Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 241-245

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 241-245 Renato pays 10million to Homer to k!ll the SAF hostages, Olegario and Renato start to date

After the r3bels got away, Dela Rosa informs General Borja at Camp Crame that he has come face to face with Ricardo Dalisay who is now fighting at the side of the r3bels. At Mt Karagao, Homer shows his gratitude to Fernan for protecting his daughter, the complement gets Anton jealous.

Scorpion and his allies after threatening Enriquez’ workers, they report to work. Homer receives double payment. General Borja informs the family about the good news that Cardo is alive but he is spotted working for the Bloody Sun r3bels.

Elsewhere, Catindig starts to interview Hipolito’s former classmates with a lie that he is writing a tribute for the renowned director. He discovers that Hipolito is against government and is rumoured to be part of a certain r3bel group.

In order to survive, Katrina now decides to play along with the r3bels to win their trust. She starts off with a bath and Chameleon and his men spy on her as she takes her bath.

After Delfin informs Hipolito and Olegario about the SAF’s intel, Olegario believes Cardo has infiltrated the r3bels’ camp. Due to the controversial nature of the issue, Alyana and the trusted police friends of Cardo with the guidance of General Borja embark on a search to verify the information.

Their search with the picture of Cardo yields fruit as a market woman confirms seeing the man in the picture during the SAF and r3bels encounter. As Pinggoy believes Cardo is brainwashed by the reb£ls, the police friends believe their comrade is on a mission.

The Enriquez enlists the help of Scorpion’s group to threaten the Mayor who denies him the opportunity to renew his working permit. Coming face to face with death, the Mayor takes a sudden turn on his decision and obtains the renewal permit for Javier.

At the NDA office, Hipolito now seeks for urgent means to get rid of Cardo to cover his transgression before Cardo unravels the truth. Flora and his family after thinking Cardo might be suffering from amnesia now concludes that Cardo is on a classified mission, hence they keep the issue as secret to protect the identity of Cardo from the r3bels.

At Mt Karagao, Homer now addresses his mini group about intentions of recruiting more members. He buys new weapons and saves to start his group. He plans to defeat the Bloody Sun Group, the police and the military when time arises.

Since Wally was staining her name, Captain Gina embarks on a vaccination project to take Alyana’s eyes from her. She however, makes Otep sells lager amount of the vaccines given to her by the mayor to make money out of the project.

At the r3bels’ camp, Cardo reveals to Romulo how a boy he is taken care of d!ed from terror!st’s attack. A member’s son falls sick and Romulo is compelled to leave the camp with Cardo to buy medicine.

There are various check points around so he enlists a friend’s help. Lando makes his wife Elissa purchase the medicines for them. Lando informs Romulo about how some thieves had crippled his animal farm business so Romulo promises to help him.

As they are leaving, they stumble on a restaurant and they decide to go and eat, there. They chance on some bad groups who is causing chaos in the restaurant and the group stands on their mission to fight for the less privileged takes the fight and they beat the people making the disturbance. The workers of the restaurant show their appreciation to Romulo.

Scorpion incites Anton to make Lena his but the jealous man is scared that, trying it will jeopardise his relationship with Romulo. Due to the Enriquez wickedness, one of his workers died and the son, Norman faces Javier and Miguel. Fearing that Norman will spread rumours about them to compel other workers to stop working for them, they contract Homer to k!ll the boy.

Captain Gina organises Barangay got Talent, another project for kids. Ligaya and Paquito wins the talent show with a dance. Due to how Dexter cried since he wanted to win and give the money to Mirikit to pay off her, debts the winners decide to give their money to Dexter and keep the trophy.

Cardo realises the good heart of Romulo. Anton who is drunk forces himself on Lena, leading Lena to slap him. Soon, Cardo runs fever and Lena begins to make l0ve with him, confessing how much she l0ved him while taking care of him. Anton believes it is a strategy Fernan is using for Romulo not to discover that he is a trooper.

Elsewhere, Renato proposes to Diana but she refuses to go out with him as that will compromise their work. Renato keeps his distance. At Mt Karagao, Romulo is moved by some farmers’ plea and he recruits Fernan and his friends to embark on stealing mission to help the farmers.

Anton tells his recruits his grievances about Romulo’s action and he threatens to get rid of Agila. In Manila, a 40-day vigil is organised for the 50SAF troopers. The Velascos meet Alyana and they bemoan loosing their daughter. Meanwhile, Homer and Hipolito are working hand in hand against the SAF troopers held as hostages.

Hipolito has agreed to pay 10million for Homer to execute all the SAF troopers held as captives. Katrina believes Romulo is a good person and Scorpion does evil things without the knowledge of the commander. Sensing that they will be executed, Katrina makes plan to beach Romulo for help.

Finally, Diana accepts to date Renato. Cardo and Romulo rob shops and factories. Unfortunately for Cardo CCTV captured him and the group is soon chased by authorities.


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