La Vida Lena Episode 4

La Vida Lena Episode 4 Dado suspects the Narcisos are behind the spoilt crops, Miguel woos Magda to bed


The Narcisos were having a family breakfast, when Vanessa asked Adrian about the sales and he said he couldn’t do it, Someone got in the way.

“Who did?” Vanessa queried.

“It was me!” Miguel appeared.

Vanessa ran to hug him. He sat and began to explain why he was doing that. Actually, Vanessa called him to help her out. She explained to him that Magda was giving her family a hard time in obtaining her soap formula and even unleashed her bees to beat her for her face to swell.

The Narcisos were impressed by the manner Miguel used to get close to Magda. He actually hired the two men to harass Magda. He sent them to the bazaar and showed them his target so Magda felt that someone was spying on her.

When the two men harassed her, he then came in as her knight to save her just to get close to her in hopes of winning her over and to persuade her to sell off her soap formula to the Narcisos. Least did Magda know that Miguel was also a Narciso.

Vanessa then talked to Miguel to do everything possible to get Magda to sell off her formula. Knowing her husband pretty well, she knew he would jilt her if he found no use for her and pleaded with him to help save her marriage, she l0ved Lukas.

Miguel visited Magda, later, Dado came in and was depressed that multitude were affected due to them. Magda did not understand, Dado, then disclosed his hunch about the person behind the destruction of the crops and said the Narcisos.

Miguel protested, claiming he had no evidence to back his accusations up and he took it upon himself to do his investigation on the kind of chemicals used to destroy the crops. He brought the findings to the Mendozas and Magda explained to her grandfather that after the soil test, the result claimed the chemical used was weedicide.

Magda then enlisted Jordan’s help to find the store which sold that kind of chemical in Salvacion and checked if the receipt was for the Narcisos. Jordan had bad impression about Miguel.

Soon, Magda discovered that Miguel has a relationship with Rachel she was his sister but least did she know that Rachel was Miguel’s boyfriend and they even had a moment together the previous year in the state. Magda was sad that Miguel kept his relation with the Suarez from him.

She gave him the cold shoulder till he explained to her that his mother d!ed from an ailment so the commissioner who was the brother took care of him. He said Conrad failed to look at him as a son, he did not even adopt him since he had his own children.

He saw him as a freeloader and did not consider him a family. H equally showed Magda his ID for her to know he did not give her a fake name. Magda felt sorry for judging him, she was unaware that he had a difficult childhood and admitted that he was nothing like his family.

Miguel acted all happy that he was complementing him and said sorry to Magda for what Rachel did against her when Magda told him about the past Rachel and her had during school days.

Miguel went to the Narcisos mansion to talk to Vanessa. He asked Vanessa why she was hellbent on getting Magda’s soap formula while she had a research team department which could formulate a new soap. Vanessa interjected that it would take too long to come up with another soap.

Lukas got there to ask whether he was having doubt to help them. Miguel said he was feeling sorry for the Mendozas especially now that their crops were dried and their lives depended on the soap that Magda was making.

Lukas was not surprised, he knew Miguel would fail again just like how he failed in his business. Miguel explained that he went bankrupt due to the pandemic, stressing that same way Royal Wellness also was experiencing decline in sale.

He decided to back out from f00ling Magda and Lukas promised to help him bring back his business to its feet should he get Magda to sell her formula to him.

Fast forward, Jordan was playing chest with Dado but the latter realised Jordan was so quiet and asked him why. Jordan explained that Magda was not there and she was alone with Betchay in a city where they knew no one. He told Dado that he should not have allowed her to go or better still, he should have gone with her.

Dado said he could not stop her from going to a scholarship interview for her college. Besides, she was with Betchay and the two girls were smart. To ease his worry, Dado gave Jordan permission to follow the girls there.

Magda and Betchay arrived at the terminal. Miguel was waiting and he rushed to see them and drove them to Blue Velvet which Dr Madina was giving Magda two million for her soap, license to sell off her magic soap and some bonuses.

