Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 39-43

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 39-43 Consuelo discovers Axel is fighting Kyle over Rica, Archie tends in evidence to help Rica’s case

During her visit to Ella’s house, Kakay discovers that Ella is equally a victim of ràpe and implores her to join hands with Rica to put Jigs behind bars. Archie comes in between to foil the plans of Karla.

However, Ella denies Archie a chance to be with her when Karla left with Dani. Soon, a video of the mayor declaring Rica as the truthful person in the rape case goes viral. Troy receives a backlash from his family for selling Jigs out in a bad light.

In a heated confrontation, Bobby ends up bútchering his brother with a painful truth that he slept with his wife. Alberto also threatens Troy to make his political ambitions crush down for him to crawl back to him in distress.

At BA, Rose enlists Kyle’s help to talk to Rica since she noticed that Rica is avoiding her. However, the two end up having an argument, Rica yells at Rose for insisting on her not to drop the case against Jigs. Seeing Rica has shun Kyle, Axel becomes her knight and shinning armour.

He takes her on a ride to teach her and also helps her avoid the daring issue in her life. At home, Dani is upset to see the viral video of Troy. He believes his wife has a hand in her ex-l0ver’s action. After Rica is sent home, Troy stumbles on her at the entrance but Rica sacks him without allowing her father to talk.

She sees Troy’s intervention as too late since she has given up on the case and equally doesn’t want the mayor to tarnish his reputation due to her. Kyle has an argument with Axel for not allowing Rica to embrace the reality to fight for her right in dealing with her abusers.

Chino stops them from arguing and tries to bring the two together to watch eachother’s back. Axel then confesses his true feelings for Rica to Kyle but the latter says he doesn’t own Rica and the two reach a consensus.

Elsewhere, the mayor takes comfort in the arms of Laura. He appreciates her efforts in making him see the need to do the right thing. Audrey, on the other hand, is upset and warns Farrah, her friend to stop calling her. Once her husband returns home, she vents her anger on him for running into another woman’s arms after the trouble he has caused.

Troy pleads for her help to fight off his dad but Audrey is not willing to give him that. Raven who has arrived adds a voice to it. She sides with her father for his happiness sake since all those years she witnessed how Troy is unhappy following Alberto’s orders. Raven also declares her support for Jigs irrespective of her father’s stance.

As Jigs is taken off from a project by Troy, Rose pours her heart out to Rica to make her rescinds on her decision regarding the court case. Kakay also explores chances to beat Junior to the game that Dani is using him to play. She manages to leave the house to Ella’s place.

Unknown to her, Ella has vacated from the place for what Archie has done. Karla is surprised to see Troy who actually followed her to Ella’s place. Kakay uses that opportunity to thank him for defending Rica as that will make Rica know that she is not alone in the fight.

Troy talks to Kakay to dissuade Rica from giving up on her case. Dani gets upset that his wife escapes when he was not around and suspects she is with Troy. Meanwhile, Kyle stops Rica from going out with Axel to go on a business meeting with him. There, an unexpected face approaches as the client.

Kyle has a call from his mom so he leaves Rica with the unexpected client only for him to return to discover that the client is abusing Rica and goes to her defence. The client stabs Kyle and Rica uses her stun gun on him for her to flee with Kyle.

Kyle files a charge against the unexpected client. Familiar with the person, Rose is grateful that finally they have put behind bars the man who spike her drink at the club for Rica to drink. Raven discovers the dirty secret of Jigs when she visits him at his office.

As his true nature unravels, Jigs seeks the help of his friends to deal with Archie once again. Rica escorts Sir Kyle to his house to take care of him. She ends up passing the night at Kyle’s place. The next day, she wakes up to the sounds of Consuelo, Kyle’s mother and Axel.

Axel is disgusted by the scene and quickly offers to send Rica home. While Consuelo digs out who Rica is to her son, Axel makes a fast move to outsmart Kyle by proposing to Rica but the presence of Nico and Dani makes him swallow his words. Rica tells her parents that she will pursue her case and won’t give up.

At BA, May readies Rose to meet her mentor, Consuelo. Rica is surprised to know that the sophisticated woman is visiting the office. After Kyle introduces her to the new employees he gained from Sidero, she begins to question Rica. Rica then thinks that Consuelo doesn’t like her and asks Axel.

Axel doesn’t understand why Rica is seeking the approval of Consuelo so he arranges a date with her for the next two days to have a one-on-one talk with her. Rica becomes nervous and wants him to speak up already.
Axel tells Chino about his plans and Chino terms his act as cheat so Chino talks to Rica to stop her from seeing Axel on that scheduled date.

Soon, Consuelo goes out with Kyle and Axel to eat and plan for the deàth anniversary of Philip Constantino. During the lunch, the woman talks about Rica as she earlier sensed the tension between Axel and Kyle due to Rica. Since Kyle has told her that all of them are just friends with Rica, Axel now tells Consuelo, his adoptive mother that he hopes to have a relationship with Rica much to Kyle’s dismay.

The woman now confirms that the two are actually fighting over one girl and reminds them that they are like brothers and shouldn’t allow a woman to spoil their friendship. Since Raven fails to talk sénse into her father, Alberto begins his revenge against Troy.

However, Troy meets Karla to talk about Rica. To his surprise, Archie calls him and gives him his location. Archie is pursued by Jigs’ friends so he decides to handover an important evidence to the mayor before anything bad happens to him.

To evade the eyes of his pursuers, he parks his car and joins a different car. Dani sees him and follows him to the rendezvous place. Receiving the evidence, Troy, Kakay and Dani rush to Laura’s law firm to look at the evidence and call Rica.

Rica arrives to watch everything and plans with her attorney to go any length to make Jigs pay for all the women he and his friends have ràped in a multiple lawsuits.

However, Dan is against them maintaining Attorney Dizon, this leads to a misunderstanding between Troy and him. Troy has a heart attack when he arrives home, while Alberto threatens Audrey to act fast to make Troy return to beg him otherwise, he will crush his political dreams.


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