Rhodora X Episode 22

Rhodora X Episode 22 Rowena unveils herself in the embattled body of Rhodora following her confession at Angela’s funeral, Rhodora hospitalised over beating she suffered in jail

Rhodora rushed to the kitchen for a knife struggling hard with Roxanne to stãb herself to end it all. Lourdes was amazed and cried out to stop her but Rhodora refused to heed to her advice and asked her mother for forgiveness. Derick appeared in the scene and strived hard to get the kñife from her hands.

She was rushed to the hospital and once she was calming down, she confessed to her family that she knew the one who k!lled Tricia. She said Angela was framed for the crime Roxanne committed. Roxanne asked whether now she was the one who k!lled Tricia, they did. Lourdes was surprised seeing her daughter battling her ownself with bitter and calm speech.

She wondered what was happening to her. She anxiously asked her who was Roxanne and Rhodora said Roxanne was living inside her. She said Roxanne was her alter and according to Dr Vivian Bautista, she was suffering from Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID).

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The female doctor seek help from the male doctor friend of Dr Bautista, his name was Ferdinand “Ferds” Salazar, as the female doctor was explaining the parents said the patient thought she was a different person and believed it could be bipolar or schizophrenic. Realising the name of the patient was Rhodora Ferrer, Ferds said she was rather suffering from DID.

Lourdes was scared that Rhodora might be possessed but Derick felt that she wanted to get herself off the hook. He believed she k!lled Tricia and was using Roxanne to justify her action. Lourdes was upset with what Derick was saying. He was not thinking about the welfare of their daughter but making assumptions.

Later, Ferds came to see the patient and explained to the Ferrers that due to Rhodora’s traumatic past, she has developed an alter who she unconsciously used to manage her trauma whenever she was sad or having emotional stress or nervous broke down.
After knowing the truth, Derick told Lourdes that it was time to clear Angela’s name but Lourdes did not want them to tell on Rhodora.

She saw no use for that since Angela was already deàd and who they have was Rhodora so they have to help her recover. Derick said the memories of Angela was still fresh on his mind and they had to protect her integrity. Later, Dr Ferds went to see Rhodora and introduced himself to her as her new doctor. He said he was also the friend of Dr Bautista.

Roxanne said he was her new doctor and he has tied him up to the bed while Dr Bautista never tied her up. Ferds said he did that because she was acting so aggressively that was why. Roxanne said it was not her, she actually saved Rhodora because she wanted to k!ll herself that was why she had to fight her to stop.

Understanding that she actually helped Rhodora, Ferds decided to untie her but made her promise that she would not do anything funny. She promised when he untied her, Roxanne quickly was about to flee and Ferds held her and shout for the nurse to come and they untied her again. Joaquin also went to the house to find Pia with Jenna but was not allowed to be with his daughter.

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Soon, the Ferrers were informed by Rhodora’s action. Lourdes apologised for her daughter’s act. Derick was sure Roxanne did that not Rhodora. Irrespective of who she was, Loud said they had to support her and kept on begging Ferds. Ferds said it was nothing, it was just his first day with her and he had to work to win his patient’s trust.

The doctor said she has to be supported and it was on in her best interest to stay in the hospital for him to keep her under observation. He explained from what he has seen that Roxanne was violent and hard to be controlled contrary to the host actual persona. For Rhodora she was suicidal so she had to be remained at the hospital for her to be treated.

As the Ferrers prepared for Angela’s funeral and were at the Chapel, Roxanne pulled a fast one on a nurse to make him untie her with an excuse that she wanted to use the washroom. She hit the nurse with an object and fled. Meanwhile, at the chapel a mass was held for Angela when Joaquin suddenly showed up to demand for his right to be part of Jenna’s life.

This led Derick to engage in battle with him. Suddenly, Roxanne appeared at the funeral, demanding for Jenna. Joaquin was also seeking her help to be part of his daughter’s life. She suddenly had an episode and her mother asked her what she was doing there. Derick asked why she escaped and she said she could not do that it was Roxanne.

She did not even know where she was and Derick said she was at the chapel. Roxanne fought her and Rhodora stood on her grounds and began to confess that she k!lled Tricia and framed Angela. Roxanne fought Rhodora for telling on her. Rhodora said she did k!ll Tricia and Angela was innocent. She told Roxanne that what she did was wrong, Angela was innocent. The guests were surprised to witness that.

As Lourdes was pleading with the police not to take her daughter’s words literary, Roxanne kept battling Rhodora much to Joaquin’s surprise and wondered what was going on with Rhodora. Roxanne became more aggressive and suddenly her mood swung and she began to scream. Lourdes was so worried by her daughter’s behaviour and kept calling her Rhodora, asking what was wrong.

Rhodora now began singing her favourite lullaby, much to everyone’s surprise and began acting childishly, her family asked what was wrong with her, both Derick and Lourdes were very much afraid and called her name but she claimed she was not Rhodora. Derick asked anxiously where Rhodora went and she said she was Rowenna and Roxanne was not allowing Rhodora to come out.

After her confession, Rhodora was sent to the precinct for questioning and the case of Angela was reopened. Lourdes tried to explain to the officer about her daughter’s mental state but the police detained her. Rhodora was not bothered, she kept telling Lourdes that she had to take responsibility for the crime because she k!lled Tricia and had to face the punishment.

She was sent behind bars and Lourdes kept crying and promised to do everything possible to get her out from there. She told her that Derick had spoken with the attorney and she would be there soon. Their time was up to leave the place and Lourdes kept telling Derick that Rhodora could not survive there.

The cell mates began to pressure Rhodora. They made Roxanne to possess her body to fight back. she began to act up and the mates said she was making noise and began to attack her. Rowena said she was only singing and if they keep acting that way she would tell her father. They asked her whether she was a child and they attacked her.

In defending herself, her mood swings back to Roxanna and fought them. The women seeing they would be defeated, now attacked her in their numbers and she got defeated. At home, Derick told Lourdes that he thought he would be able to stand it if Rhodora was taken but seeing the police sending her to the precinct, he felt so sad.

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He cried that he could not stand it that their only remaining daughter be taken away from them. He promised to get her out. Rhodora was hospitalised after the inmates beat her till she collapsed. Lourdes and Derick went to the health facility to see Rhodora with bruised face. She was worried about her but Rhodora told her mother not to worry she would be fine and was ready to face everything.

Lourdes told Dr Ferds that he said Rhodora was possessed by only Roxanne but the last time she introduced herself to them as Rowena and Ferds said a patient suffering from DID could have multiple alters depending on the state she found herself and the stress level so they could not be two alters, they could be more.

Lourdes asked whether her daughter would be fine and Ferds said with the right treatment she would recover. Elsewhere, Joaquin explained Rhodora’s multiple identity swings to Santi explained that Rhodora might be sick with Disassociative Identity Disorder. Joaquin believed she could be the Roxanne he saw in a bar but Santi said they could not be sure of that.

Ferds asked Rhodora how she was faring and she said she was fine. Ferds said he was told she confessed to k!lling Tricia and asked her how Roxanne took it and she told the doctor that Roxanne was upset with her. Roxanne interjected that she had to be upset because she wasted everything that she worked so hard for it for them

Rhodora said she hurt lots of people including her sister, Angela. Roxanne called her weakling and she told on her so she had to be upset. Joaquin told Santi that he was worried that Rhodora could get arrested and wondered what might happen to their child. Cita arrived to ask what child he was talking about.


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