Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 494

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 494 Amir k!lls Jane, Lily and Oscar k!ss intimately

At the Arevalos mansion, Virgie asked Teddy if there was an update about the recent person who d!ed in Cardo’s neighbourhood. Teddy indicated that a new person was found deàd within task force Agila’s compound and the police were suspecting Jane so they were after her.

Virgie was upset that Cardo brought a stranger to his own compound to victimise people. She said he risked the life of Alyana and his own family, hence there was the need for him to find Jane as soon as possible.

As Jane was running, she bumped into Jacob. Jacob and his goons held her and she asked what she has done to them. Jacob yelled that she k!lled her brother. Fortunately, Cardo and his team appeared in their van and got down to her defense.

Team Agila and Jacob’s team clash. They exchanged bullets shots. When Jane realised most men of Jacob were being k!lled, her identity switched and he fought those in her way and took the gün of one and fled.

Seeing his team was being defeated, Jacob was compelled to flee for his life while sent some of his men after Jane. In the house, Chloe declared intentions of revealing the marks on her neck to Jacob to prove that Uncle Red strangled her in his absence. Migz asked what if  Jacob still support Uncle Red.

Lance said in that case they have to reason up. Flora and her family could still not believe that Jane was the serial k!ller. After several failed attempts to get in touch with her husband, Cardo, Delfin appeared with the news that Cardo was last seen following Jane.

Cardo caught up with Jane and k!lled all her pursuers but Jane failed to surrender. She got ambushed by Task Force Agila and was ordered to put her hands in the air and surrender. Jane begged Cardo, denying that she was the serial k!ller. Cardo urged her to surrender as she could no longer føōl them anymore.

He was disappointed that she lied to him while she treated her like part of his family. Feeling agitated her identity switched to her young alter. She knelt and begged that Jane was not the culprit but their big brother who had been defending them was the one k!lling the men who was trying to take advantage of them.

Cardo could not understand anything so Major Romero stepped in to say that she might be telling the truth as she could be suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). However, Amir told Cardo not to believe her.

Cardo advised Jane to surrender and pledged to get her the needed treatment if she was telling the truth but big brother took over the body and snatched a gün from a deàd body she was closer to in order to shōõt Cardo.

Amir quickly shõt her multiple times to curtail the situation. Cardo felt really sad seeing Jane passing out. Jane thanked him for his help and finally d!ed. Yolly urged Flora and Delfin to go to sleep. Flora questioned how she would be able to sleep knowing Cardo was out there.

Gina was told by Bart that the serial k!ller was no other than the Miss Beautiful their lapdogs had been talking about as the new waitress in Flora’s Garden. Jacob received a call from Uncle Red and he told him that he could not get rid of Maureen since Cardo got in his way. He swore to take revenge on Cardo and Maureen.

At the resting house of Lily, the cunning woman kept engaging Oscar and his servants from Sto Niño. She later found Oscar alone working and she stopped him from working while she wooed him. She served him with a liquor. Lazaro, on the other hand, tried reaching Lily but the line did not go through.

He promised to do everything to ensure Lily did not lose her trust in him even if she was able to push through with her plans with the president. He had to get to Renato and eliminate him. Cardo and his team arrived at the office and Major Romero told them that she has handled a similar issue before and those DID patients had trauma during childhood so they have distinctive personalities that protect them.

Migz went to Uncle Red in his room, he went to call a truce and apologised for Chloe’s action. Hipolito told him that he was not the enemy, he was their ally. However, Lance eavesdropped. Hipolito knew his plans would hit the rocks should Jacob d!es and planned to protect Jacob at all cost.

The people of Sto Niño teased Elizabeth and told her to accept that the President and Lily were now having an affair. Elizabeth was not happy with that. Oscar get lured by Lily and he confessed his feelings. They were about to k!ss when Edwin intruded and Diana was on the line.

General Dela Cruz was glad that the investigation on the serial k!ller has come to a close. He announced to them about the arrival of a new members who would join the task force to help in their operations. He believed they would be immense beneficial to the team.

Diana came to the place to make the president sign some important documents. This got on Lily’s nerve. She also received a call from Lazaro and she told him about how Diana kept ruining her plans. Unknown to her, Elizabeth heard her conversation.

She joined Oscar and asked Diana the kind of food she wanted but she said she would not eat and also refused to sleep. Diana left and Oscar took a walk with Lily. He apologised for asking Diana to come while he has promised not to work.

Lily said it was nothing and k!ssed him. After they k!ssed Oscar apologised but Lily told him not to feel sorry. General Borja informed the family that Jane has d!ed during the encounter. And it seemed, she was suffering from a mental problem due to a traumatic past.

Yolly wished she had opened up to them so that they could help her. Flora prayed that her spirit would be safe wherever she was. Gina’s lapdogs knew Task Force Agila would stop at nothing till they arrest Jane.

Gina took advantage of that situation to spoke aloud for those at the eatery to hear that the serial k!ller was in the compound of task force Agila. The customers believed that Cardo would not risk their lives so they defended him. Bart was upset that they were defending the taskforce.

Diana arrived home and Delfin told Flora that task force Agila was now having a mission to find the group of armed men who were after Jane. He believed that was the reason Cardo was not home yet. Flora was scared that the armed men would now go after Cardo.

Jacob watched the news report on Jane Sebastian who was identified as the serial k!ller who has k!lled many men. The report said that Jane was now deàd and she was suffering from multiple identity, a mental problem. Jacob felt sorry and had his own belief and plans in mind.

Cardo while at the office recalled the last moment of Jane when she ordered her to surrender but displayed her mental condition by acting as different individuals and the manner she d!ed. Cardo felt sorry and was affected by her deåth.


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