Two Wives Episode 5

Two Wives Episode 5 Victor chooses to become Audrey’s father again, Yvonne’s mother had to undergo a surgery costing p3000, Victor gets promoted

Victor and Janine walked through the school park while Audrey and other kids were playing. Janine thought Victor would not be a father to her daughter. Victor said he felt guilty since it was Father and Child day and decided to grace the occasion to make Audrey happy.

He said that he also grew up without a father and understood how it felt.  Victor confessed that while acting as a father he developed lõve for Audrey and wanted to remain her father till the time she would not need him again. Victor said he was doing it not for money or payment.

Janine agreed and they decided to be friends without repeating what they did. She then voiced it out that she was seeing herself in her daughter since she also grew up without having a father’s lōve. Audrey told Victor to sleep over but her mother reminded her that Victor worked at a far place and he had to leave.

Audrey indicated that she has missed sleeping and waking up next to him but Janine said it could not be possible because Victor had to work somewhere else. Victor asked for his leave and Audrey told him to tell her mother that he lõved her and he said it. She also told her mother to respond and Janine responded that she lõved him too.

Audrey wanted them to k!ss but they did not. As Audrey went to her room, Janine walked out on Victor. Elsewhere, Yvonne drove the kids to the house but on her way, she spotted some aged lõvers crossing the road in merriment. Victor and his wife were in bed and Yvonne was making advances but he told her that they should go to sleep.

When his wife said “I lōve you”, Victor rather recalled Janine’s “I love you too” and responded to that one while his wife thought her husband said that to her. The next day, Janine looked disturbed so Victor asked what was bothering her. She said when she visited her parents, her mother kept talking about her deàth sibling.

Victor told her not to bother about that. Yvonne asked whether he was getting tired of her and he said no. He asked his wife whether he did not make lõve to her that was why she was thinking that way. Elsewhere, Yvonne’s father left his wife, Carmen and went to the farm. Carmen prepared food and sent it to the farm.

When she called her husband for his food, she suddenly fell. She was rushed to the hospital and Yvonne was called to the place. When she arrived the doctor said her mother needed to have an operation which would cost 3000 otherwise she would be paralyzed. Yvonne’s father decided to sell off his land but Yvonne protested. She promised to find a way to raise the money.

Victor met up with his friend in a bar and told him about what he had done. His friend could not believe that he had agreed to be the father of the child and knew Victor did that because he was interested in Audrey’s mother too. He told Victor to  ask himself if he was interested in Janine or he was interested in the sëx.

Victor said he had promised Janine that he would not repeat the act again. His friend saw that he was playing with fire and advised him to ensure he did not get burnt. Janine called Victor and he came to the hospital. He promised to help raise the money for her mother’s surgery.

Since Audrey was busy taking care of her mother, Victor bathed Marcus but the kid said he was now a big boy so he did not want any help in wearing his uniform and did not even need a k!ss, all he wanted was a hi-five. Yvonne tried to apply for a loan but she was not qualified. She explored other chances too but it did not work.

She then called Doris her sister-in-law and they planned to meet. Victor, on the other hand, tried to ask for an advance salary but since he had not worked at the place for even a month, he was not given the money. Doris gave her a cheque and Mimi, Yvonne’s friend was sorry that she could not help out. Doris also told Yvonne about a night market where she could sell and gain money.

Victor also met up with his friend and he gave him  what he could afford. Janine was sending her daughter out when she had a flat tyre. She called for help but her workers had left the office so she was compelled to fix her tyre herself. As she was doing, Victor who spotted her came to assist her.

Yvonne was told by her mother to find her junior brother as she has gone for a long time. As Victor and Janine were out,  Yvonne came home from the hospital and called Doris and she brought Marcus home. Marcus drew and his mother was feeling sleepy so they went to sleep.

Victor carried Audrey and followed Janine to the house. Janine told him not to hesitate to inform him when he needed something. Victor said the fact that he helped her did not mean she needed to pay him back. He returned home to find his wife asleep.

The following day, Yvonne left home early and went to buy some sweets after gaining a place to do the night market.

Victor got promoted as a designer for paper machines.  He returned home to find his wife packing sweets for the night market. He wanted to tell his wife the good news but she did not have time to listen to her.

Victor called Doris in order to come for Marcus but his son was already asleep. He was bored and went to a bar to drink. He called Janine to come there. Janine who thought he had a problem came and he said he got promoted and needed someone to talk.

He explained that his wife has been busy lately, his son was with his sister and his best friend couldn’t make it so he was celebrating alone. Janine said what he was doing was not celebration, it was sulking so she asked if he had a problem. She kept him company and decided not to drink alcohol in order not to repeat her act.

Yvonne’s first day at the night market was not all that good since she did not get the amount she was expecting. She had to close and when he got a jeepney and was on her way home, she had a misunderstanding with someone.

In the midst of the brouhaha, Victor who was driving Janine home passed on the same street and Yvonne spotted him from the jeepney as Victor stopped in adherence to the traffic rules.


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