La Vida Lena Episode 25

La Vida Lena Episode 25 Lukas kicks Lena out from her condo, Ramona gains samples of Conrad to carry a DNA test

Lena tried to explain to Jordan why she had to seduçe Miguel. Jordan looked unhappy and expressed his disapproval about the manner she has been exposing her body to attract Miguel. Lena slapped him for implying she was acting like a whoré when she only wants Miguel to pay for his contribution in ruining her life.

Jordan wanted Lena to ruin the reputation of Miguel to discredit his work but Lena was bent on winning Miguel’s heart just to jilt him like what he did to her. At the Suarez mansion, Vanessa spoke with Rachel not to take a hasty decision in her emotional state to end her marriage to Miguel.

She promised to talk to Miguel for them to make amendment and dissuaded her from leaving Miguel for Lena. Vanessa asked Conrad what they could do to destroy Lena and the commissioner sad he has started an investigation into the business of Lena. Soon, he would deal with Lena.

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Adrian and Allison saw Conrad and Vanessa hugging and they looked stunned by the scene. After they left, Adrian went to his regular bar to wonder how the nature of women are. He wished he could have ended it all for Lena.

“But why,” he wondered “why can’t I do it?”

“I really l0ved her but she was just deceiving me!”

“She used me!”

“I truly l0ved her but she just makes a fool of me!”

Jordan on the other hand was upset due to his fight with Lena so he vented his anger on a punching bag. After talking to Kiko on Rambo’s adoption, he drove Digna and Rambo the the city hall to initiate the process. There, Elmer, the lady in charge made a statement that she was surprised to hear Kiko wanting to adopt again.

That did not go down well to with Jordan so when they reached home, he asked his mother about it. Digna explained that years ago after his brother d!ed, she and Kiko decided to adopt but did not push through since they were not ready but now they were ready to adopt Rambo so that Jordan could get a brother to replace the brother he lost.

Jordan later went to the office and Lena came to meet him working. She apologised for their previous night disagreement and requested him to support her but they decided not to question each on anything since they might not agree on same thing.

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As Lena was preparing meals to organise a get-together for her friends, a bang came on the door and she realised it was Lukas. Lukas threw her out of the condominium since he has bought it. Ramona appeared in the scene and told Lukas that his act was against the law even if he bought the condo, Lena needed ample time to pack from there.

As far as Lukas was concerned he was the law so he kicked Lena out. Ramona then found a way to help Lena. She had a meeting with Vanessa and threatened her that just a phone call would sow a seed of doubt in the mind of Lukas concerning the paternity of Adrian.

Vanessa was compelled to go against her husband to visit Lena at M&R to return her room keys with a condition of her not coming in between Miguel and Rachel. Lena did not accept as Vanessa was in no condition to demand for something. She kicked her out after taking the keys.

Vanessa was queried by Lukas and received a slap in return for sending Lena back into the condo. She tried to convince her husband that due to the crisis that Royal Wellness was encountering, there was no need for them to have another scandal, reason she made Lena returned to the condo.

However, Lukas doubted her intention and threatened to find the truth to her action, believing that Lena threatened his wife.
Lena later had the get-together and told Ramona that Rachel had not returned and was sure she was sulking.

She promised to ruin the Narcisos completely but Jordan did not like that she is throwing herself on Miguel. Betchay saw Jordan acting so grumpy. Ramona received a text from Conrad so she went to meet him and she tagged Martina along. Conrad offered a deal to help M&R to have an expansion, have a tax break and also for the company to gain Special Permit in return, Lena should be out of the condo.

Dr Martina also asked if the deal would also be about him junking the safety and labour charges filed against the M&R. Conrad denied his involvement but assured he would do it if they accept his offer. Ramona demanded for Brian instead and Conrad claimed he did not know his whereabouts. Conrad pressured her to accept his deal instead of searching for Brian.

Ramona told him to accept it or leave it. Conrad felt that Ramona was testing his patience. He left with a last word that Ramona should think about it and give him her reply later. Ramona and Martina took the glasses that Conrad drank from to carry out a DNA test on Adrian and Lena to find out if Lena was indeed the daughter of conrad.

Elsewhere, Jordan was in the bar which Adrian regularly visited, waiting for him to arrive to steal a sample for the test. Betchay arrived there to assist him to carry out the mission but Jordan was scared that Betchay might be recognised. Betchay saw Rachel at the place and she alerted Jordan.


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