Now and Forever Episode 42

Now and Forever Episode 42 Oliver proposes to Eva 

Stella admitted that Roxanne was Rodrigo’s daughter. Carmen however told Inno that what Rebecca said about them trying to kill Rodrigo’s daughter was not true. Inno then decided to leave.

Oliver apologised to Eva for what happened at Rebecca’s party. He invited her out for a drink to unwind but Eva declined. She asked him if he would go and see how his family was doing but Oliver said he did not want to be involved in their problems.

He wanted to go for a drink but Eva asked him to go home and rest instead of getting drunk.
Eva went home with her family at Gintong Pagasa. Rosa said she was glad Eva turned out not to be Rebecca’s daughter because she too would have been involved in the mess with the Cortes family.

When they went to sleep, Eva had a dream about the night she fled San Nicholas and saw Mia telling her to escape on a boat. She woke up and Inno called to say he was outside.

Eva told Inno about her dream and said that it felt more real than the dreams she previously had. Inno suggested that they return to San Nicholas to see if Eva would remember more. Eva agreed but asked Inno to deal with his family problems first.

Eva talked to Rosa and Abel about her dream and her plans of going back to San Nicholas. Abel however said it would be dangerous for her to go there if the dream she had was true.

Rosa told Eva that she was already living a peaceful life and she should not look for trouble.

Rebecca packed everything and told Roxanne that they were going to move to Macau to stay away from the Cortes. Roxanne however said she wanted to reclaim what the Cortes took from them.

The following day, Roxanne and Rebecca met with the Cortes: Stella, Hernan, Carmen and Inno. Stella wanted to know why Oliver was not there and Inno said he tried to call him but he did not answer.

They continued on with the meeting and Carmen said she would not give up the Cortes wealth because she was Julian’s rightful heir.


Roxanne however said they could do it if they proved that the the Cortes tried to kill the rightful heir.

She went on to demand that they give up Cortes Jewellery, the Nostalgia and leave the company in order for her not to send them to jail. She also asked to have Inno return to work at Cortes.

After Roxanne and Rebecca left, Carmen begged Inno to return to Cortes Jewellery like Roxanne wanted. Inno asked her if it meant what Rebecca and Roxanne were accusing them of was true.

Carmen denied it and said that she did not do anything wrong. She however did not want to lose everything they had worked for or go to prison.

Rebecca suggested to Roxanne that they give the Cortes wealth to charity and Roxanne instantly refused. She tried to explain that they needed the money to get back at the Cortes for what they did.

Oliver invited Eva out for a date and asked her to be his girlfriend. He told her she was his “why,” why he wanted to become a better person and berated himself for not realising his feelings for her sooner.

Eva however turned him down and said they were better off as friends. Oliver said he would not give up on her but Eva asked him not to get his hopes up.

Oliver also told her about the Saavedra deal and said it would help her brand. He thought her deal with Inno would not turn out well since they didn’t have enough capital to build their company and Eva said she would talk about it with Inno.

Stella met with Roxanne and confronted her for deviating from their plan. Roxanne told her to thank her instead since Rebecca was going to give away all their money to charity and leave them with nothing. She also warned Stella against second-guessing her as she needed her.

Inno went to see Eva in the evening and they decided to put their project on hold. Inno had to return to work at Cortes so Eva said she would accept Saavedra’s offer.

Rebecca reasoned out with Mariel’s help about where the necklace, the one Roxanne had came from. She wanted to find evidence against Stella and concluded that the necklace must have come from San Nicholas since it surfaced around the time she and Eva went to San Nicholas.

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Inno went to see Oliver to ask him to return home, saying the family needed him. Oliver said they were the ones who abandoned him first and refused to go with him.

Inno called him selfish because he only thought about himself and left.


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