Irreplaceable Episode 36

Irreplaceable Episode 36 The NIA is given one-week ultimatum to find Araceli’s k!ller, General Chavez k!lls Nestor

Lester questioned Amelia on the reason Nestor came to his room, wondering whether he was his father. Amelia denied that he was his father. She said the man who broke into his room happened to have a similar name to his father but he was not.

Linda in a private talk asked Amelia why she was not revealing to Lester that Nestor was his father. Amelia claimed that the boy was good off without Nestor. Linda then asked why Nestor came to the place and she said he heard her mother was deàd. Linda assumed that he was there to steal from her.

However, Amelia did not want to talk about him. Emman kept drinking and Sam seduced him to have an intimate night with him. After their së×, Sam called Nick to inform him that Emman got wasted so he passed the night at her condo.

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Anton woke up at Celine’s place after Celine gave him medicine. Linda came home to find him about to leave and she asked him to stay for breakfast but he claimed to have drunk coffee already. He wanted to reach the Hospital early and left.

After preparing the favourite breakfast of Emman and served him, Sam arrived at the office looking so cheerful. Marcelo realised she was in good mood and she did not pretend. Marcelo even thought it was because she has gotten an update on the case.

Least did he know that Sam was happy due to how she was able to lure Emman to bed her. She asked for an update of the case and no better information. Gabo who went to Leo’s office to give an update on Araceli’s k!ller received a scolding in return. Leo was upset that their findings of matching the fingerprint of the gün to any of the suspects didn’t match.

Gabo assured that he and his subordinates were on top of investigation because they were dealing with a bigger crime syndicate. Leo gave him a week to find a lead otherwise he would hire a new agency to handle the case and he dismissed him. Caloy went to DNS to see Emman and the latter told him about his night with Sam since Caloy wanted to know if something did happen between them.

Caloy asked Emman if he would used Sam as rebound after Celine got back to Anton. He did not want Sam to get hurt and Emman said he was not planning to hurt her. As Caloy kept pestering him with questions, Emman asked him whether he has truly moved on from Sam and told him to leave but Caloy claimed he was there for delivery. Sam got there so Caloy had to go and run his errands.

Sam told Emman about Leo given the agency just a week to find the culprit whose fingerprints scan would match the fingerprint on the gün. Emman believed Chavez was doing that in order to manipulate the findings. Whatever his reasons might be, Sam said the agency only had week to find a match. She then left and told Emman to eat and gave him medicine for his body pains.

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General Chavez talked with Salvador to inform him that the NIA did not find a match after a forensic test on the fingerprints. Emman said it was impossible that the culprit did not have a database. Chavez said they were on the same page. He said it was the reason he gave the NIA one week ultimatum to find the culprit. Emman said it was impossible because the informant would do everything to manipulate the findings.

General Chavez asked him if he was suspecting any mole like Dante then he should inform him. Emman said if there was, he would ensure the person did not get away. Nick who was eavesdropping give a signal to his son that he has spoken well. Anton got home to question Amelia on the reason her ex lõver was there. She claimed Nestor only came to offer his condolences but Anton believed Nestor was up to something.

Indeed Nestor was up to something, he was driving to get what was rightly his while Amelia signed a secret check in order to settle her ex-lõver before he revealed her secret. After recalling how Nestor confronted her, Amelia torn the cheque into pieces and said she would not allow Nestor to use her.

Leo told Nick to go home, he has an urgent matter to attend to and it was his job secret. As he was driving, he recalled how Attorney Rabago who called him that Araceli made a last call on him since he was being watched. The attorney sent him the video and Araceli ordered Leo to k!ll her otherwise she might rat him out.

He went to see Franco to confront him for leaving evidence behind and asked him if he knew the hard time he went through to erase the evidence. He warned Franco not to screw up again, otherwise he might k!ll him. He threatened that he was more dangerous than how Franco thought he was.

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He then went to see Amelia to inform her that the agency had not found any useful information on the fingerprints. The NIA also planned not to take their eyes off the Hernandezes as they suspected them. Emman and Nick thought that he was secretly meeting with his syndicate partners.

Arnold and Analyn were out in a restaurant and Arnold thanked her for being there for her. He hoped Analyn would not avoid him again. Analyn voiced out that she overheard that he was a Casanova and when he sleeps with a woman then he jilts her.

Arnold admitted that he was like that in the past but not anymore. Bernie saw the two and vowed to expose the real colours of Arnold. After closing from work Emman met with Sam and the latter told him that they believed the Attorney of Araceli was much aware of what happened to Araceli because he took video of her and he requested Marcelo to mute the footage.

Emman also told her that his father had informed that General Chavez had been going out recently and they believed he was meeting with his syndicate partners so they have to keep tabs on him too. He was feeling dizzy so Sam sent him out to an expensive restaurant for a treat and there they met Celine happy together with Anton. Anton had asked her to agree to their wedding and she accepted to marry him so Anton put the ring on her finger.

Emman was so furious and Sam asked him if he was okay or they could go to a different restaurant. Emman said he was fine. Sam greeted Anton and Celina and Anton looking at Emman’s face asked him if he had something to say. Emman said he wanted to send his condolences but it was difficult for him since his mother k!lled his son. The two ladies tried to calm their respective men.

Celine decide to leave with Anton but Anton reaching Emman’s table punched him and fought him. Sam was able to stop Emman but Anton had an episode due to his heart. Sam was made to call an ambulance. Elsewhere, Nestor called Amelia to query hwr on why she had not been picking his calls and she said she was busy.

Amelia told him not to worry because she was on her way to give him the 20million cash he requested and after doing what he wanted, she also believed he would do what she wanted. As he was waiting patiently in his black car for Amelia, an ash car arrived. Thinking it was Amelia, he lowered his window screens and was surprised to see Leo.

He asked whether Amelia sent him to deliver the money. Leo told him that it was a mistake for him to return and Nestor said his business with Amelia was not part of Chavez business. General Chavez said everything concerning Amelia mattered to him and he shōt Nestor in the brains and sped off, leaving the poor man to fall on the other side of the car seat.


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