Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 434

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 434 Gustavo gains evidence of Madonna and Gascon’s dirty affair, Cardo sends spies to the mining site

Diana told Bubbles to stay close to her while they were escaping but Homer caught them off guard and dragged Bubbles by her hair. Baffled by Diana’s slimy ways, Hipolito clapped and commended Diana’s fighting spirit, reason he liked her. He, however, made it clear that she would not win just like Vendetta.

Due to her gün wound, Diana broke down. Reuben ushered Cardo and the people of Santo Niño to see Mr Tonio. Cardo had a talk with Mr Tonio to narrate how the villagers lost their homes in their peaceful town in Sto Niño. He promised to settle everything so that the people could go back when necessary.

Seeing Jerome devastated, Rigor tried to calm his colleague, Jerome as he knew how he was feeling without Bubbles. Jerome confessed that he has fallen for Bubbles within that shortest spate of time. He said it was sad that he could not voice it out to her but he hoped it wouldn’t be too late to let her know.

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Delfin, on the other hand, was grateful that the people of Santo Niño were willing to help the Vendetta in their fight against the Venom. Ambo said that was what the people of Santo Niño were noted for, they help each other.

Cardo relied on Caloy to find where the mining site was for the Vendetta to make their move. In the car going, Thunder wondered why the Vendetta had to come in between their mining operations. Señor Gustavo revealed to him that some of the Vendetta members have crossed paths with him on several occasions, most especially, Ricardo Dalisay.

At the office of her lawyer, Maggie asked Attorney De la Paz whether the case she filed would be sent to court. The Attorney said they would try to prove to the court that it was not the first time someone has filed a case against Brandon, Brother Olano has done some before.

In the palace, a secretary brought the Counter affidavit which the lawyer had filed on Brandon’s case. The counter affidavit contained VP Hernandez statement and the other party members alibi that they were with Brandon on that faithful day which the incident happened.

They were positive that once Margie’s case reaches the fiscal’s office and their counter affidavit reaches there as well, the Fiscal might junk the case.

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Elmo was sounding so negative on the case that Margie has filed. Since Lucas had granted his son presidential pardon before on Brother Olano’s case, he feared the case Margie was filing would go no where. Wally advised him to sound positive for once but Elmo feared the fiscal would be threatened.

Flora told him that the terror reign of the Cabreras would come to an end. As they left the Attorney’s Office, Flora urged Margie to be fearless and once she gives her testimony things would change.

When they returned to Domeng’s place, Delfin told Oscar that he liked the place which the Sto Niño people were temporary settling. He said the place was spacious just that it was unfortunate that Grandma Nita and Grandpa Marsing had to lose their lives.

Cardo said that was another reason they have to protect Domeng’s family for them not to be caught in the middle of their war because they were the only people who took them in when everyone abandoned them.

Señor Gustavo made a call to purchase brand-new weapons to face Cardo. Thunder wondered why he would not allow Gascon to do that. Gustavo said Gascon was caught in other things so he did not want to get him involved in the feud with Cardo. He would singlehandedly finish off Cardo.

“I want to witness Dalisay breathes his last.”

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Margie queried Flora if she truly believed Brandon would be arrested. Flora reminded her of what the attorney said, he would do everything in his power to ensure Brandon get punished for taking a life. Brandon, on the other hand, was telling his father to threaten the fiscal so that the case would be dismissed quickly.

He did not want to be complacent. Lucas refused that request since he did not want his administration to be involved in another scandal but that he said didn’t mean that they would sit idle. Flora and Margie stumbled on party protestors who talked against Margie for his ruining the reputation of Lucas.

They said when Lucas ascended the throne, he has done nothing than to help the common man with various intervention. Flora told them that they were doing nothing wrong, they just did not agree with the manner he was going about with his administration. Gascon stole some diamonds but rescinded on his decision and placed them back.

Madonna saw him and asked him whether he was stealing it all for himself. Gascon denied her allegations and pleaded with her for a second chance so that they would carry out their and against Gustavo. Madonna claimed to have moved on from him so she herself would carry the plans by stealing the treasure.

