie was k!lled. They became restless in their cell, crying out. As they came out Virgie remembered My Margie and told the officers and Teddy that Margie and other were also in there so they could not go leaving them.


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