Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 466

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 466 Storm and his goons to attack Lily, Cardo embarks on a new mission with Domengsu

At Flora’s Garden, the place was congested since customers kept trooping in. The customers were feeling hot so Flora promised them that next time there would be hand fans available for them. Jerome asked Domengsu where his family and Domeng said his parents d!ed so his mother’s cousin took him in to raise him.

However, he saw that he was a burden to them. That, he said was the reason he couldn’t enter showbiz to become rich. Diana printed pictures of Lily and her mother to research more about her. Lily, on the other hand, received a call from the restaurant owner she bribed to destroy the footage.

The woman invited her to the reopening of her restaurant but she refused to go. Dante and Victor saw the news of their recent attack on the group of armed men who sell illegal weapons. Witnesses mentioned Dante’s name who was also known as Storm as the culprit. Dante celebrated and Victor reminded him that he was a wanted man.

Storm did not care and set his satellite on Lily. Elsewhere, Lazaro was also thinking of means to get Lily wrapped around his fingers. Lily called Oscar to ask about his health and Oscar invited her to the inauguration service of Electricity in Santa Dela Cruna. Lily thanked him for the invitation.

“Just a little longer, the president and the whole country are indebted to me,” Lily planned.

“But they have no clue about the price they would have to pay!”

“Soon enough, Oscar will be under my control and I will make him my little pulpit.”

Cardo and the taskforce went to eat at a certain eatery. George found the servers beautiful and Ramil reminded him of being a cop. George said he was just admiring them. Some group of violent men came to the eatery to demand from the sellers protection money.

When the sellers pleaded with them to come over another time since they were not making enough lately, they began to cause trouble. Domeng told the task force that he would take care of the men but was given a blow in the abdomen. Cardo approached the men to introduce himself as a cop but the leader interjected that he was nothing without his gün.

Cardo then put his gün aside to fight them. His comrades joined and they beat the group of violent men and threw them out. Flora and her family realised Gina and Captain Bart were peeping and Alyana had no doubt that they were up to no good. Flora told them they should continue their job without minding them.

The owners of the eatery thanked Cardo and his comrades for defending them. They told the taskforce to come there all the time to eat for free but Cardo rejected the offer and told the woman that it was their job as a policeman to protect them. However, they would rather be her customers so that they could protect her and her workers.

Wally was hungry when their food got finished. Flora forgot to set aside some food for themselves so she decided to order food and the treat was on her. As Diana was thinking that Lily had ulterior motive, Oscar came to inform her to include Lily among the dignitaries who would attend the inauguration project.

He said initially he had to attend with the mayor but wanted Lily to be included since she coordinated everything for the power project. Lily tried to fish out information about Lazaro. She was scared that he would double cross her but accepted his offer since she needed all the support to get rid of Renato.

Lazaro also called his men to keep close eyes on Lily. Renato, was also seeking for means to get to Storm and knew with a careful elaborate plan he would rise to the top again. Cardo led Domeng to Flora’s Garden and introduced him to Yolly, Elmo, Wally and Bubbles. Domeng found Bubbles pretty. Bubbles asked why he was looking that way.

Cardo told them that they got into a fight with some violent men who were attacking a certain eatery. He told them that Domeng was out of town and would stay with him for a while. He introduced him to Alyana and Domeng told Cardo that his wife was beautiful and she reminded him of his ex who went to marry another man.

At Camp Crame, Basco learnt that Hipolito was alighted at the place close to the warehouse which was attacked. Storm introduced Lily as their target after getting enough weapons. In bed with Alyana, Cardo was told about the queue at Flora’s Garden. He was happy with the fact that the eatery  had more customers and hoped it would stay that way.

Since Domeng was part of Taskforce Agila’s operation for the next day, Alyana asked the nature of the mission and when Cardo told her she said it was dangerous. Cardo said all his missions were dangerous but she should not worry.

The following morning, Cardo sent Domeng to Flora’s house for family’s breakfast. Domeng kept on with his joke and Flora found him interesting.

Looking at his demeanor, Elmo asked if he was indeed part of Taskforce Agila. Cardo made it clear that he would be part of the Taskforce when he proves himself with the mission given to him.

Domeng told Flora that if the taskforce was not in need of his service, he would have helped her at her eatery to finish off all the left overs. He felt at home and asked Delfin if he could equally call him grandpa. Diana told him to feel free, he thanked Diana for believing in him and asked Bubbles when she would also have belief in him.

Later at the office, Cardo and his team spelt out to Domeng his actual role for the mission. He was told to act like a seller and resident to fish out the spots where the drugs were being sold. Billy reminded him not to act as stüp!d for the people to realise he was not part of them.

Mark said if he does that he would not come out alive. Domeng got scared, rambling that he was not ready to d!e and queried why they wanted to use him as bait. Billy made it simple to him that he should act like an action star on a mission. He lõved the idea and he thought of his role as James Bond and was in for it.

Diana realised that Lily knew Nicholas Mora and wondered why she kept quiet. However, she was going with the president to Santa Filipina for the electric project. Delfin told her to be careful, Hipolito was still on the loose. Diana in a car told Oscar that she has tightened the security should Hipolito show up.

Lily also left the house and instructed his guards to talk to Lazaro’s men not to be close to her. She did not want anyone to be suspicious of her to think she has more guards than the president and gave her personal gün to her guards. Least did she know that Dante and his men were lurking around waiting for the right moment to strike.

As Storm was ready to attack, Victor stopped him, saying there were many of them so he advised Dante that they should go and return another time but Dante refused. He said they would remain there till she returned.

The undercover team of task force Agila comprising Greco, tadpole, George, Patrick, Domengsu among others went to Sapang Bato to survey the place while Cardo and his team as well as Ramil and his team remained in the bus.


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