Two Wives Episode 4

Two Wives Episode 4 Victor quits his job as a foster father for Audrey, Audrey introduces Victor as a father during father-and-child Day

When Victor went to sit inside a bus, he recalled what happened between him and Janine. He realised that his wife had sent him a happy anniversary message. He reached home and lied to Yvonne that he could not get a bus to the house.

His wife told him not to worry since he was home safely. She thought he had forgotten their anniversary but was surprised to know that Victor had it in mind and even bought a gift for her. Before he would show his gift, Yvonne presented the rings she bought.

She read the vows to him and they reaffirmed their lōve for each other. However, Victor shed tears. When his wife was k!ssing him to arouse him for intimacy, he remembered his moment with Janine and told his wife that he was tired. When Yvonne went to sleep, he sent a sorry message to Janine.

The next day, Audrey asked of her father and Janine said he went to the province due to an emergency. Yvonne, on the other hand, prepared food to celebrate with her husband. Janine called Victor and he cut the line. He did not eat his breakfast and lied to his wife just to be with his friend.

His friend advised him to enjoy the s.e.x because they were men and the most important thing about it was to ensure he was not caught. Victor wondered how his friend was able to cheat on his wife. His friend said it was good to have variety of dishes and urged Victor on to continue.

Janine realised Audrey had used her phone to call Victor and the kid apologised for lying. Janine’s friend came in and she told her about what happened between her and Victor and said she was not proud of it. She knew Victor would not return again and that was good.

To her surprise, Victor arrived there to officially end things and to say sorry to her. He said he would not be able to pose off as Audrey’s father again and demanded to talk to Audrey for the last. Janine thanked him for talking to her as she was not even expecting that he would return after what happened. She told him to forget about it and move on.

She did not want them to lie anymore but he should not let his daughter know that he was not his father. She promised to take care of that. Meanwhile, Yvonne told her friend that she believed her husband was keeping something from her and her friend told her that if she suspected her husband was cheating, then it was so. She should trust her instinct.

Audrey came to meet Victor there and they hugged. Victor voiced out to her that he was going to a far place to work and asked her to be a brave princess. Audrey cried that he would not be around for father-and-child day and gave him a magic k!ss for him to keep it to himself so that whenever he missed her, he would take it from his pocket.

Yvonne visited her parents with Marcus and her father asked if she was happy in her marriage which she answered affirmative. However, she was sad when she remembered her brother. Her father advised her to free herself from the thought that she was responsible for the deàth of her brother.

Janine carried Audrey to her room and she was talking in her sleep with her father and that reminded Janine how her father left home while she was crying. Yvonne got home to find her husband held a surprise party to celebrate their anniversary. He informed his wife that he resigned from his work so that he could have time with her and Marcus.

Victor got a job at as a vocational teacher in a school. After paying off all their debts, Yvonne told her husband that they should have another child and she wanted a girl. That, reminded him of Audrey. Audrey, on the other hand, was bullied in school. Her mates teased her when they told her that they were coming with their father during “father-and-child” day.

They claimed Yvonne has no father and she said she has. They kept on with the tease and she pushed one which got them to the principal’s office. After Janine was called, she talked to Audrey not to do that again even if her friends bully her.

He started his teaching as a craft teacher and went home that evening to ask Marcus to give him a k!ss. However, Marcus said he was no longer a kid so he should give him hi-five instead. He then recalled Audrey and her magical k!ss.

Janine learnt from her workers that one male worker has been harassing some of the female workers for one to even leave the fun time to the house. Not ready to condone such an act, Janine called out the male worker and confronted him for his actions.

She fired him and gave him his monthly salary. However, the guy called Janine hypocrite, claiming she had sëx with Victor and was now acting all saint. He made it clear that it was his life and could flirt and have sê× with his colleagues and forced Janine to even try him in bed as she was better than Victor.

As he was dragging Janine, she called out for Carla and managed to throw him out. It was father and child day in Yvonne’s school so the kids were called to have a presentation with their father.

Victor had a beep on his phone while he was in school concerning father and child day alarm, he set on his phone and couldn’t stop thinking about Audrey. When it reached her turn, Audrey went with her father’s picture to deliver an emotional message to her friends who had been bullying her. She said she has a father but due to his work, he had to travel.

He shed tears and apologised to her friends for pushing them but explained that they made her sad for teasing her that she had no father. She indicated that the fact that they were fortunate to have their father with them did not mean that they had to make fun of her. The parents including Janine clapped for her.

Unbeknownst, Victor broke down hearing the emotional speech of Audrey and ran to hug her when she was leaving the stage, much to Audrey and Janine’s surprise. Audrey then announced by introducing Victor to the gathering as her father.


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