Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 492

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 492 Lily sends Oscar and his servants to a trip, Jane recalls how Ronald d!ed in her hands

Bubbles was surprised to know that the serial k!ller was a woman. All along, she thought the k!ller was a man. Jane then recalled when she told her father that she was going to school and her father stopped her by grabbing her.

Her father attempted to rãpe her so she reached out for an object to stãb him in order to defend herself. Presently, Cardo told the family that he went to a local bar and was told that the suspected person could be a woman.

Jane once again in a flashback found herself in a bar as Maureen heard about the famous Ronald whose father was the late senator Serrano. She witnessed a girl who had blood stains and her emotions triggered. She rushed to the washroom and was crying as the lady reminded her of her childhood.

In her sad mood, her identity switched and she went to ensnare Ronald as a prostitute. She danced and stripped to woo Ronald and he sent her to Bulacan, his house. Cardo, presently told his family that he would go to Bulacan that evening for his investigation.

Elsewhere, Lance complained to Migz that Jacob has taken sides with Uncle Red while they were his long time friend. Jacob told Uncle Red that he heard Jane was seen in Camp Crame and was with Ricardo Dalisay. Renato wondered why Maureen would be in Camp Crame to ask for help while she was working for a syndicate.

Jacob did not know the reason Maureen went there but all he knew was she was his brother’s k!ller and he wanted to k!ll her in return. Per his private investigator, Maureen left in the company of Ricardo Dalisay. As the family was eating in Flora’s house, Jane recalled that after she went to Bulacan with Ronald, they got drunk and Ronald carried her into the room.

As they were about to have së×, her identity switched to Jane and she began to plead with Ronald but the drug addict was not ready to leave her and he threatened her with a gün. Jane’s identity switched to big bro and she led him on till she ståbbëd him to deàth.

The friends of Ronald realised it and were attacking Jane but she claimed to be innocent. They ganged up on her and her identity switched again. She ståbbëd one and reached out for Ronald’s gün to shōõt them all. The maids in the place hearing the gün sounds fled for their lives.

Jane ran out and drove the available car away. The comrades of Cardo came for Cardo and they left for work. Yolly ordered Wally to lock all the doors due to the serial k!ller. Jane said they were secured due to the presence of the police. The people of Sto Niño were on a bus going to Magbanua and were happy for the holiday.

Caloy told Doray that it would be their honeymoon and his wife reminded him that it was a group outing not a couple outing. There was a report on Oscar’s first visit to Magbanua. Lily suggested to Oscar what he should do regarding the project and  he also accepted.

Lazaro told Cedric that Lily would betray Oscar because she only lōved herself. Cedric asked why he was still working with her when he knew her nature. The First family settled at Lily’s rest house. Lily told them to relax since there would be nothing left for them to do than to relax, swim and enjoy. She has taken care of the food and everything.

Edwin was also told by Lily to go and relax, she would take care of the president. Cardo and Task Force Agila arrived at Bulacan, the Serrano mansion to ask about the lady in the company of Ronald. The servants said the lady was called Maureen and narrated that Ronald and his friends arrived with her and she was flirting with them.

She and her husband were ordered to go down while they had fun upstairs. However, they heard the woman screaming for help because she and her husband were scared, so they went for cover. Later, they realised Ronald was deàd. Alyana went to Jane’s room at the moment when Jane discovered that she had ståbbëd and k!lled someone without cleaning the mess.

She was holding the knife when Alyana was opening the door. Fortunately or unfortunately,  Alyana received a call from her mother who was unhappy that Cardo had brought a third party to live with them. Alyana explained that Jane needed their protection. Jane cleaned the blood on the knife. After the call, Alyana knocked at her door and when no one was answering she barged in.

She was about to take her clothes for the laundry when Jane appeared hiding the knife at her back. She told Alyana that she would be the one to do her own laundry so Alyana should relax. Captain Gina printed pictures of Skull to continue with her shenanigans. However, their food business was not doing well so Bart was worried.

Later at Flora’s garden, Elmo and Wally stated that Jane was acting strange while they were earlier eating but Flora thought they were having weird thoughts. Soon Jane joined them and while they were seated, the investigator of Jacob called him to inform him that Maureen was taking shelter at Dalisay’s place.

Jacob took his gün and told Uncle Red about the information he has gotten and left while Uncle Red followed him.


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