Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 411

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 411 Marquez is told the real incident leading to Terante’s deàth after Hipolito sets private investigators to probe into the case, Adonis addresses the media to expose Albert and the Cabreras

In the house, the Vendetta prepared for the night patrol to find those who had been stealing papaya from the family who reported. Jerome was confident that the thief would return to the place since he knew no one would catch him.

Irrespective, Alyana cautioned the Vendetta to be careful in their mission and should opt for solving the matter amicably when the culprits were caught.

Renato was in charge of the investigation to find the actual incident that to the deàth of Alejandro Terante. He went to Camp Crame to give orders to some group of police officers who Cabrera had complete belief in due to their hardwork. He charged them to do everything possible to find the details of Terante’s deàth and report it to him.

Moved by events, Teddy called an officer to seek his help in finding his abducted wife who he believed Cabrera was responsible for her abduction. Virgie, on the other hand, introduced herself to her  cell mates who were arrested because they were against Lucas.

Virgie told them that her husband was a journalist who had been writing about the ills of President Cabrera and she believed she was there due to her husband. The rest made her aware that they were in similar situation with her.

General Olegario took a break and was thinking, Romulo got there to have a chat with her to know her future plans. After losing her husband and son, Diana said there was no life to get back to. Romulo said so did he. He asked Diana to know if she would go back to her post, Diana was not sure.

The guys were ready so Romulo left for patrolling with an intention of returning later for them to talk more. Gapon strengthened his friendship with Diego to push him to bring Baldo and Javier to shape. Diego saw Javier who was the youngest as greedy and did not want him to come in between his plans.

Señor Gustavo told Tyson that Madonna was even getting impatient that the commencement of the work was slowing down. Tyson said his friends had recruited good number of men and some were guarding the mining site. Señor Gustavo iñsultëd Tyson for making them guard a place where there was no work on going.

However, Tyson said Baldo and his men were recruiting more mining workers and the work would commerce the next day. Gustavo said if it did not happen like how he said he would cage and lock him up for him to rot in there.

During the middle of the night, the thieves who had been regularly stealing papaya went to their job post plucked the pears and were escaping with them after their shirts were full with the papaya. As the sayings goes, hundred days for the thief, one day for the master, their luck ran out this time.

A portion of the Vendetta saw them and called them out. Quickly they left the pears on the floor and fled only to bump into another portion of the patrol men. They tried to resist their arrest so the Vendetta caned them well and sent them to the town’s office for questioning and proper punishment.

Marsing did not see them as familiar people. With bruised face, they voiced out that they came from Santo Mathias, a far away town from Sto Niño. Cardo was not surprised since most of the thieves always came from far place to steal and return to their place uncaught.

Marsing felt sorry that Sto Niño was not a big place and the people there were not that rich and wondered why the thieves could do such a thing to them. Counselor Marsing planned to detain them and transfer them to the town’s jail, they begged.

Teddy sent JP to see Jonathan in order to keep them safe. JP was worried that they would not see Virgie again but Teddy told him to have faith because he was not backing down from the fight. Lucas told Damien and Brandon that he would use Virgie to compel Teddy to bring Vendetta. Damien asked what if the Vendetta managed to save Virgie just like they did with Delfin.

Lucas indicated that such a thing would not repeat itself because they were holding Virgie at a different detention facility from Borja’s own. JP wished they knew the whereabouts of the Vendetta to seek their help in getting Virgie out. However, Teddy has an ace under his sleeves. It was morning already in Sto Niño. Romulo woke to stare at Diana. Diana then woke up and asked Romulo if he had been up for long.

He answered no and told Diana that she was looking beautiful even just a morning that she woke up. Diana saw the complement as flattery. The two decided to go fishing later in day. While Alyana was asleep, Cardo did the washing and went to bath. Alyana was still asleep. He admired her and even went ahead to cook. Bubbles woke up and went straight to admire Jerome and got her lips close to Jerome.

