Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 251-255

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 251-255 Cardo sets SAF captives free amidst ruined reputation, Amano k!lls Jonas Paraoan

At the NDA office, Diana Olegario tries to talk Renato Hipolito from pursuing his plans of addressing the media by revealing Bloody Sun’s involvement in the San Isidro massacre that took away the lives of the Enriquez but Renato insists on carrying out his plans as a form of sworn-duty to the public.

Soon, he has a press conference and pins the blame on the Bloody Sun for attacking the Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation in San Isidro. He fails to answer journalists questions on the viral video of Cardo.

As news are going rounds on Cardo’s involvement in the massacre, his family are giddy with worry knowing his life will be at risk in the rebels’ camp. Alyana faces Michelle, a journalist at her office who is sinking Cardo’s name in her reportage.

At Mt Karagao, Cardo teaches the new recruits how to use guπs and Homer comes to prove himself as the experienced one but ends up being ridiculed after he gets defeated in a competition which he calls between Fernan and himself with the assemble of g√ns.

Elsewhere, Alyana suffers the wrath of her editor for concealing some vital information that will go against her husband in her reportage. The media house now praises Michelle for doing accurate job for revealing Cardo’s true identity to the public.

After celebrating the ruining of Ricardo Dalisay’s image with Catindig, Director Hipolito now settles his differences with his girlfriend, Olegario. In camp Crame, Delfin and friends of Cardo explore means to ensure that Cardo’s life in the r£bels’ camp doesn’t get affected by the various reportage and viral videos depicting his identity.

However, their efforts greet with setbacks since they cannot pinpoint the exact location of the reb£l group.

In their cage, Katrina’s hunch about Homer is embraced by Gerry as he also believes the other members are not aware of Homer’s wicked plans. Katrina now plans to do something to attract the attention of Cardo to rescue them.

Emman’s g√π is spoilt so Anton voluntarily asks Emman to make him help fix it but the boy refuses since he wants Fernan to do it. This compels the jealous Anton to say bad things against Fernan which Emman believes is not true.

Seeing how Anton inciting her son against Fernan, Lena warns him. The boy goes to Fernan to inform him about what Anton said against him. Anton takes advantage of Lena, fortunately Fernan hears Lena’s screams and goes to her rescue. Since Fernan claims he is single, Lena takes the opportunity to voice out her feelings to him.

Meanwhile, Captain Gina comes across a deliverer who is looking for Flora’s address, since the man fails to mention what he is delivering and the person who sends it, Gina goes to the precinct to blow a false alarm.

Making the police storm Flora’s house to invade their privacy only to find out that there is no terrorists in the house and the items are toy guns. After addressing his Venom group made up of members he recruited for the Bloody Sun, Homer goes to the cage to worry the hostages, especially Katrina.

He plans to make good use of Kath’s body before beheading her. Flora scolds Captain Gina for claiming they are terror!sts while there are children in the house. Girona and Soriano also reprimand the police officers for barging into someone’s house without a search warrant as that is against the ethics of the job.

Soon, Chameleon gets Katrina drunk to take advantage of her, unknown to him, he is actually working according to the game plan of Kath. When she gets the opportunity she hits him and runs in search of the camp to alert Cardo of their presence in the place.

However, Homer gets hold of her and punishes her and Gerry together, while they make fun of them. Bent on finding the secret of Homer, Cardo follows him and discovers that Gerry and Katrina are kept as prisoners. Romulo notices change in Lena’s behaviour and queries her. Lena opens up to her father on how she has made a f00l out of herself for thinking Fernan had feelings for her.

Later, Fernan queries Lena, Tadpole and Earthworm about the hostages and he learns that they were actually three but Homer has k! lled one. Homer plans to k!ll the remaining two that evening, meanwhile Hipolito charges Manolo to foil the plans of Olegario in her attempts to clear the name of Dalisay in her new compilation of under cover works that Dalisay has successfully done.

Captain Gina also begs Grandma Flora for what she did and Flora forgives her but warns her not to repeat the act. Cardo rolls out his plans that evening to save his colleagues. In Rambo style, he smites all the guards, much to the surprise of the prisoners who are preparing for the worse since they know Homer will execute them that night.

Cardo reveals himself to them, before he will run with them, Homer and his allies, together with Anton and allies are all going to guard the prisoners only to see a third party helping the prisoners to escape.

