Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 495

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 495 Hipolito gains evidence to blackmail Lance, Task Force Agila to embark on a mission to find the group of armed men after Jane

Bubbles was happy that Diana was home. Diana was also happy and explained that she had been occupied at the Palace. She was also happy that Bubbles is well taken care of and her pregnancy was coming along.

However, Bubbles said Hipolito was still around the corner coupled with other syndicates. Diana was not scared due to the presence of Task Force Agila. She knew the group would do everything possible to deal with the crime in the country.

Cardo arrived home and told Alyana that Jane was suffering from multiple identity disorder so she had no control over her actions. He wished she had lived longer to help her overcome her condition. Lance attacked Migz and accused him of being a traitor.

Migz told him to calm down. Chloe interjected that he apologised to Hipolito while he knew he hurt her. Migz said it was just a ploy to get Hipolito to believe him that he has an ally so that he would not notice their plans. Alyana spoke with her father and explained that Jane gave the task force a tough time so she was shõt deàd.

Virgie was quite upset about Cardo’s negligence but Alyana told her to rather be grateful that Cardo was still alive. Hipolito witnessed Lance and Chloe k!ssing. “Bingo” he now has an ace under in his sleeves which he would use to his advantage should Lance become an hindrance.

Lance and Chloe had always been having an affair behind the back of Jacob but Chloe didn’t want them to do it in Jacob’s house to save them from being caught.

Elsewhere, Jacob vowed to take Cardo on for depriving him the chance to make Jane suffer under his own terms to avenge his brother. Chloe and Lance came to Hipolito’s room to ask for his help to get in touch with Jacob since he was not picking their calls.

Lazaro and Lily watched the report on Jane. Chloe was devastated that the men of Hipolito  could not tell where Jacob was and she began to rant out. Hipolito smirked that Chloe was asking for her boyfriend because she wanted only him and asked Lance if that was so. Lance was surprised since Hipolito was insinuating something.

Later, Jacob arrived home drunk and Chloe went to hug him and told him that her worst fears had come to fruition since he was now being hunted by task force Agila. Lazaro said Cardo took down one more criminal and had no doubt that Lily would soon be on his list.

Lily believed that if anyone grows suspicious of her, Oscar would not hesitate to inform her. Elizabeth informed Diana about Lily’s conversation which she overheard her saying she would be the one to take care of Diana. Diana wondered who Lily was speaking to but Elizabeth had no idea. She did not like Lily’s tone that was why she came to inform Diana about it.

Diana told Elizabeth that they should keep that between them since she did not want to endanger her. Elizabeth asked if there was danger around  Lily. Hipolito asked Jacob if Cardo could recognise him but the drug addict did not give a crap. Jacob hissed that Hipolito claimed the men he recruited were experts, yet all of them d!ed.

Hipolito interjected that it was because the men met not just ordinary cops but task force Agila. Hipolito said it was now over, Jane was dead so he could now concentrate on their job. Chloe who was eavesdropping seemed happy when she heard Hipolito saying that.

While with Diana, Oscar received a call from Lily and he told her about the development with the task force. He also thanked her for the vacation and Lily said she would take time for her to come to the palace since she did not want to become a bother. Oscar said she was not a bother and was his advisor so she had to come there.

Lazaro warned Lily to ensure not to fall for Oscar after her call. Lily said she would never fall for anyone and her words triggered a gesture from Lazaro. She reminded Lazaro that she has already told him that nothing would ever happen between them.

They would have a business relationship and would never forget her promise to him if she becomes the first lady so he should also keep his end of the bargain by finding Hipolito. Chloe told Lance that Jacob has finally seen that Uncle Red was unreliable and was fighting.

Lance told her to allow them to fight. However, Hipolito showed up, much to their surprise and he threatened to reveal to Jacob about their secret affair. Lance interjected that he has no proof. Hipolito said with or without proof, all he had to do was to tell him for Jacob to investigate.

JP was going to work when he saw his father still working on Skull’s case. Teddy said until Skull was apprehended, he would not stop pursuing the case. Virgie was of the view that Skull was hiding somewhere and was waiting for the opportune time to strike. It was the reason she was particularly scared for her daughter’s life.

Teddy was leaving for work and he advised his wife to calm down and allow Alyana to make decisions in her marriage. Besides, he did not want her to have a bad relationship with Cardo.

Virgie seemed not to care about the De Leons badmouthing her. She only wanted her daughter to be safe. As Alyana was setting up the table for breakfast, Cardo had a call from Major Romero who said she dreamt about him due to the incident that happened with Jane.

She promised to tell him everything once they got to work but asked Cardo what she could bring to him. They agreed on Karekare since that was Cardo’s favourite. Alyana questioned Cardo on the call and he said it was Major Romero. He realised Alyana was acting jealous so he told her not to add meanings to the call.

He explained that Major Romero was being nice simply because he once saved her and she was being appreciative. Cardo admitted that Major Romero was kind and beautiful and her parents even teased her to get a responsible man.

They went to see Flora and Cardo apologise for his inability  to be in the house the previous night to give her an update on Jane. Lily went to the palace to see Oscar who was already waiting for her. Lily questioned Edwin whether she would not be allowed in if Oscar wasn’t waiting for her.

Diana interjected that Edwin was only doing his job. Lily knew that already. She changed the subject to the serial k!ller and accused Jane for pretending. Diana said Jane was not pretending but was having Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID) and one of the personalities in her mind was the k!ller. Lily indicated that Jane was dangerous then.

Diana smirked that the most dangerous person was the one who was sane and had been pretending and telling lies just to cover up and to do her selfish thing. Delfin got there. Jerome sent some foods to Bubbles so that she could eat healthy things that would help the child. Bubbles felt a kick. Jerome had to leave for work and Yolly teased Bubbles to make her the bride’s maid.

Wally interjected that she has grown for that. Virgie came to Alyana’s house to drag her by force to the house but Alyana refused to go. She reminded her that they already talked about it. Virgie said she was only concerned about her safety. Alyana told her to respect her decision and should not add to her problems. She was no longer a kid.

Virgie got upset that her daughter was seeing her as nuisance. She left while Alyana was trying to explain to her not to take things wrongly. Virgie got out and cried. Hipolito realised that Jacob was losing trust in him and Lance also had a motive of k!lling him. He planned to release an ace from his sleeves to ensure Jacob believed in him again so that he could get his resources to get back at his enemies.

Delfin followed Diana to her office to ask her the problem she was having with Lily. Diana finally td him that she has been suspecting Lily all those while but did not have evidence to prove her shenanigans. She further said she knew Lily had a deep relationship with Mrs Vegara but was keeping the actual relationship.

Lily went to Oscar’s office and told him that she has the file for the meeting. She apologised for what happened between them during their vacation.

However, she had no regrets at all. Oscar was happy to hear that. He sat next to her and said he had been busy solving the nation’s problems and it was high time for him to take his personal life seriously.


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