Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 365-369

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 365-369 Marco attempts to k!ll Teddy and JP over Alyana’s betrayal, Police, Venom launch a surprise attack on the Vendetta after discovering their hideout

Marco pays a visit to Brandon in prison to enlist his help to hunt down Cardo. After a long search, Alyana and Cardo are able to find Flora’s new resident. The family celebrate when Cardo announce that he and his wife have renewed their vows.

But feels sad when they say they will live in the province to build a new family. They also go to the Arevalos mansion to break the news to them but Virgie did not digest it well when she sees Alyana throwing her life away just to hide with Cardo.

Alyana’s mind is made up and reminds her mother her advice to her years ago to fight for the man she l0ves and sacrifice for him too. As Cardo and his wife hit the road, Marco who is putting Teddy’s house under surveillance sees Cardo and attempts to k!ll him.

Cardo and Alyana spotting that Marco is after their lives flee and escape his crutches. While Marco vows to k!ll all the l0ved ones of Alyana for making a f00l out of him, Oscar uses Camilo to criticise Borja’s job. Cardo finally meets with his comrades and introduces his wife to them. He also breaks the bad news of his exit from the group to them.

While the group is bearing the grief of losing a gallant member, Andy also broods over Cardo reuniting with his wife. The Flower Power Girls assured Andy that she will gets through the pains. Elsewhere, Marco launches a surprise attack on Teddy and JP.

The father and son who are left alone in the house to secure eachother after Virgie traveled are forced to run out for their lives. Determined to k!ll Teddy, Marco runs after him with his guπ through the streets and shot after them, leading the passerby to run for cover.

Fortunately, some police patrol cars passing, makes Marco escape. As the authorities make progress of finding the location of the Vendetta, they plan a surprise attack.

The authorities march their way to Vendetta’s hideout. Equally determined to exterminate the group, Homer and his minions are also in hot pursuit. Learning about this, Andy immediately informs the Vendetta members of the impending danger to their lives.

Oscar begins to doubt his decision of including the CIDG in his operation to capture the notorious vigilantes. Elsewhere, Marco decides to take matters into his own hands to reclaim Alyana.

Cardo and the Vendetta try to escape from Homer and his men. However, Homer manages to corner Cardo and some members of his group. Outgunned and outnumbered, Cardo tries to creat a distraction in hopes of saving his allies.

Meanwhile, Catherine learns that Marco is under investigation for his assault on Alyana’s family. To make matters worse, Catherine finds out that her son plans to go after Cardo. The shootout between the PNP, Vendetta and Homer’s forces continues, with all sides suffering numerous casualties.

Soon after, Cardo comes face to face with  Homer.

Eager to avenge his son’s demise, Cardo engages the notorious gang lord in a fight of deàth. However, Homer starts to overwhelm Cardo and prepares to deliver the k!lling blow. Teddy worries over Cardo’s family upon learning that the authorities have failed to locate Marco.

Marco goes against his parents’ order and pushes through with his plan to hunt Cardo down. Along with his private army, Marco corners Vendetta and engages in a heavy shootout with the notorious group. Unfortunately, Vendetta loses some of its members while trying to escape from its pursuers.

Oscar is convinced that Vendetta is working with Homer’s group. Cardo and Alyana’s families, elsewhere, continue to keep mum about the couple’s whereabouts. Marco and his goons stop at nothing to exterminate Vendetta. Due to this, Cardo and his comrades do their utmost to prevent their group from losing another member.

Not long after, Vendetta corners its pursuers. Elsewhere, Andy convince Delfin that the notorious vigilantes are fighting for a noble cause. The Cabreras, on the other hand, are filled with guilt for putting Marco in jeopardy.


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