Viral Scandal Highlights Finale Episode 59-64

Viral Scandal Highlights Finale Episode 59-64 Jigs finally admits to his crimes after escape plan with his father fails, Bobby d!es while Alberto is stricken with stroke

Realising the mayor is coming in the way of Kyle’s investigation, Attorney Dizon confronts Troy when she discovers that Troy has been shielding all Alberto’s shenanigans to implicate Philip.

Troy says he regrets his actions since he was young and Alberto manipulated him to cover all his tracks but once he realised himself, he begins a charity work to cover for all the bad things he did in the past in the name of Alberto. Raven never relents her efforts in supporting the affirmative course when she discovers the opinion of Alberto and Bobby on the women agenda Rica and Ella are pushing.

Rica and Ella’s movement get celebrities to endorse and empower it on social media which sends shivers to the camp of the enemies. Since Alberto is using threats on the Fiscal, he thinks there is no cause for alarm.

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However, Raven and Audrey give the final blow when the mother and daughter team up to go against the family that they have always protected. When Bobby makes up his mind to burn the old laptop that contains the unedited video of Jigs and Rica’s affair, Audrey arrives in tears to woo Bobby.

Bobby falls for her seduction and she directs her daughter to secretly go for the laptop.
After pulling a fast one on Bobby, they fled with the laptop and uses another skillful tactics to escape the clutches of Bobby.

Troy presents the evidence to Attorney Dizon. The evidence becomes key to Rica’s case to prove that she is indeed rapéd. Rica then thanked Raven and Troy also thanked his wife for helping Rica out. Elsewhere, Jigs weeps for Raven and Audrey’s betrayal and begins to hurt himself for losing the only two special people in his life.

Audrey blames herself for Jigs’ behaviour after seeing all the red flags on how Bobby and Alberto raise him, she feels so sorry that Jigs was like her son but she couldn’t take full custody of him when his mother abandoned him to direct him on the right part to become a better person.

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Troy equally blames himself for not helping to raise Jigs but included him in his grudge against Bobby. He felt so bad for their negligence which made Jigs turned out who he is now. Rica and Raven reunite as sister’s and give eachother opportunity to know eachother well.

Alberto receives a shocking news which crumples his plans against the Sicats. This leaves Jigs and Bobby no choice than to escape from the police. However, Troy is a step ahead of them and the police are able to ambush the father and son before they will book their flight.

This time around Jigs cannot escape from his crimes, Jigs is arrested for the multiple charges against him while Bobby is arrested for obstruction of justice and abetment. After he cunningly gets his way out, Bobby cooks up a vile plan to get back at the mayor and Kyle.

Jigs finally get jailed, while Ella’s rape case versus him is already approved by the fiscal after waiting for a long time. As the developments in Rica’s ràpe and anti-voyeurism case continue, his boss-slash-boyfriend Kyle also relentlessly searches for answers behind the real cause of deàth of his father, Philip.

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After looking for contractor Joseph Laurena, the sole witness to the crime, his former partner approaches Kyle and hands to him the letter Joseph left that contains the answers to Kyle’s questions.

According to him, Philip didn’t commit suicide, Mayor Troy Ramones k!lled him during their supposed meeting that faithful day. Upon knowing this, Rica accosts her biological dad, who confirms that he’s actually in the Constantine building, but strongly denies that he had something to do with Philip’s tragic deàth.

He may not have killed Philip himself, yet he blames him for being the reason why Philip’s life and reputation got destroyed as he hid the anomalies done by his father, Alberto Ramones. Troy confronts his dad afterwards about this, but the latter insists that it was suicide and implied that he better be thankful as it also lessened the things they had to worry about.

Little did we know that the shocking revelations that were exposed that day serves as bad omen of the more appalling things that will happen that fateful evening.

Kyle suddenly loses his consciousness on his way out of a club where he was chilling with his friends, Axel and Chino. Apparently, his drink was spiked, just like what happened to Rica before. He then finds himself at the rooftop of the Constantine Building and sees Troy there as well, he is unknowingly holding a gun.

It is revealed that someone hit a hard object on his head while he was alone at his office. Meanwhile, what is supposed to be a cheery evening at the Sicat residences is filled with terror after Romeo, who used to be Kakay’s customer during her escort service days, goes to the house and holds Bea, Nico, and Pogs as hostages while Kakay and Dan are outside.

Shocked by their unexpected visitor, Dan attempts to save his family from him, but get shõt in the abdomen, which gives Romeo an opportunity to take Kakay away.

Fortunately, Realyn and their other neighbours are able to stop Romeo, this forced him to take Kakay back to their house. As Nico fails to topple the goon down from the back, Kakay tries with all her might to snatch the gun from Romeo, which almost shõt Bea if not for the agility of Dan, who is able to knock Romeo off his feet by kicking him while he was then lying bloody on the floor.

On the other hand, Bobby suddenly appears to tell Troy and Kyle that he is actually anticipating some action between the two, but that didn’t happen. He finally confessed that it was him who really k!lled Philip as his way of winning the favour of his dad, Alberto Ramones.

It ensues to a heated argument between Bobby and Troy and their struggle for the possession of the latter’s gun along with Kyle, after Bobby almost shõt Rica, who arrived on the scene with a wood in her hand. As he once again fails to accomplish his mission, Bobby pushes himself to death by letting himself fall off the building.

Fast forward to one year after the bloody Sidero tragedy, the lives of the remaining characters have changed and become better.

The Sicats are able to survive that horrible night as Dan is alive. Pogs efforts to win Bea’s heart pays off as she agrees to be his girlfriend.

Troy resigns as mayor of Sidero, while his nephew Jigs is still in jail. Alberto is still persistent to win his grandson’s case by compelling him to continue with the stories they’ve made up.

On the day of the hearing, Rica’s family, friends, boyfriend Kyle, colleagues in Balai Arkitektura, and other victims of Jigs are in full force in showing their support for her. Audrey finally expresses her opposition to her former father-in-law and apologise to Rica for all her wrongdoings.

As expected, Jigs continues to lie, which makes everyone in the courtroom emotional as they listen to his statements. However, his conscience has finally taken over him and he finally confesses that he indeed raped Rica, much to the surprise of Rica’s camp. This infuriates the Ramones patriarch, which triggers his heart attack.

Audrey and Kakay make amends, with the former even making an effort to bring to the Sicat residence the self-help books she bought for Rica in Paris, where she’s about to pursue a degree in fashion design. In return, Kakay expresses how happy and proud she is for her, and even hands her gift baskets.

After stepping down from the mayoral seat, it is revealed that Troy took the responsibility of taking good care of Alberto, who is suffering from a stroke. He even decides to manage their family’s chain of hotels and put up and work for charity, while being a father to his daughters Raven and Rica.

There’s seemingly something going between him and Attorney Laura Dizon based on their actions. The same goes to Raven and Axel, who have apparently developed feelings towards one another. Kakay and Dan have gone sweeter and more in lōve with each other as well as Kyle and Rica.


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