Xian Lim wants to be known for ‘living truthfully’

Xian Lim wants to be known for ‘living truthfully’

Actor Xian Lim has declared that he wanted to be remembered in the industry as an actor who is known “for living truthfully” and taking unconventional roles.

This comes six months after ending his 12 years relationship with his colleague lover Kim Chiu and swiftly ascending to a new relationship with a movie director Iris Lee.

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Xian Lim said this in light with his 15 years celebration as an actor in the industry.

He claimed to be a “shy kid” and did not understand various attacks on his personality after his breakup.

Xian stated that he had been “a magnet of intrigues and fake news,” which he stated did not help his cause after his “painful breakup” with actress Kim Chiu.

He indicated that he had begun receiving “below-the-belt messages” from former supporters of their love team, KimXi and did not find it refreshing, though he was not ready to liberate himself from the rumours clouting their judgement.

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“My friends say, ‘things are getting out of hand. Will you just let it go? Just tell the truth.’ Again, I don’t want to be defined simply by all these. I worked really hard to get to where I am today,” Xian stated.

He maintained that he wanted to be known for his truthfulness not for his breakup with Kim which happened in November, 2023.

“Fifteen years is no joke. I don’t want people to remember me just because of this breakup, just because of the made-up things that people are saying now. I want to be remembered for living truthfully,” he said in a recent interview.

From the time Xian joined show biz in 2008, to when he landed his first lead role in 2011 with the movie “My Binondo Girl,” to when he portrayed a man who gets pregnant in 2022 (“False Positive”), he had maintained that he has never changed from that innocent introvert guy.

Though he had faced many obstacles in the industry, he wanted to continue to spend time on improving his craft and keep his recognition.


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