Irreplaceable Episode 33

Irreplaceable Episode 33 Celine catches Emman and Sam in the act, Araceli advises her children ahead of her press conference to name her accomplices

At the party, Clarissa apologised to Amelia for the events that went on at the celebration. Amelia saw no need for that since such events could not be anticipated. She said all the attendees talked about them since her family was associated with hers. Clarissa told her not to mind them and Leo also apologised.

Nick was also spying on them. Emman was upset that Celine stubbornly kept doing what she wanted. Sam believed she was doing that for Robbie but Emman said she was doing it for Anton. He said what Celine felt for Anton was not right. Anton kept lying to her face but she kept forgiving him.

He did not know why Celine could not reciprocate his lõve. That hurt Sam because she understood how one sided lõve worked. She cried that Emman should lõve her too. Emman said they had talked about that but Sam said she wanted him to lōve her and began k!ssing him.

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Celine arrived at the scene to watch them. When Emman turned his eyes, he saw Celine and ran after her. Celine told him to stop talking to her because she now knew why Emman did not want to believe that Robbie was still alive. Emman said of course he cared about his son but all the evidences proved that he was not alive.

Celine insisted that Emman had moved on. She was not ready to give ears to what Emman had to say. She asked Emman when did his affair with Sam began. Sam stepped in to query her on her reason she has gotten upset while she left Emman. Sam made it clear that during all those times that Celine left Emman, she has been with him through thick and thin.

Emman tried to stop Sam but Sam said she was equally involved in the issue. She did not understand why she was upset and asked her if weren’t for Robbie wouldn’t she be married to Anton. Celine kept asking when their affair started. She insisted that what they were doing was dirty that was the reason they kept their affair in the dark.

Sam told her it did not matter because she already had Anton. Celine walked out and Emman followed her. She did not allow him to talk and left in her car while Sam shed tears. Sam apologised to Emman but she said she had to let Celine know what she was feeling. She said Celine had no right to make her think that she was a mistress. Emman admitted that it wasn’t her fault and she had good intentions.

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Linda understood Emman and told Celine that between her and Emman, she moved on quickly from Emman. However, Emman had the right to choice who to lōve so did she. Celine said she knew it that was why she accepted her mistakes and went back to him only for her to discover that he has moved on. She said she did not know for how long they have been deceiving her.

At least she did not keep her relationship with Anton as secret which meant that they knew they were doing something bad. Linda asked her if she only wanted Emman’s help or she was hoping to get back together with him, the reason she was upset when she found him with Sam.

In the mansion of the Chavez, Clarissa was worried that after Araceli got Amelia off the hook, still the media were still on their back. She saw a viral video of her husband and Leo left the coffee she served him to demand to see the video. Clarissa did not want him to get bothered by the video.

Sam at the office tried hard to convince herself that she was not the reason for Emman and Celine’s fight. In fact, she did the right thing to let her know her stance for her to pull back from Emman.

Marcelo got there to tell her about Araceli making her lawyer to take video of her and requested for them to mute the CCTV.  Marcelo was interested in what Araceli said and was quite sure that she made that video for her accomplices. However, Sam said the woman deserved her privacy so he did the right thing to mute the CCTV.

Emman also told Caloy that Celine  caught Sam k!ssing him. Caloy knew Celine would be upset since Emman had been telling her about him still lõving her. Caloy believed Sam did that on purpose and told Emman that though he knew he was not interested in Sam, yet, he was so close to her. In a club, Arnold got into a fight with some of the people who came there and called him the son of the k!ller.

He was thrown out from the club. In the prison, Nestor’s friends told each other what they would do after they were released. Nestor said once he was released, he would make all those who were responsible for his locked up pay. Bernie came to show Emman the video of Chavez. Bernie said that could be an evidence but Nick told him to stay away from the issue.

Emman saw the different side of Chavez with how he was fighting in the viral video. He was glad that he did not let his guards down whenever he was around him. Amelia called General Chavez to congratulate him for his viral video. Chavez said that video could not be used against him.

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They decided to meet up. After she hang up, Amelia saw Celine. She was there to request her to give her permission to conduct a DNA test on Lester’s heart to prove that her son’s heart was not the one beating in the chest of Lester.

Amelia refused since that would put her son at risk. Celine objected that Lester was completely fine and has fully recovered so that DNA samples would do him no harm. Amelia questioned Celine who she was to know what and what won’t put Lester at risk. Celine said that was the last time she would ask anything if she allowed her to do that.

Amelia said Celine was crossing the line. She almost picked up a fight with her. Anton showed up to separate the fight. He promised Celine that he would help her out but she should also understand Amelia that she was scared for her son. Sam called Emman to remind him of Araceli’s press conference. Arnold went to NIA to see his mother to apologise to her for abandoning her.

Later, Araceli told Amelia and Anton that she would do what the NIA wanted her to do but they should watch out for each other irrespective of what would happen to her. Elsewhere, Celine told her plans to her mother and needed her help. She told Linda that she would make Anton believe that she was no longer suspecting them to draw closer.

She planned to use the lōve Anton had for her to fish out all the information she needed. In so doing, Linda went to talk to Arnold to make him believe that she has forgiven Araceli. Anton told Amelia to allow Celine to carry out the DNA test. Amelia could not believe that he was still thinking about Celine while they did not know what  their mother was up to.

Anton wondered the names she would be listing and told Amelia that they should be prepared for anything. General Chavez was in foul mood and lashed out at his secretary. While he was watching a suspicious content on his laptop, Nick also told Emman that the General was upset again and he was sure the viral video was another reason for his act.

Emman advised his father to quit his job if Chavez was actually involved in it but Nick said it would be better for him to be closer to General Chavez if he was guilty so that he would serve as a mole to inform Emman on all his movement.

Marcelo saw what Araceli intended doing as a mere delay tactics to escape but Sam said they would not allow it. They have tightened the security so it would be impossible for her to flee. The DNS security were also on high alert. As Araceli was ushered in, Franco was also getting his ammunition ready.

General Chavez came down to inform Araceli that they had ten minutes for the press conference to kickstart. He also reminded her to name those who were her accomplices. Amelia came there and asked for permission to talk to her mother which was granted. Araceli told her children how much she lõved them and advised them to stay united.


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