Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 369-373

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 369-373 Marco d!es in a bloody encounter with the Vendetta, Homer abducts Virgie to terrorise her

Marco goes against his parents’ order and pushes through with his plan to hunt Cardo down. Along with his private army, Marco corners Vendetta and engages in a heavy shootout with the notorious group. Unfortunately, Vendetta loses some of its members while trying to escape from its pursuers.

Oscar is convinced that Vendetta is working with Homer’s group. Cardo and Alyana’s families, elsewhere, continue to keep mum about the couple’s whereabouts. Marco and his goons stop at nothing to exterminate Vendetta. Due to this, Cardo and his comrades do their utmost to prevent their group from losing another member.

Not long after, Vendetta corners its pursuers. Elsewhere, Andy convince Delfin that the notorious vigilantes are fighting for a noble cause. The Cabreras, on the other hand, are filled with guilt for putting Marco in jeopardy. Cardo takes an enemy off his list after Marco’s deàth. Unknown to Cardo, the Cabreras vow to seek vengeance for their fallen l0ved one.

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Upon finding out about Marco’s deàth, Oscar issues an ultimatum to General Borja. Meanwhile, the battle-weary Vendetta arrive at George’s hometown to recover from their injuries. Despite owing their lives to Vendetta, Jerome and Rigor remain uneasy with being tied to the vigilante group they are ordered to hunt down.

Following Marco’s deàth, the authorities quest to hunt down Cardo and the Vendetta intensifies. The notorious group remains uneasy at the presence of Jerome and Rigor. Unbeknownst to them, Cardo’s former comrades are already in contact with Delfin. Elsewhere Lucas vows to avenge his son’s deàth. He then enlists Renato’s help to execute his vile plan against Cardo.

Lucas makes it his mission to make Cardo and Alyana pay for Marco’s deàth. To help Lucas achieve his goal, Renato instructs Homer to force Alyana’s family into revealing her whereabouts. After Marco’s deàth, Oscar realised that no one is safe from Vendetta. In hopes of protecting his family, Oscar urges Marissa to take their children and leave the country.

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Elsewhere, Vendetta manages to secure a hideout in George’s family home. Vendetta takes shelter in Melba and Efren’s home. Despite the old couple’s warm reception, the members of the notorious group remain worried over their safety in the presence of Jerome and Rigor.

Meanwhile, Delfin attends Marco’s wake and grills Lucas about his late son. Elsewhere, Teddy starts to worry about the safety of his and Flora’s families. Later, Lucas gains another determined ally in his quest to exterminate Cado and Vendetta.

Oscar reproaches Delfin for confronting Lucas regarding his connection to Renato and Homer. To his defense, Delfin claims that Lucas is the one to be blamed for Marco’s tragic fate. Marco’s lõved ones pay their final respect to him.

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Filled with grief , Lucas vows to do everything in his power to seek justice for his son’s deàth. Elsewhere, Vendetta’s new allies express their support for their noble cause.

Under direct orders from General Borja, Jerome and Rigor remain under Vendetta’s shadow to figure out the vigilante group’s next move. However, the two cops discover that they have overstayed the group’s welcome.

Soon after, tension rises as Ramil issues a stern warning to Jerome. Meanwhile, Homer decide to focus their efforts on Cardo’s family. Cardo tries to minimize  the tension between Ramil’s camp and Jerome and Rigor.

However, Cardo realises that the two sides will never come to terms as long as Vendetta remains on the wrong side of the law. Soon after, Bubbles makes a shocking revelation regarding Homer and Lucas. Gina continues to harass Flora and her family. Cardo and Vendetta grow restless upon learning that Homer is working for Renato and Lucas.

With the involvement of the Vice President, Vendetta starts to fear that President Oscar Hidalgo might also be in connivance with their deàdly rivals. As Vendetta tries to come up with a plan to attack, Jerome realises the information the group acquired is too important to keep confidential. Jerome then decide to contact General Borja, taking the risk of earning the vigilante group’s ire.

Elsewhere, Homer prepares his mission against Cardo’s family. Aware of the danger that comes with Cardo’s plan, Jerome and Rigor seek reinforcement to prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, Delfin pays the Arevalos a visit to reassure them of their safety following Virgie’s abduction.

Unbeknownst to the PNP Chief, his own family faces grave danger at the hands of Homer and his group. The Venom gets the perfect chance to attack when they find Cardo’s family unguarded. As the notorious group infiltrates their home, Flora and her family huddle in terror.


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