La Vida Lena: Lena’s face glowing and moisturised part of her role?

La Vida Lena: Lena’s face glowing and moisturised part of her role?

If you ever wondered the answer, then it is Yes! This is part of her role and a selling point to M&R Corporation. Before I explain why her face is glowing, let’s start from how she gains the name Lena to the new skin glowing person Erich Gonzales is portraying in La Vida Lena.

Magdalena Mendoza after released from jail sets her plans in motion and travels to Manila to find a woman, Ramona Joaquin who she was in the same cell with during her days in prison. The two team up for revenge but an unfortunate incident leads Magda to have an accident which totally damaged her face.

She decides on a surgery and after her deformed face is fixed, she changes her name to Lena and thinks of a new soap formula that is effective than the formula used in the making of Magda Magic Soap.

This decision is taken when the Narcisos, operators of Royal Wellness steal her formula to create the Queen Vanessa Soap, a soap which is launched in United States after Magdalena’s arrest on assault.

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The Narcisos after seeing Magda Magic Soap operating with same formula sue Blue Velvet, a company Magda and Ramona is operating to manufacture the Magda Magic Soap. This compels Lena to come up with a new formulated Soap dubbed: “Satin Dream” to compete against the stolen formula used in the making of the Queen Vanessa Soap.

This soap is more effective on the skin and brings out the natural outlook with more glowing skin toner. After successfully launching the soap under a new Corporation M&R in Salvacion, a province which Magdalena grows up from.

Why Lena’s face is moisturised?

As a user of her own soap, Magda’s skin glows, becomes mild and moisturised. In the pilot episodes, Rachel uses Lena’s face as an example to discredit the effectiveness of the soap Magda was making, leading to the loss of her customers.

However, Satin Dream is proven to be mild, effective, and gentle formula that thoroughly cleans the skin without causing moisture loss and dryness. In addition, it contains ingredients that clears sebum from the skin and improves skin texture to bring the natural skin tone of its user and is good for all skin types, irrespective of the gender.

Here, Lena is portrayed as a person with a natural moisturised skin tone even with her surgery to prove the effectiveness of Satin Dream against the users of Queen Vanessa Soap. This will go a long way to attract buyers due to her glowing skin.

The formula used in the Queen Vanessa Soap or Magda Magic Soap is effective for rushes, pimples and serves as virus k!ller since Magda develops that formula when consumers are thinking of soaps effective to k!ll viruses due to the COVID-19 infection.

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Around that time, people are not thinking about skin glowing products but germs and virus k!llers. This makes Royal Wellness loses its customers and Magda’s Magic Soap became the new name in town. Models who have skin issues patronise the product to cure their enzma and skin irritations while securing them against the COVID-19 virus.

The Role of Lena and Vanessa as image of their Skin Care Products

Magda thinks of means to make her soap reach masses so she thinks of an investor. She goes to Royal Wellness to talk about her magic soap, Vanessa kicks her out from Royal Wellness as that will have an effect on the sales of her product.

She deems it as bad selling point for the company if clients or customers come to the company to encounter a person with a face like Magda, they might think she uses some of their products which might incur loses to the company.

Vanessa has been conducting various surgeries to make her face be in shape to f00l the public that their skin care products are effective and it contains an anti-aging formula but her nose is even fixed together with her cheeks. She from time to time have surgeries perform on her cheeks and face to remove wrinkles.

This proves that the products Royal Wellness produce have no good effect on the skin till the stolen soap formula begins to uplift her business. However, Satin Dream which Lena is using brings her natural oily skin to keep her face naturally moisturised and softer.

Satin Dream is developed in the era when people have recovered from the COVID-19 and all restrictions are lifted with things back to its normalcy. Around this time, people are thinking of products that will glow their skin and not necessarily virus k!ller so it begins to excel on the market making it gain the second spot but eventually becomes the number one skin care product beaten the Queen Vanessa Soap.

The skin of Lena can make those with naturally dry skin buy the product to give a moisturising effect to the skin. The moisture that produces slows down the aging process. The oils can reduce the appearance of fine lines which Vanessa has been battling with to make customers not spend extra in anti-aging creams, products, or treatments.


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