Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 612

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 612 Arturo seeks for a voice copier to capture the Arevalos, Macoy is k!lled

Diana begged Virgie that it was prudent for them to turn back but Virgie acted up as she did not want anything to come in between their journey. The henchmen were drawing closer so Teddy turned quickly and the men couldn’t run after them.

They called Padua to inform him about the incident and suspected the van they took its plate number was the van Teddy was traveling with. Padua got upset that they were not even sure that Teddy was the one. He told them to cut off the plan, he would initiate a new one so they should wait upon his orders.

Least, did he know that Hipolito was also scheming with Jacob on means he could thwart his efforts to be the one to catch Cardo. Alyana told Cardo about the life of her grandmother, Nelia and why she did not marry again to take care of Teddy and Maring.

Cardo revealed plans to retire from the force once everything was settled to ensure he took care of Flora and Alyana. In the palace, after their affair and we’re still ñãkëd, Mariano told Ellen that he did not want to be away from her. Ellen wanted to dress up but Mariano stopped her.

She reminded Mariano that he promised to do everything that she wanted him to do. Mariano then asked what she wanted and she requested for the heads of three people, mainly Lily, Padua and Oscar. Mariano was disturbed since that would be his first time of mürdéring someone.

He said he made an attempt on Oscar’s life with the influence of alcohol. Ellen made it clear that Lily was only using him and once she was done, she would not fulfill any of her promises. She would not allow him to leave the palace alive so he should be smart to get rid of them so that nothing could hinder their plans of being the president and the first lady respectively.

Diana and Teddy persuaded Virgie that turning back was the best way. Virgie wanted to go to Batangas alone but Teddy didn’t let her. They returned home. As Mariano escorted Ellen out, James and Salonga chanced upon him and showed him the news article which suggested that he was being manipulated by Lily and Padua.

Mariano after reading told them that he had already seen the article but he was waiting for Lily and Arturo to return for them to see the way forward. He then walked out on them. Salonga and James were left marveled. Ellen went home and was happy that she had fast track everything with Mariano.

She thought about how she first wanted to step foot in the palace and now gained a clean chance to be the first lady. She tried reaching her husband over the phone but he did not pick up. She wondered what had taken Arturo’s attention.

Lily called Renato to inform him about the failed attempt by Arturo’s men and she sought Renato’s help in searching for Teddy. Renato reached an agreement with her that he would help her with his men under the condition that he would be the one to k!// Diana.

When they reached home, Diana was thinking about Boom, the reporter friend of Teddy. She thought that if the checkpoints were erected for them, the reporter might have been captured. They first called James and Salonga to inform them that they returned home and explained what happened to them.

Lily went to find Mariano elated on his bed and asked him what was the reason for his smiles. Mariano claimed that he was just happy about the house in Targatey and the car. Lily promised him more and he reminded himself of Ellen’s words that Lily was just manipulating him and would just dispose him off, if she was done with him.

Lily gave Mariano a script to memorise in order for him to channel the minds of the people to them.
Teddy then called his colleague. Unbeknowst, the phone was in the hands of Arturo’s henchmen. They did not pick the call since they knew they would be identified, should Teddy hear their voice. Teddy told Diana about his worry but was sure if his friend was busy, he would send a text.

The henchmen also became smarter and sent a text instead, making Teddy heave a sigh of relief that his friend was okay but was just busy. As Hipolito sent his men over to Padua and the Presidential Secretary wanted to buy them with One million cash for them to deploy all schemes, measures and strategy to smoke out the Arevalos, his henchmen also arrived with good news.

They have found a way to locate Teddy. Arturo did not hesitate. He called Lily to inform her that she needed someone whose voice was similar to the reporter friend of Teddy to pose off like the dead reporter to fish out Teddy’s location.

As the former Task force were driving home from the ranch, they were blocked by Hipolito’s car. Roxanne did not want to cause trouble so she advised the guys to pave room for the other cars. Jacob had made up his mind to shøøt since he was claiming the Task Force had blocked them.

The funny aspect was that both parties never knew that they were old acquaintances. Roxanne believed they could be Lito’s guest and gave them a way to go without knowing it was the notorious Hipolito and Jacob Soriano.

Hipolito and Jacob arrived at the ranch and Hipolito introduced Jacob to Lito. Lito had prepared their back and they talked about business. Jacob seemed to like Lito. The former Taskforce came home to inform Cardo that Macoy was caught.

He stole money and was thrown out of the ranch. Cardo hearing that Macoy stole lost his trust in him. He thought he was a good kid. Basco believed that he was desperate to go to school to become an officer. Cardo still stood on his grounds that Macoy did the wrong thing.

Macoy was tortured and he revealed Berto as his cohort because he gave him the keys to Lito’s room. However, Berto claimed Macoy was just lying. Since Turo found his stolen gün with him, he hit his hands with a hammer and reminded him that Lito did not give second chance.

Whatever pains he was feeling, would be temporary. He shõt him multiple times to k!ll him. They then placed him in a trunk and burnt him up.


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