Irreplaceable Episode 55

Irreplaceable Episode 55 Amelia kidnaps Robbie after shõōting Linda, Emman discovers Robbie is housed in the DCW together with Lester

Clarissa advised Leo to voice out all his crimes and reveal the hideout of Amelia and Anton. She reminded Leo of how LJ saw him as his icon and wanted to be like him. The boy was so proud of him, therefore, he should not only think about Lester but LJ in order to cooperate with the NIA to expose the dirty secret of the Hernandezes.

Anton in the safe house was scared that Leo would betray them but Amelia was hopeful, believing that betraying them was also betraying Lester and doubted that her ex-lõver would do such a thing. Lester, on the other hand, was throwing tantrums as he refused to eat.

He wanted to get reunited with his parents so he told the DCW worker to send him back to his house since his mother and father might be looking for him. Watching the interrogation from the other side of the room, Emman ran out of patience as General Chavez was not speaking up and was even demanding Gabo to release him to be by his son due to his special heart condition.

Emman wasted no time to rush in to attack him. He also threatened to make Lester pay if Leo would not talk. Leo seeing Emman pretty upset and might revenge on Lester spilt out the truth that Amelia kidnapped Robbie since he had same blood type as Lester.

The plan was to use his heart to save Lester. When they were conducting the operation at the St John’s Hospital, Emman came there and while Amelia was escaping with Lester, Robbie fled and fell into a river and Leo believed he d!ed .Emman was in denial that his son died and assaulted the former General.

As Robbie in a uniform sat in isolation at the DCW, Celine and Emman were in a church praying. After the prayers, Celine told Emman that it was important for them to talk to Amelia concerning Robbie. Celine thought Anton was deàd since his transplant didn’t push through on the night that they were supposed to transport Arnold.

Emman doubted since the Hernandezes had lots of allies. He then thought that Amelia might get her son from the DCW. In his safe house, Amelia thought about Lester and swore to go for him for them to be together. Soon, Celine and her mother went to check on Lester and the boy cried to sleep.

Anton wanted to sneak out from the safe house. He needed a gün and wanted Franco to give him one but Franco denied him. Amelia came to meet him and warned him against his reckless act which might send him to his early grave. Linda and Celine at the DCW gave the necessary medicines and the boy’s routine to a worker.

Robbie was in a wheelchair right there at the reception but Celine did not see him. Amelia got there in a disguise of a pregnant woman but the NIA had secured the place so she wanted to go in at the blind sight of the police. Emman and Sam also pulled over at the place. As Fate would have it, Celine and Linda overheard two ladies who work at the place discussing about the scared traumatised boy she was taking care of.

They introduced themselves as nurses and gladly offered to help out in anyway they could for the boy to overcome his fears. Celine and her mother followed the caseworker into the main building and as they were in the process of being taken into Robbie’s room, the supervisor showed up. The caseworker introduced the nurses to the supervisor and the latter thanked them for their help.

She stated that health practitioners who she called them to check the traumatised boy up have arrived. In the meantime, Amelia stole her way through the welfare centre after telling a security a lie. Celine while turning spotted her from the window. She alerted her mother and they both tried to reach her down. Amelia went searching the rooms and eventually found his beloved son.

Outside, Emman and Sam noticed the suspicious van and as they attempted to approach, it drove away with Franco and his lackeys. Emman received a phone call from Celine, telling him about how she had seen Amelia at the welfare Centre. Amelia emotionally reunited with Lester and quickly began to plan her escape.

A phone call came in from Franco, notifying get of Emman’s presence at the place. For the second time in a row, Celine and Linda pathetically missed the chance to see Robbie. They found Lester missing and managed to catch up with A Elia as she tried to take him away.

An altercation ensued when Celine tried to stop Amelia from taking Lester and Linda ended up getting shõt on the arm. The sound of günshõt alerted Emman and Sam and they hurried over to the scene. Lester horrified, hurried out of his wheelchair to go to the aid of Linda.

Amelia was compelled to flee, leaving her son behind when Emman and Sam were approaching into the scene. Lucky her, Amelia found Robbie on her way into the van. She wasted no time to grab him and when the caseworker tried to intervene, she knocked her out and escaped with Robbie before Emman and Sam arrived.

Once back at the hideout, Franco wondered if Robbie had nine lives. Amelia planned to use him as Lester’s spare tyre. Anton couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Robbie. While Celine discussed the recent incidents with her mother who has been admitted at the hospital, Emman and Sam talked to the social worker about the very same matter, including the traumatised boy who had been abducted.

Emman took the boy’s profile and discovered he was no other than his son Robbie. Amelia has once again escaped with the him. Anton urged Amelia to get Celine to negotiate Robbie’s exchange for Lester.

Colonel Manzano made another futile attempt to convince Leo to cooperate with the NIA in order to ensure the safety of both Lester and Robbie. Elsewhere, Amelia planned to keep Robbie and use him as spare tyre for her belõved son, Lester as soon as she got her back.

When Franco asked about Anton, Amelia instructed him to confine him somewhere in order for him not to interfere or ruin her plans. Anton came upon the scene, taken up by surprise.


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