Elsewhere, Amano, Manolo’s henchman meets Jonas Paraoan, a man they have given a script to pose off as Bloody Sun member to completely stain Dalisay’s name and reputation to the public, as part of Hipolito’s plan to incite the Bloody Sun to k!ll Fernan for being an infiltrator.

For the second time, Alyana’s investigation in San Isidro to find the location of the Bloody Sun proves futile even with the help of Olegario. She informs Delfin about how the town’s people cover up for the Bloody Sun, claiming the group is not responsible for the mishappenings.

At Mt Karagao, Homer shoots Gerry who is under run. Gerry and Katrina settle at a certain shelter Cardo made for them. Although Katrina has applied herbs to the gun wound but Gerry runs a fever. Since they cannot find their target, Homer and Anton run back to the camp to inform Romulo that the prisoners have escaped and pinned the blame on Fernan.

However, they are surprised to learn that Fernan has been in the camp all along. As planned, Jonas Paraoan reveals to the NDA, NMIG and the PNP that he is a former reb£l belonging to the Bloody Sun and Ricardo Dalisay has always been a member to the group who infiltrates the SAF to carry out the group’s order.

Delfin is consumed with hatred for the lies blew by Paraoan and sends him to the CIDG only to be ambushed by journalists who have an interview with him and he says Cardo informs the Bloody Sun before hand about the SAF’s mission. The commander of SAF instructs Homer to lead a search for the escapees.

Meanwhile, Delfin has ordered his men to investigate everything about Paraoan to find out who paid him to lie. Captain Gina who begins her illegal operations since Flora is busy thinking about Cardo is force to put an abrupt halt to it after sensing loyal fans of Flora are keeping tabs on her. At PNC office, Alyana is scolded for her intentions of using the woman who speaks highly of the Bloody Sun to protect her husband’s image.

General Olegario finds criminal records of Paraoan and wants to use it to discredit him but Hipolito rubbishes it. Guzman and Rivera tail Paraoan when Paraoan meet Amano for the 10million payment for his job. Seeing they will be exposed, the henchman k!lls Paraoan and goes at large.

The PNP concludes that Paraoan is paid for the dirty job and is k!lled on purpose. Fearing for the life of Fernan, Tadpole and Earthworm ask Fernan to go with them whenever he is leaving the camp in search of the escapees but he fails. One day, Fernan leaves the camp and the two friends are told by Lena to follow him to ensure his safety only to discover that Fernan is a traitor.

After Fernan reveals his true identity to them and why he is carrying out the mission with the bloody Sun, Tadpole and Earthworm understand his course and now understand why Cardo is attached to Emman, he is a father who lost his son through bombing and wants to uncover the truth. They decide to support his course with hopes that after he successfully carry out his mission, he will take them along.

Elsewhere, Anton discovers Homer’s new camp but the latter coverup to make Anton believe that they have set the camp in case their safety get compromised due to the missing troopers.

Various negative media reports emerge on Cardo. This fuels the hearts of the parent of Velasco to accuse Cardo of the misfortune that befalls on the SAF troopers, leading a mass people to troupe at Flora’s house to cause trouble.

Captain Gina puts the issue at bay while sacking the attackers from the community with her post as the Barangay head. At the NDA office, a meeting is held to reveal the death of Paraoan and the need to conceal his death from the media.

General Olegario also reveals that there is a spy in their midst who has been leaking classified information to the media and other people spearheading the agenda against Cardo. Hipolito charges them to find the infiltrator which Alyana claims has been sending anonymous texts to alert the media on classified information.

Anton and Homer resolve to psychological games with Fernan when they call for a truce. Unknown to Homer, Cardo is aware of their plans and is diligent. Tadpole and Earthworm sometimes send the troopers food in their hideout to help Cardo.

The NMIG secures footage of the incident that leads to the death of Paraoan. Although the footage is not clear but gaining the profile of the shooter, they launch an investigation on him to discover that Amano is an ex military man. The PNP and the NMIG target to find the man in hopes of gaining the identity of the master brain. This makes Manolo and Hipolito adopt desperate measures to deal with the situation in cleaning up any mess that will lead to them.

In school, the kids suffer ridicule for being related to Cardo. Paquito wants to pick a fight with them but Makmak is there to save the day and reminds Paquito of Grandma Flora’s advice. Soon, Emman runs a fever and Fernan goes to see him.


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