Irreplaceable Episode 34

Irreplaceable Episode 34 Franco k!lls Araceli before her confession at a press conference, Nestor shows up at Araceli’s funeral to carry out his revenge

Celine called her mother to know how things were at the Hernandez mansion. Linda said everything was okay and she made the nurse who took a place go for her to look after Lester and Arnold who were left in the house. She regretted to have resigned from her post, she said she really missed Lester and Arnold irrespective of what their family did against them.

Celine said she wanted to watch the press conference and told her that they would talk later. At the Press conference, the journalists asked General Chavez if he was not scared since he was seen as a close friends with the Hernandezes. He said his plate was clean and he did not care about what anyone would say.

He was even happy with the press conference as he believed that would even clear his name. Emman was called inside for the journalists to ask him questions on having the possible person who masterminded the deàth of his son and wanted to know what he has to say to her. Araceli interjected that she had nothing to do with Emman and Celine’s son.

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She also said her children had a clean conscience and they knew not about her involvement with the syndicate. Araceli pleaded with the press and the people not to drag her children in the mess she created since they had no hand in it. She claimed that the children her syndicate kidnapped were those who did not have good parenting, their lives were wasted so she rather used them to keep those who were important alive.

She urged the public to see the light of the entire story that many lives were saves due to her job and stressed that she might not be seen as right. Actually, she did not do that to be proven as right or to please others, she did what she had to do to save others. Araceli admitted she has to name those who she was involved with because they were right to think she was not alone in the work.

However, when she was about to give out the names, Franco who had posing off as a camera man shõt her right through her chest and she d!Ed instantly while Franco was on the ran. Emman ran after him while the NIA agents followed. Amelia and Anton rushed to see their mother who head was on the table. Amelia checked and she was deàd. She wept bitterly for her lost and Anton swore to make Araceli’s k!ller pay.

Franco was caught by Emman as he surrendered his gün a bus which was there for Franco knocked down Emman and Franco successfully escaped. Sam went to Emman’s rescue. Leo had already had alerted for ambulance to be called and she was transported to the morgue. Anton and Amelia mourned her while Emman was also admitted. The doctor said he broke nothing and his vital signs were all stable.

Caloy got there to say he wouldn’t forgive himself if something bad had happened to Emman. Nick wondered why he was talking like that and he said that was because he had a fight with him. Bernie advised him not to fight with Emman because of a woman because they were practically siblings.

In the house, Amelia caressed the dress of her mother and recalled when she told her she was proud of her and made her as her replacement when she resigned. Colonel Manzano and General Chavez kept reviewing the footage but they could not see anything. Chavez off it in anguish to begin his whining that the NIA had made the public seen them as mockery for the woman to be k!lled right inside the NIA office.

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He said the günman came without anyone noticing. Gabo assured that the NIA was still on top of the investigation and would review all the necessary footage to find the günman. Linda brought food for Amelia and told her to eat. Amelia asked of Lester and Linda said he was fine. Linda voiced out  that she was supposed to be upset with her family, yet she lõved them all and couldn’t.

She lõved Araceli and asked Amelia if that dress was the one Araceli would wear. Amelia said yes and she thanked Linda for still lõving them. Linda asked whether they have any suspect in mind and she said none at the moment. Samantha together with Marcelo and others watched the outside footage and saw that the culprit posed off as a journalist. Sam demanded for them to get all the footage from outside.

During the funeral of Araceli, Amelia called Leo to blame him for the deàth of her mother. She said Leo failed to protect her mother and he made her mother d!e unjustly. Leo denied her allegations and promised to find the culprit. Amelia said she was blaming him because if they had stocked to their initial plan her mother wouldn’t be deàd. She told Leo to admit that he was scared that her mother would single out his name.

Arnold was hounded outside by some crop of reporters and he told them that they did not have any information on those who k!lled his mother. They were still waiting for the police report. Anton saw how the reporters were worrying Arnold and he went there to ask for respect because they knew nothing.

The reporters were still on their tail so Amelia stormed there to remind them that they were mourning for their loss and irrespective of how bad a person was, the person deserved some form of respect. She made it clear to them that they knew nothing about the syndicate and a that they were asking was a little respect and space to mourn their deceased.

Celine watched the live broadcast and Emman also watched it too on his sick bed. He promised not to let them slip away from his watch list. He would expose their involvement in the deàth of Robbie. Anton told his sister that their lives would be at risk if one of their partners got their mother k!lled. Amelia said as far as they were concerned, they were innocent and would clear everything up for their partners to believe in them again.

General Chavez was summoned by his superior and he went to answer questions on why under his watch a günman was able to k!ll their key suspect. General Chavez said they were doing everything possible to find the culprit. His superior asked him the number of months he had been handling that investigation. He asked whether it would take a year for him to be done and he said no.

The superior said he was glad that they were on the same path. He told him to consider his words as warning since their reputations were on the line so he should ramp the investigation up. Celine went to the funeral to offer her support and condolence. Amelia was upset to see Celine and she walked out. Celine spoke with Anton and the latter said he knew his mother needed to pay for the crime she committed but she needed not to d!e.

Celine said she needed not to d!e in that manner and that person should pay for it. Later, Amelia told Anton that she did not know if she was doing the right thing by making Linda stay with them. Anton said it was good that way so that everything could go back to normal. Amelia said that was not normal because she was sure Celine and Linda still suspected them.

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Anton said she has said Lester had been asking about Linda and for them to clear their suspicions, he advised Celine to give in to the biopsy. Amelia said that would not be possible because she was thinking of gaining justice for Araceli not to please Celine. Celine went to the A Hernandez to request to return to post.

She heard many nurses had resigned and if care was boy taken the A. Hernandez Hospital would soon be closedown. She said she did not want that to happen especially now that the Hernandezes were trying to clear their name. She also said she and Anton had patched things up, reason she wanted to help them.

A nurse said that would make the public utilise the facility again. The Chavezes arrived at the funeral to throw their support for Amelia in her trying times. Elsewhere, Emman was discharged and Sam went for him and wheeled him out since the doctor said Emman should not engage in any physical activity, though he did not break any bone.

He asked Sam whether there was any lead and she said no lead yet. Even the van which hit him, they covered the number plate for the CCTV not to capture. Nestor showed his face at the chapel but did not make Amelia notice his presence. He was stark outside with a plan on his mind to execute.


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