The Stepdaughters Episode 10

The Stepdaughters Episode 10 Luisa accepts Hernan’s proposal, Francis in loggerhead with Mayumi for ratting Isabelle out

Luisa was sleeping and had a dream about Mario who assured her of his l0ve to her but advised her to move on. He said the time has come for her to carry on with her life. Luisa told Mum Baby about her dream and the latter assumed that Mario has approved the relationship between her and Hernan.

Luisa did not agree and decided to look for a sign indicating that Mario has accepted for her to be with Hernan. The sign was a flower that Mario always gave her but there was not any. Hernan waited for Luisa at the restaurant but she did not show up.

He paid the bill and was ready to leave when he bumped into Luisa outside the restaurant. Luisa was about to decline his proposal but she saw the flower Hernan brought which was the sign she has been looking and waiting for. She therefore agreed to be with him with no second thought since she had gotten the green sign to go with him.

At work, Mayumi overheard colleagues talking about her sabotaged project. Marigold, the girl Isabelle hired to commit the crime told her friends that someone paid her to do it. Mayumi walked out from the washroom and threatened to report them if they failed to tell her the person behind the crime. Marigold therefore confessed that Isabelle made her to do it.

Isabelle went out to have her car cleaned, Mayumi followed her and confronted her for sabotaging her project. They began to fight and Isabelle doused Mayumi with water. Mayumi retaliated by throwing a bucket of dirty water on Isabelle. They slapped and pulled each other’s hair until the workers at the car wash went to stop them from fighting.

Mayumi told Francis that Isabelle was the one who sabotaged her project. She was upset to learn that Francis knew about it all along but kept his silence. Francis defended himself by saying he was caught in the middle, since Isabelle was his friend and was also the supervisor of Mayumi so he chose to find a solution that worked for everyone.

He decided not to rat Isabelle out, in return she would give Mayumi back her job, which he claimed to be a win-win situation for everyone. He pleaded with Mayumi not to reveal the deeds of Isabelle so that there would be no trouble among them which Mayumi agreed.

However, when Mayumi got home, she told Luisa about what Isabelle did against her. Unknown to Mayumi, Hernan was in the bathroom and overheard everything. He was upset about his daughter’s behaviour and promised to deal with Isabelle. Mayumi became worried due to her agreement with Francis.

She therefore asked Luisa to stop Hernan from visiting their house as that would create a rift between her and Isabelle. The next morning, Hernan queried Isabelle about the sabotage incidence and she did not deny it. She said that she wanted to get rid of Mayumi and Hernan asked her to try to get along with her. Isabelle refused to do it since there was no reason to.

Later, Isabelle asked Francis if he was the one who told Hernan about her little secret. Francis denied it and they both figured it was Mayumi. Isabelle wanted to confront her but Francis said he would be the one to talk to her. When Francis spoke to Mayumi, she explained that Hernan overheard her conversation with Luisa. She later offered some noodles as peace offering but Francis refused to take it.

Hernan had lunch with the staff and he brought the food that Luisa prepared for him. He offered it to others to taste and Mayumi recognised it as her mother’s recipe. Hernan said Luisa sold the food to him so Mayumi called her mother to enquire from her if she had started selling food. Luisa said she just prepared it for Hernan.

Later, Luisa called Hernan and asked him out for dinner so that they could finally reveal their relationship to Mayumi. As Hernan prepared to go out, Daphne noticed that he was dressing up and trying to look good for someone. She informed Isabelle that her father was seeing someone.

Isabelle made Daphne follow him in order to see the person Hernan was dating. Daphne followed Hernan’s car but lost him at a red light. She called Isabelle who happened to be on the same route and she decided to follow Hernan instead.


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