Rhodora X Episode 29

Rhodora X Episode 29 Rhodora runs from home with Jenna to pave way for Angela to be with Joaquin, Angela makes up with Rhodora while Cita announces partnership with Ladesma company

Rhodora woke up at the middle of the night and left a letter on the table. She left the house with Jenna to Little Angels Orphanage, the place where she grew up.

When Joaquin woke up, he saw the letter and read it. Rhodora sets him free to go back to Angela, saying they were meant for eachother. Joaquin ran down the stairs to inform the Ferrers that his wife had escaped with his daughter and he tried to call but she failed to pick.

Panchang descended heavily on Angela for her action towards her. Rhodora introduced Jenna to Mama Edina, the owner of the orphanage. Angela called Nico to inform him and her new boyfriend urged her on that she did the right thing. Though she did not feel like jubilating, she said she would carry on with her plans.

Rhodora told Edina tales about her life with her family. Angela stumbled on Joaquin drinking and she strived hard to pit him against his wife for leaving without considering his feelings. She claimed that with them they knew eachother. She cleaved to him and about to k!SS him but Joaquin came to his senses and pushed her away.

Angela said Rhodora was not there and Joaquin reminded her that he was married to Rhodora and she was his wife sister so they have no right to do that. He made it clear that they were over long time ago and he lōved Rhodora.

Later, Angela prepared food for the family but they were in a hurry to go and search for Rhodora. She failed in her attempt to make them stay and eat before. Panchang did not stop accusing Angela for being the reason of Rhodora’s disappearance. She made it clear that if she had been accomodating with her sister, she would not run away and her parents would also not go anywhere to search for her kid sister.

Edina asked Rhodora how she would cope without her husband and whether she was sure whether her act would not affect her daughter. Rhodora said Jenna cried all night wanting to go to her father. She wished she had her way to make Jenna get close to her father but she believed her decision was the best for her family to live happily as they used to.

Joaquin spent the whole day without eating searching the entire neighbourhood in Manila with Santi. Santi wanted them to eat first so that they could continue but Joaquin said finding his wife and kid was the most important thing to him at the moment so Santi could go and eat.

Santi refused to allow his brother go and he said if Rhodora had friends they would have known where she had gone. That reminded Joaquin of the orphanage which Rhodora grew and went there.

Dr Ferds said the worse enemy of Rhodora was stress and the feel of abandonment and that could bring by her alters. Angela stood silently to watch her family as they talked. Rhodora saw Joaquin outside when she was walking with Jenna. She quickly hid and Edina went to receive the two visitors to inform Joaquin that Rhodora has not come there.

Santi left his card with Edina to call him once she sees Rhodora. Joaquin found it hard to leave and Edina went to tell Rhodora that Joaquin had left but she could see from her husband that he lōves her so much and she also admitted lōving him.

Angela had a talk with Nico and she was scared that her parents greatest fear would come to pass and Rhodora’s condition might trigger. Nico said it was all an act and Rhodora had no condition. He reminded her of the scar on her face and Angela renewed her strength to fight and take her revenge.

Joaquin while gallivanting saw the dresses on the line and he told Santi that they looked familiar he got closer and saw it was Jenna’s dress. He confirmed that his hunch was right and went to the park there and saw Rhodora. He went to carry Jenna and told her that they should leave. Rhodora reminded him that she said in the letter that he should not search for her.

She told him that he was meant for Angela so he should go. Joaquin reminded her of his lōve for her but she was still not ready to give in. Edina talked with Joaquin to leave and give Rhodora time to think about everything. Santi dragged Joaquin out while Jenna cried. Joaquin told Santi that he would not leave without his wife. Santi said he has called the house to inform the family of Rhodora and he believed they would make her rescind on her decision.

In Manila, Lourdes and Derick showed Angela the video of Rhodora when receiving a therapy, the moment she was fighting her alter Roxanne for trying to harm Angela. Angela after protesting finally give in and when Santi called to inform Panchang that Rhodora was found, she decided to go with her parents to fetch for Rhodora.

Joaquin remained there to the night. Rhodora came out to tell Joaquin to leave and be with Angela. She claimed they were meant to be so he should fulfill her one request and stay with Angela. Joaquin said he was not a commodity and he lõved her so much, thereby he would not leave without her. He held her and ger family arrived.

Rhodora told them that she felt guilty for what she did to Angela so she would not go home. Lourdes called out Angela and the two settled their differences. Rhodora went back home. Meanwhile, Nico and Brian cornered Cita to pressure her to sign the business documents but Cita did not succumb to the pressure.

Nico was upset that Angela was not picking his calls. He believed she had changed her mind on her family so he wanted to go and talked to her, perhaps she might need his help. Brian stopped him since they have Cita’s birthday party to attend.

Fast forward, the party was organised and family, friends and business partners came in their numbers. Santi ushered the birthday woman to the venue and she met her great granddaughter Jenna. Cita went to stand on the podium to say that at her age many would have retired but because of her lõving to work, she would use her birthday to mark another milestone in her business.

She announced that growing Vasquez Shipping Empire was now collaborate with Ladesma company to build a greater empire in shipping business. As Joaquin looked upset for such partnership, Nico and his brother looked cheerful and clapped in merriment.


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