Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 36-40

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 36-40 Leo frames Nestor in Araceli’s deàth and k!lls him, Col Manzano finds a new lead that links Leo to Franco

At the Hernandez residence, Amelia finds herself at a loss for words when Nestor meets Lester. Amid Nestor’s attempt to extort money from her in exchange for his silence, Amelia decides against introducing him to Lester.

Sam seizes the opportunity to spend the night with Emman when he comes to her house seemingly affected by Anton’s visit to Celine. Elsewhere, the NIA’s investigation on Araceli’s case hits a stall with the result of the gunman’s fingerprint test.

Emman learns from Sam that Leo plans to transfer all syndicate-related cases to other agencies following NIA’s failure to secure a lead in Araceli’s assassination. Amelia decides to stand on her ground and refuses to be manipulated by Nestor.

Before meeting Franco, Leo recalls Araceli’s final request. Araceli’s video prior to her deàth stirs Emman’s curiosity as Sam shifts the NIA’s investigation toward a person close to the Hernandez matriarch. Anton’s supposed joyful moment takes a turn for the worse when he runs into Emman. Refusing to leave Amelia alone, Nestor meets his match who shõt him in his car.

Thinking one step ahead, Leo intimidates Attorney Rabago into keeping Araceli’s video a secret between them. Soon, Emman and Sam meet a new roadblock despite seemingly getting what they need from the lawyer. With Leo’s ultimatum in mind, Sam refuses to give up and opts to pursue their old leads.

Upon thwarting the NIA’s surveillance on him, Leo coerces an unwilling agent into working for him instead. Amid Celine’s and Linda’s reconciliation with the Hernandezes, the former’s insistence on Lester’s heart biopsy leaves Amelia with no choice but to doubts her intentions.

Emman and his friends grow determined to pursue their new lead after smelling something off about her possible connection to the organ trafficking syndicate. Unaware of Emman’s growing curiousity on Dr Calderon, Celine introduces the resident physician to Anton.

Soon, the ex-NIA agent begins to dig up dirt on the doctor with the help of Sam and Caloy as he finds the urgent need to bring the organ trafficking syndicate to its downfall. Elsewhere, Amelia tries to warn Anton about Celine’s real intentions.

Believing that her husband is keeping secrets from her, Clarissa orders Nick to keep a close watch on Leo. Still protecting the syndicate, Leo plants a false lead to misdirect the NIA’s probe into Araceli’s assassination. Later, Celine discovers why Dr Calderon is still working for the Hernandezes following Dr Gomez’ suspicious deàth.

As Lester’s birthday celebration turns into an emergency situation, Nick notices Leo and Amelia’s unusual closeness. In spite of Linda’s insistence, Celine refuses to work together with Emman in their pursuit of truth. Later, Leo the prime suspect in Araceli’s assassination.

Frustrated over the turn of events surrounding Araceli’s deàth, Emman gets a vital piece of information from Nick that could prove his suspicions on Amelia. Celine is left with no choice but to reach out to her ex-husband upon receiving help in finding the answers she had long been looking for.

As she grows more suspicious of Leo, Clarissa unleashes her suppressed feelings. Unable to control his jealousy over Analyn’s relationship with Arnold , Bernie let’s his emotions gets the better of him.

Soon, Anton comes to his brother’s side and vows to look after him. Elsewhere, Amelia officially takes over Araceli’s reins in the organ trafficking syndicate. After keeping an eye on Lester, Leo hits the ceiling when Clarissa welcomes him with her endless suspicion.

Sam sees through the organ trafficking syndicate’s move to keep its secret under wraps as the NIA finds Attorney Rabago’s deàth suspicious. Celine finally gets the answer to her long-standing question.

Following Attorney Rabago’s deàth, Sam and Emman suspect that someone is manipulating the pieces of evidence to cover the organ trafficking syndicate tracks. Meanwhile, Leo gets alarmed over Colonel Manzano’s persistence in uncovering the truth. Celine finds renewed hope upon receiving Lester’s DNA test result.

As he grows suspicious of the DNS Chief, Colonel Manzano finds vital information linking Leo to Franco. Speculating that Attorney Rabago holds the key to uncovering the organ trafficking syndicate, Emman and Caloy take a new course of action Amelia tries to mollify Clarissa as the latter’s paranoia reached a boiling point.

Upon unearthing a suspicious invitation for the late Attorney Rabago, Emman takes it upon himself to stop the grand event despite Sam’s insistence on waiting for NIA’s backup. Unbeknownst to them, someone from the NIA is secretly working discovery about her fiancé, Celine opts to make a dangerous move to uncover the Hernandezes’ dark secrets.


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