La Vida Lena Episode 12

La Vida Lena Episode 12 Lukas, Vanessa threaten to collapse M&R during the launch of Satin Dream, Miguel swears to redeem the position of Adrian in Royal Wellness

Jordan watched Magda when she was going to the boardroom to make a presentation. Betchay joked around with Jordan for keenly watching Magda. She said Magda now looked more beautiful than ever and understood why he was spying her.

She also wished she could get her surgery on her face. Magda presented a new skin care they would launch ahead of the male skin care line of the Royal Wellness.

Since the idea of Royal Wellness was to use some of the formula from the Queen Vanessa Soap, Magda also decided to improve that formula to make it suit all skin care types, both make and female.

Dr Martina now disclosed the good news that Satin Dream was on the second spot according to new Market survey. Betchay was so much happy for Magda but Magda made it clear that she could not have achieved that if it was not for their support.

Magda was very grateful to Jordan and gave him a deep hug. Lukas and Vanessa were informed by Sheila that Satin Dream was on the second spot. This got Lukas upset to call Adrian to scold him for not bringing any result ever since he assured them that he would find the owner of M&R.

Adrian asked for more time since he got the wrong girl. Miguel was beaming with smiles, hearing Lukas scolding his son. Lukas asked him what he was doing there and Miguel said he came to tell them that his secretary discovered M&R Corporation were launching their Satin Dream Bar Soap that night.

Lukas and his wife decided to go to the event even without an invite since they were the great Narcisos. They wanted to know who their enemy was and told Adrian to be there with them.

At the launch, Magda after ensuring everything was okay decided to leave before the guests arrived, simply because she did not want the Narcisos to know her association with M&R.

The Narcisos gate crushed the event and saw the owner, Ramona. Magda saw them so she went into hiding. She watched the Vanessa and Ramona exchanging words. The Narcisos were upset that Ramona broke the prison cells to be their competitor and threatened to get her behind bars again.

Ramona was upset that they made her spend 20years out of her life in prison and still they were on her tail. She told Vanessa that she was looking ugly and old upon all the surgery she did with herself. She told Vanessa that she was fake even she fixed her nose and Lukas fixed her body which her husband couldn’t do excellent job.

Ramona also swore to make them pay for everything they have done to her. Lukas warned Ramona to close down her company, stressing that she would not be able to survive in the industry and he would make sure of that.

As the shameful couple were leaving, they bumped into Adrian at the entrance. They told Adrian that they were done and he came in late. Magda was trying to get out with Betchay since Jordan has set the car ready, waiting for her. Adrian saw Lena and screamed her name. Magda and Betchay ran to the washroom and Adrian followed.

Adrian was not ready to leave, he called Lena and he heard someone’s phone ringing inside the washroom. Magda was compelled to exchange her dress with Betchay and the latter came out of the washroom making call just to get Adrian out of there, yet Adrian stayed compelling Magda to escape through the washroom window.

Later, Adrian called again and Lena said she was at their regular meet up place but Adrian insisted that she was at the M&R Corporation’s launch which she denied and showed her face to him. She claimed Adrian had not come there earlier so she was leaving.

She went home and Jordan discovered that her leg was swollen and she said she jumped off from window. Jordan applied ointment and Magda went to Ramona’s house to check on her. Martina told her that the launch went out well but Ramona was in her room acting sad about what Vanessa said. She has missed Sandro, her husband means.

Magda tied talking to her but she preferred to be alone. The next day Allison went to Grandma Serdine again to give her food. When she was returning, she bumped into Rambo again and he sent her out to buy street food. Once she saw the driver she escaped and Rambo did not see her. He only found the barbecue he bought her on the ground.

Lukas had a meeting with his family concerning how they were not focused to detect their enemy early. However, Vanessa made an excuse that Miguel and Adria did not know about Ramona just that the woman was so sly. Lukas did not take that as an excuse since they did not even hear about the launch till the very day that they were holding the launch.

After the meeting he only sat with Miguel to ask of his marketing plan to boot out the enemy. Miguel was reluctant since that was the work of Adrian, the VP but Lukas insisted so he proposed celebrity endorser and was also working on multi marketing plan to boost their sales. Lukas wanted Miguel to come out with a plan to ruin and destroy M&R.

“Obviously the years she spent in jail aren’t enough

“That woman needs to pay for what she did to my father untill the very last day here on earth

“If i do this for you if I’m able to destroy M&R you must make me the vice President

“But my son Adrian is the vice President.”

Miguel sighed “But I am doing all the work”

“That is just how it is,” Lukas interjected.

He told Miguel to be grateful to him for taking him in, they weren’t related. He was just his wife’s nephew but he took care of him and sent him to the best of schools so he should take what he was doing as a pay back.

Rachel visited her father and Allison told her about Rambo and how they first met at Grandma Serdin’s neighbourhood and he mistook her for a thief who swiped phones and told her to return the phone to the owner. Rachel advised her not to go there again to see their father’s nanny.

She threatened to tell Conrad if she returned to that neighbourhood. Conrad appeared in the scene and Rachel covered for her sister without letting their father know about what Allison had been doing.

Rambo on the other hand, kept thinking about Allice and Jordan who saw that he was lost in his thoughts said if it was about a woman, he should stop thinking because he would not understand. The next day at work, Magda who was talking business with Betchay received nùde pictures of Adrian and he also told her to send some.

Adrian did not concentrate on the multi marketing plan which Miguel has developed and told Miguel that no matter how poor he would work, his job would not be at stick. He rose to go to his date. Miguel told h that there would be a day he would be kicked out from the company not because he wanted to but the company did not need a person like him.

As Adrian was going, Vanessa followed him to talk to him about his constance outing and coming to work late but Adrian said he was single and should be allowed to do whatever he liked.

At home, Miguel worked tirelessly on his sales plan and he wanted to use his wife as the model for the product. Rachel told him that he would talk to Lukas to make him aware of how Miguel had devoted all his time to work in order to boost their sales, hence deserved a promotion. Miguel knew Lukas would still not do anything.

Rachel suggested he set up his own business or he worked for another company but Miguel was hellbent on working for Royal Wellness to prove his worth to be the Vice President. Elsewhere, Ramona told Magda and Jordan how she met Sandro in Medical school.

She said she was focus on her books but Sandro never gave up. He supported her and they eventually married but was accused of k!lling Don Luis, the man she respected and admired. She lamented on how she lost her baby after several years of waiting for such miracle for her to get pregnant.

“Listen I promise you, I will make them pay for everything they have done,” Magda promised.


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