The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 27

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 27 Gio moves in with David, Jill is given by force leave of absence over a new scandal 

Jill came to find Gio still not sleeping while it was past 9:00pm. Gio decided to go to bed but told his mother that his friends thought he had something to do with their coach.

When Gio got to school, his friends upset him and he got into a fight with them when they claimed he became a Captain due to the relationship his mother had with Sir Gabby.

Max tried to stop Gio from fighting but he went ahead to fight with him and was called to the staff to see the headmistress. They failed to tell the headmistress what had happened so she made Gabby call the parents of each of the students who were involved in the fighting.

Jill was busy looking at her patient so she did not answer the call till she was done. She saw the message from Gabby and rushed to the school, only to find out that Gio was picked up by his father. She rushed home and she found David in her house, claiming Gio was packing his things to move in with him.

Jill asked for the reason he would do that and David said he already warned her to leave Baguio. Gio appeared with his things. Jill asked why he was leaving but he did not answer. Jill tried stopping him but Gio shoved her and rushed to the car with his father.

Jill tried stopping him, Gio pushed her away and locked the car door. The commotion attracted the attention of Carol and ran after Jill into her car as they followed David but Jill almost knocked down a pedestrian so the man fell together with the things that he was wheeling.

She has to take care of him and Carol called an ambulance to send the man to the hospital. Jill and Carol got home in the evening and Jill requested to be alone. Carol said they would find out why Gio moved in with his father the next day.

David brought his son in and told Lexy that Gio was going to live with them. Gio was led to his room by Migs. The following day, Jill went to Gio’s school early in the morning in an attempt to talk to him. Sir Gabby saw her and invited her over for breakfast but she refused since she did not want her son to have the wrong impression.

Gio made his father alight him at the other side and used a shortcut to get to his class while Jill waited at the main entrance. It was late so Jill sent Mikah a message and she discovered that Gio was already in class. Nathalia saw it as a problem for Gio to move in with Lexy. She believed his ex-wife would not make it easier for them and urged Lexy not to accept.

David realised his wife was pulling from her decision to make Gio stay with them. Jill returned to Gio’s school in the afternoon when he closed in order to know why he wanted to live with his father. Once Gio set eyes on his mother, he ran off like his mother was some kind of a plaque and stopped an available car and left.

Jill tried to fish out the reason from Max but he claimed he did not know why Gio had moved in with his father. Jill pleaded with him to help her talk to Gio and Max said Jill would be in his house in the evening so he would talk to him for him to return her calls.

Jill went to Max’s house and the boy said Gio never came. He thought Jill would call not knowing she would come there in person. After pressuring him, Jill found out from Max that Gio claimed she never lõved him but only løved herself, the reason he left her.

Jill was shocked to hear that and knew something was going on. Max’s mother appeared and asked Jill what she was doing there that late. Jill said she was there to find her son. She left and rushed to David’s house to cause a scene in order to demand for her son.

David stopped eating and rushed to the gate to stop Jill. The nanny took footage of Jill demanding David to return her son. Meanwhile Gio used did not want to have anything to do with her mother so Lexy called security to come for Jill. David used a headset to distract him from listening to his mother’s noise.

The security personnel came for Jill and she had to go home. She cooled her head off by being with Carol. Carol advised her to give Gio a break for a while as she believed he was well taken care of at where he was. The following day, the Luceros talked to Lexy and David against the disturbance made by Jill.

Nathalia advised David to return Gio to his mother because she believed Jill would not stop as the act would also affect his relationship with Kylie. Unbeknownst, Gio overheard their conversation and when the nanny saw Gio, she tried to alert the family by mentioning Gio’s name and said hi.

David seeing his son refused to agree and said he would handle Jill. Gio left for school. Elsewhere, Jill arrived at the office to find out from Barry and Claire that her video had gone viral for causing disturbance at her ex-husband’s house and it was already forwarded to the chairman.

Jill saw the video on Dr Barry’s laptop and explained that David took her son which she knew Claire had a hand in. Barry gave her a leave of absence for her conduct. Jill admitted she had personal problems but it did not affect her work so she did not see why she had to be given leave of absence.

Claire stated that if she did not she would have to step down as the OIC. Jill was heading home  and she met Sandy who told her she saw her video and it was shot in the mansion of David. Jill did not want to believe in her innocence and claimed they all ganged up on her.

She headed to Gio’s school and found out that he did not come for the basketball training. Sir Gabby  wanted to help Jill but Jill overheard the basketball players giggling that she was the girlfriend of Gabby. Jill went to confront them and told them the truth that she and Gabby had nothing to do with each other.

Gabby wanted to stop her and she told him that the students had been spreading that rumour which has had a negative toll on Gio. Enzo was spotted at a certain Library where Gio was and kept staring at him.


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