Aubrey woke up to ask her what she was doing and she claimed she was admiring Jerome and could not wake him up. She kept her act and Aubrey asked her why she was doing that and she said she was smelling him and even though he had not brushed his teeth, his mouth still smelt so fresh. Aubrey laughed and Jerome woke to ask Bubbles what she was doing. Bubbles lied that she was just waking him up but he was still fast asleep.

Rigor interjected that she was k!ssing him and he saw it. Bubbles put up an attitude and told them to wake up while she walked out. Ramil told Jerome that they all saw what Bubbles did and advised him to pursue her already. He asked whether he did not like Bubbles and Jerome said he did not know her that much.

General Borja said Bubbles was pretty, tall and has all the looks as Miss Universe so there was no time to waste. Rigor said if he was in his shoes he would have proposed before someone beat him to it. Oscar indicated that despite what Bubbles had been through in life she was still a good person and was pretty. He advised Jerome to court her to know her better.

Alyana hearing the scent of the fish that Cardo fried woke up. She asked Cardo why he woke up so early. Cardo said he had not been of help to her lately so he tried to make up. He has washed, fetched water, and was even preparing breakfast. Alyana told him that he should not have done that because it was the wife’s responsibility to take care of their husbands.

She told Cardo that he was the loveliest husband and Cardo said she should go and bath while he see to it that the food was cooked. After cooking, they sent the food to the breakfast table and found Romulo drinking with Diana. Alyana asked if they were disturbing and they said no. Cardo realised that Romulo was acting different that morning.

He began to give him a sign. Alyana laughed, Bubbles and the rest of the Vendetta came. Bubbles action made the guys tease Jerome again. Cardo told Jerome that he could see he was acting differently that morning and gave him a sign. The Vendetta decided not to go patrolling on that day just to clean the house and maintain the place.

Marsing was asked about the prisoners and he said they were detained at the town’s hall and the four of them would later be transferred to the town’s jail. Javier fought with Diego and Gapon was there to separate the fight. He told Diego that Javier was no match for him so he should not have wasted his time on him. Baldo in a private talk with his kid brother asked why he was fighting Diego. Javier said it was because he did not trust him.

The two schemed up to get rid of Diego and Gapon once they make money from the mining. The two brothers decided to go to Santo Clemento and Santo Jose to recruit. At Camp Crame, one officer came to inform Marquez that before Terante’s deàth, Hipolito was the one he agreed to meet to talk about the mining but Terante doubted Hipolito’s intentions so he went there with his private army.

If Marquez understood well, it meant that Hipolito rather k!lled Terante and was pinning the blame on the Vendetta. The other officer who gave out the information was sure that Cabrera had a hand in it. Since they now did not know their real enemies, whether Cabrera or Hipolito so they decided to be cautious and more careful. The righteous officers did not know whether to celebrate or to cry about the deàth of Terante. They said the man sent to his grave lots of information.

They now lost hopes in finding where Guzman and his two colleagues were detained. One told them about Teddy’s report on his missing wife. They made a decision to check files to know where she was kept. Jonathan sent Teddy and JP to a place where he and Teddy started. He complemented Teddy’s writing skills.

At the City Hall, Margie told Adonis about the presence of the journalists. She spoke about her return to the office after her resignation since she thought he was corrupt. As the Mayor was going to address the media, Margie realised she had lots of bodyguards and Dons told her that he did it for her and her siblings since she was the one whose life was threatened.

In the cafeteria, Wally was impressed that Shirline stayed solidly behind her sister and not leaving with Denise as they were told. When Pating and colleague who were finishing off the food that Gina was selling turned their eyes to watch them, they pretended not to have seen them.

The Mayor said after 10 years of being in office and serving with integrity, along the line, he gave in to fears and due to his action an innocent man was suffering. He begged Mr Nickanor and asked for his forgiveness because he did not blackmail Brandon Cabrera.

Lucas and Brandon were stunned seeing the live broadcast. The Vice President who was in a car was also surprised to hear Adonis saying he would now confess what really happened for him to retract his earlier statement against Brandon.


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