Gascon forced himself on her, Madonna who was wrestling him finally gave in and they passionately k!ssed which Snooki came to find out when she stumbled on them inside the vault of Gustavo. Least did they know that Gustavo had returned. The old man found it rather suspicious seeing the house sounding so empty.

He saw Snooki but the lady guard was exhibiting fear. He then asked of his Amor and Snooki said she might be at the pool. Speaking of her, Madonna showed up and was looking so sweaty. The old couldn’t say anything than to ask her whether she wrestled with a gorilla.

Elsewhere at their new settlement, the Vendetta thought the people of Sto Niño how to use güns to prepare for their war against Homer. Renato went to ask Diana about the location of Vendetta but she claimed she was not a traitor like him.

As the Vendetta were thinking about means to raid the mining site, Ambo suggested he and Caloy go to the mining site to observe first but if they failed to return, then he should take that as a sign to rescue them. Simon was chickening out so Ambo said that was the way to help rescue Bubbles and Diana.

Counselor Gina saw paparazzi around the house of the De Leons and she decided to make the van pullover to make the news instead of Margie. As she was spreading lies to steal the spotlight, Elmo rushed in with Wally to to inform Margie about the lies Coun Gee was spreading.

Margie rushed there to spoil the interview, Flora dragged her inside as she was telling the media that everything Counselor Gina said was a lie. Meanwhile, Lucas schemed up with Hernandez to strike Margie when she least expected.

The four Sto Niño people who volunteered to spy for the Vendetta embarked on their mission. Doray couldn’t let go of Caloy and made him promise that he would return to her. Caloy made the promise.

Counselor Gina was cheered by her lapdogs about the speech she delivered to the media and were optimistic that the speech would make her earn membership in Lucas’ party. However, as they joined the bus they came with they realised the van’s tyres was inflated. Unbeknownst, Wally and Elmo did that action to avenge what she said against Margie to the media.

As Homer bought news things for Bubbles to woo her, Hipolito was also thinking of means to use Diana to get to Cardo. Charlene called her sister to check on her health. Lucas seek for the media to follow them to the fiscal office in a bid to let the public know how Brandon was affected by the lies spreading about him as an underdog strategy.

Lucas believed his strategy would make Margie be humiliated and her case would not be sent to court. The media who were gathered at the Fiscal’s office did intro to their news as they waited for the arrival of the president and Brandon amidst protest. Finally, the first family arrived and the protestors spilt out all the shenanigans of Lucas.

Brandon told his father to leave those protestors to him, after his case he would take them on but Lucas refused. He would silence them by himself. Teddy was worried about Margie. No doubt that her action against the Cabreras had endangered her life. Virgie believed that her case would make it to court and Brandon would be brought to book.

Brandon knew his father was disappointed in him so he apologised for the failure of his men. Aside that his father was still supportive and he thanked him for that. Lucas made it clear that he was his son, therefore he would not abandon him. However, that failures might stop now. They then met the Fiscal and Brandon tend in his affidavit.

Lucas hoped the fiscal would be objective. He smiled to the cameras in order to gain gigs for being a supportive father even when his presence at the fiscal office was not necessary. Madonna served Gustavo with a drink and could not believe that a tragic incident has happened to his guys.

Gustavo said Hipolito has sent in more men but Hipolito was slimy so he did not trust him. Gascon told him that he would get more men for him so that if anything his men could fight off Hipolito’s men. Madonna began to use her leg to caress the legs of Gascon. Gustavo was smart he used his phone camera to check what Madonna was doing to Gascon while they were sitting on one table eating.

Back in the safe house, Teddy made his wife see the possibility of Lucas getting Margie’s case junked. When that happens, he said he would make the ultimate sacrifice to tend himself in. However, Virgie was against that decision. JP hid to eavesdropp.

Jerome did not know for how long they would continue like that. In sadness, he reminded Cardo that they used to be law enforcers, chasing out criminals but now they were being manhunt by the authorities. Rigor said none of them knows what the future holds, whether they would remain hiding forever or not.

Cardo advised them not to lose hope, everything would be over. Jerome asked of the an and Cardo said after rescuing Olegario and Bubbles, they would target Lucas to finally put an end to all of this so that they could all return to their respective families. Lucas, on the other hand, was still engaging in his clout chasing at the Fiscal’s office.


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