Brothers- Ang Probinsyano: The fall of Javier and Miguel and how Homer inherits the Enriquez’ wealth

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano: The fall of Javier and Miguel and how Homer inherits the Enriquez’ wealth

Javier Enriquez and his son Miguel were oppressors whose misdeeds were introduced in Brothers when Fernan, Ricardo Dalisay used lies to protect himself to prolong his stay in the camp of the Bloody Sun.

He told Domingo, founder of the r£bel group and his saviour, Romulo that he hails from San Isidro and came to hunt when he accidentally got shot and fell unconscious in the woods.

After his recovery, Father (Domingo) in the company of Tadpole and Earthworm decided to follow Fernan to his supposed house in San Isidro since he doubts and thinks Fernan is a SAF trooper owning the uniform with a name Dalisay. They reached Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, where they met Sebastian, the henchman of the Enriquez paid to secure their illegal mining and quarry site.

Sebastian disrespected Domingo and release his co-henchmen on them. He sh0t Father, Fernan then fight on behalf of Domingo to save him and the other two reb€ls to win the trust of the founder. The founder then approved Fernan’s membership to the group. Miguel discovered that some of his henchmen were k!lled by the Bloody Sun group and prepared themselves to meet the r£bels when the need arise.

Javier was informed about the incidence. Due to what the Enriquez did against Father, Romulo chose Homer and the guy also appointed his allies to launch an attack on the Enriquez. There, the two greedy men (Miguel and Homer) formed a bond after Homer took half a million from Miguel to spare his life and also confiscated their weapons.

Miguel now relied on Homer and his allies to carry out his shoddy works for him. With Homer’s help, he suppressed his workers and the town’s people who talk against their illegal acts. Miguel and Javier used Homer to threaten the Mayor of the area when he failed to renew their permit.

Their greediness, quest for power, vengeance and the manner they used violence to get what they wanted, made them become powerful and fearful.

Soon, the workers of the Enriquez suffered brutal murder one night when the bosses employed Homer to sh00t the workers. One woman who had a nightmare concerning her husband came to the quarry to find out the mass number of workers which Enriquez have murdered and were burying in one big pit, including her husband.

In terror the woman ran to the camp of the Bloody Sun to seek the help of Romulo to instill discipline in San Isidro while teaching the Enriquez a lesson to respect the people. Homer almost kept the woman from meeting Romulo since the Enriquez owed him for that mass k!lling job, however the favourite hero was there to introduce the woman to the group leaders.

Romulo and his men launched an attack on the Enriquez. Homer who was asked to stay in the camp to watch over the hostages planned with his men to go for their money for the unpaid job before Romulo reached the mining site. As Romulo, Fernan and the rest of the Bloody Sun members were fighting, Homer was demanding his money.

The fight got intense and Homer tricked the Enriquez to save their lives while he put his life on the line for them due to how helpful the Enriquez have been to him. The Enriquez left the office to run but Romulo and Fernan did not allow them to escape. They engaged them in guπ battle, as they lost all their protectors the battle turned into combat.

When the Enriquez were fighting for their lives, Homer and his men broke their safe and made away with their fortune, however, Sebastian bumped into Homer who was holding some bags with his men and Homer tricked him as well only to k!ll Sebastian and make away with the Enriquez’ wealth.

The fight was now left between Javier and Romulo and Fernan versus Miguel. They fought hard, when Javier was about to get rid of Romulo, Fernan threw a knife from quite a distance which Romulo caught in a jump to thrust inside stomach of Javier. Miguel took advantage of the disruption to reach out for his g√n but Romulo saw it and quickly threw a g√n to Cardo and he caught it from the air to finish off Miguel.

Although, Bloody Sun lost quite a number of people but with Romulo and Fernan fighting hand in hand with different principles and fighting techniques they defeated the San Isidro oppressors and instill peace and discipline in the place. This made the Bloody Sun earned the respect of the the people to cover up for them.


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