Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 485

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 485 Alyana is jealous over how Alex is warming up to Cardo, Hipolito leads Jacob and his goons to k!ll other drug syndicate competitors 

Lily arrived at the Palace to find Edwin who refrained him from seeing the President. Lily wondered why she was not being allowed to see Oscar and Edwin said he was following orders.  Lily asked whose orders he was following.

Diana appeared in the scene to inform her that the orders came from the office of the Chief of Staff. She reminded Lily that part of her job was to oversee the schedule of the president. She made it clear that Oscar had lots of meetings and could not talk to her.

Oscar came out from the meeting room to see Lily talking to Diana. He told Diana that he wanted to talk to Lily before his second meeting. Lily suggested that the citizenry including the men and women should learn self defense skills due to the crime rate to defend themselves should they encounter any trouble.

Oscar found her idea as excellent and planned to hold a meeting with the senators and the mayors to suggest that. Alyana gave Cardo’s medicine to him. She was scared for his safety and Cardo said he would recover soon to go back to the force. He was sure his faith would guide him through it all.

The comrades of Cardo visited him. Domengsu went to alert Cardo. Alyana led Cardo there and he told his friends that he was okay now but felt little pain. Lily after talking to Oscar was leaving when she bumped into Diana. She told Diana that she was snappy and did not take much of the President’s time, besides she was not a stranger.

Diana insisted that she was doing her job. After his friends left, Alyana served Cardo for him to eat. The minions of Gina rushed to their base to inform her that Cardo was now okay and was even discharged. Gina did not look happy that Cardo was well. Cardo had a phone call while eating.

It was Major Romero who called him to check on him. Cardo excused his wife and Alyana was feeling jealous when she heard her husband talking to her. Cardo told Major Romero that he would get well soon to join the force. Alex advised him to focus on his recovery. Cardo thanked her and owed his survival to her.

After the call Alyana asked who he spoke with and her husband said Major Romero. She seemed not happy to hear that. Meanwhile, Virgie was still worried about Alyana but Teddy insisted that Cardo was doing everything to protect his family and would keep Alyana from harm’s way.

Teddy called Alyana to ask about Cardo. Alyana said he was fine and could not wait to go back to work even if she was slowing him down. Virgie got upset that Cardo only cared about his official duties while he was neglecting his duties as a husband. Alyana saw that she was being so harsh on Cardo. Teddy pulled the phone and told Alyana not to mind Virgie.

After the call, Teddy confronted Virgie for adding on to Alyana’s plight but Virgie said she was only telling her the truth. She believed Skull might attack them in their house. JP retorted that Skull would now think twice before taking revenge since he had lost all his men. Teddy did not know whether Virgie wanted to break Alyana’s relationship with her husband.

Skull attacked a random person on the street to make away with his motorcycle. He knocked someone down while he was riding the motor. He threatened that it was not over. He would make everyone experience his terror. He laughed while riding. Lily got home to find Lazaro half ñakëd and he told her about his plans to smoke Renato from his hideout. Lily found the plans promising and hoped it would work.

The comrades of Cardo delivered a food specially prepared by Major Romero. Alyana acted uneasy when Cardo was happy that his boss had prepared him a meal. Domengsu could not wait to eat. Alyana asked Cardo who the food was from again and he once again said Major Romero. He told Alyana that she even donated her blood for him.

They went to the table to eat. The food was yummy. Alyana did not like it that her husband was finding another woman’s cook tasty. She told him and Domeng to eat the vegetables but Domeng said he was tired of eating vegetables everyday and was afraid to tell them but now Major Romero’s food was there. It was very delicious, Cardo seconded that it tasted like a professional chef cooked it.

Alyana felt awkward and told Cardo that all those while she thought Major Romero was a man not knowing she was a woman. She accused Cardo for not telling her that as she even saw her at the hospital. Cardo said he thought she knew already that she was a woman. He then narrated that initially she was tough on them but now, she was good to them once they got to know each other better.

He told his wife that she was a good person and urged her to eat the food. Domeng said Major Romero was in charge of the surveillance and went on a mission with them. Alyana was surprised to know that Major Romero was always with Cardo. Cardo corrected her that the major was with everyone and urged Alyana to eat but she claimed to be full.

Uncle Red made his plans against his helpers. Jacob introduced his brother Rano to him. Rano  felt useless that Jacob was replacing him. Jacob said he was doing that because he lōved him and did not want him to get hurt.

Hipolito liked how Jacob treated his brother. Jacob said he promised to take care of him and he was doing it since he was the only family he had. He asked Hipolito if he had a family but he said no. However, he used to have allies who ended up betraying him. Jacob told him not to worry because he now has a family who would  not betray him.

Flora had a talk with Alyana since she could notice that she was going through something. Alyana said she made a mistake of acting selfishly and it almost cost her marriage but now she would always be there to support her husband and his mission. Teddy and Virgie visited Alyana and Cardo to check on the health status of their son-in-law. Virgie told Cardo to go back to the jeepney riding for his family to live in peace.

Cardo made it clear that it was not for the fact that he did not want his family to live in peace. However, he was fulfilling his sworn duties and promised to protect and take care of Alyana even as an officer. Skull stumbled on some two street boys who were eating hungrily. He watched them as they reminded him of his brother David and him when they were little.

As Jacob and his allies including Hipolito embarked on a mission to take down his competitors, Skull found a newspaper and he read that he was still being haunted by the police. He wondered why Cardo’s name was not recorded among the names of those he has k!lled. He laughed while holding the papers.


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