Before Magda would sign, Miguel interfered and said the amount was to small since Royal Wellness was giving her five million so the amount should match up. Magda was okay with the amount Dr Madina was offering and was not willing to sell the formula to Royal Wellness even if the Narcisos sh00t up the price.

Dr Madina advised Magda to give it another thought before signing. She did not want it to seem like she was forcing her. She told Magda that she was doing surgery so she would leave. She even asked Magda about her plans with her side face deformity and opted to do a surgery for her if she wanted but Magda said she was okay with it.

Magda expressed her displeasure about what Miguel did. She told him that the two million was the amount she and blue velvet agreed on so there was no need for him to say that. Miguel insisted that he did not want anyone to f00l Magda. He then sent her to the college for her interview.

When she came out from her interview, she noticed that Betchay was not there. Miguel told her that Betchay went back to the hotel, she was experiencing upset tummy. They then bumped into someone who Miguel introduced her as his nanny.

Nanny Marie also came to the college since her daughter wanted to school there. She asked Miguel whether Magda was his girlfriend and Magda said he was not. Miguel escorted her to the terminal and made Magda wait for him at the college.

Jordan arrived and Magda was surprised to see him. He took the list of the five schools Magda applied from Dado and he was lucky to find her at the fifth school. He decided to use the washroom. When he left, some two guys came to make fun of Magda.

Miguel got there and punched them. Jordan also appeared in the scene to find Miguel fighting to protect Magda. They then went to the hotel. Magda suggested Jordan sleeps with Miguel in his room since the hotel was expensive.

Miguel accepted but Jordan refused. He said he wanted to feel comfortable so he also booked another room. They bid goodnight to eachother and parted ways to their various rooms. Due to his plot, Miguel lurked around to ensure the place was quiet in order to take a chance with Magda. He went to knock at Magda’s door and went out with her.

Magda wanted to invite Jordan but Miguel wanted them to be alone. They went sight seeing. As they were talking about how beautiful Manila was, Miguel pulled out a wine and said they should have private celebration for the success of Magda’s interview and the Blue Velvet deal.

He poured out a cup for Magda and began caressing her side deformed face, gently pulling back her hair.

“Don’t,” Magda pulled back.

“Why?” Miguel quizzed.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of!”

“Just don’t do it,” Magda insisted.

“I don’t want people to stare at us.”

“So let them stare all they want… I don’t care about them,” Miguel objected.

Miguel and Magda drunk an alcohol to celebrate. Miguel actually got drunk but Magda didn’t consume much since she was just 18years. She sent Miguel to his room and once she was leaving, Miguel pulled her back.

“Wait Magda!” “I don’t want you to leave!”

“I just want to spend more time with you.”

Magda gave in to Miguel’s charm words and had s£x with him. The next day, she woke up next to Miguel and she voiced out that she l0ved him. In a sheet, she went to change her self and stepped out from Miguel’s room. Unknown to her, Jordan had been waiting out to greet her but saw her from Miguel’s room.

Jordan was highly disappointed in Magda and when Magda saw him, she ran to him in his room to explain. Jordan thought Magda was so smart but she disappointed him.

“Please stop saying that don’t be $tup!d!”

“I am $tupid?” Magda got offended.

“It’s so hard to believe that someone actually likes me?”

“That’s not what I am trying to tell you!”

“Miguel is the problem! I don’t trust or believe in that guy.”

“You don’t know him at all,” Magda fumed.

“And you… do you really know him huh?”

“You know what your problem is?”

“After he gave you a little attention…”

“You are willing to believe him.”

“You easily gave in to his complement and charms.”

“If you wanted a boyfriend then you should have told me.”

“I could stop you from acting desperately for his attention.”

Magda slapped Jordan.

“You have no right to judge me Jordan,” Magda protested.

“I am sure Miguel l0ves me and if you must know….”

“I l0ve him as well.”


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