Brothers- Ang Probinsyano The deàth of Manolo Catindig and how it happened

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano: The deàth of Manolo Catindig and how it happened

Major Manolo Catindig, a role played by Sid Lucero was the right hand man of Renato Hipolito, the former National Defense Agency (NDA) Director who worked under the National Military Intelligence Group (NMIG) boss, General Diana Olegario.

He was the informant who tried everything in his capacity to foil all the good work of General Olegario. He led a retired army man, Ernesto Capili to seek the help of the r£bel group Pulang Araw, the Bloody Sun to b0mb various places in Manila which the leader, Romulo Dumaguit did not accept it.

A fraction of the Bloody Sun which was known as Venom took the deal and set various parts of Manila ablaze which eventually k!lled Cardo’s son, Ricky boy and General Olegario’s son, Joel.

He double crossed the venom in an attempt to k!ll Alligator using his ex-military men to accomplish the task but his scheme did not succeed as Cardo, a driver helped the police and the Bloody Sun group to secure the life of Alligator. He later k!lled his right hand man wanted by the police and got rid of all evidences directed to him and Hipolito.

Manolo did not end there, he continued his vicious act to eliminate General Olegario to occupy her position at the NMIG. He realised Hipolito was slowing down in his quest to help him obtain the higher height in his career. Hipolito rather pursued his own personal interest in using Olegario to obtain the senate position while failing to observe his word.

After various attempt to k!ll Olegario in her own house and even got saved by the perpetrator, Hipolito, Manolo realised Hipolito was up to no good so he dug out his past and shot a video of Hipolito and Homer’s conversation.

He got to know that Hipolito was actually a former member of the infamous r£bel group which he has been blaming for the çrimes he was committing. He actually bore the name Vulture and after he gained a better position in the government, he failed to move with the group’s agenda and turned his back on the group.

Knowing well Hipolito only watched out for his own self, Manolo secretly followed Diana to a certain bridge. There, he cornered his boss with his henchmen. He made an attempt on his boss’ life and $hot her, Diana managed to escape by jumping into a nearest river.

Unbeknownst to Major Catindig, Diana went there to meet Cardo and the latter was watching the scene in his car. He went to Diana’s rescue when the opportunity arose. Returning from the vigilante’s hideout, Olegario once again suffered an assassination attempt from the hands of Manolo.

This compelled her to vacate from her house to join Cardo and the revolutionary armed movement Vendetta which aimed to wipe out corrupt and oppressive elements from the country. Manolo now a fully fledged general of the NMIG, he stopped at nothing to help Hipolito in his ruthless schemes to bring the Vendetta group down.

Manolo became suspicious of James and followed him to a certain place where the latter met up with Diana and Delfin. He silently kept tabs on Olegario to find out the Vendetta’s hideout. Through him, Hipolito and Homer together with the entire venom members attacked the Vendetta during the absence of Cardo.

Hipolito managed to sh00t Romulo and the r£bel leader, fell into comatose. Manolo’s phone call to the police got Romulo the necessary medical attention needed to make him survive the multiple bullets obtained.

As the schemes of Hipolito was failing drastically, Hipolito contracted Manolo to used his current position as the NMIG boss to turn things around in his favour before Romulo could utter a word to the CIDG.

In his zeal to k!ll Romulo, Manolo paid a man to pose off as a substitute nurse to mix toxins in Romulo’s medication to inject into his body. Fortunately or unfortunately, Andrea “Andi” Collins, the nurse appointed to take care of Romulo showed up at the eleventh hour to save Romulo while the fake nurse got arrested.

Trying to cover their tracks at all cost to please Hipolito, Manolo and his men stormed San Rafael Hospital to kill Romulo Dumaguit, who was in hospital arrest. Due to one person he was after, he k!lled 57 civilians and health workers aside the police men guarding the health facility.

Delfin who got informed called for backup and rushed to the health facility. Seeing Dumaguit’s life at risk, Andi convinced the two policemen guarding the commander to open his handcuffs which was keyed to the bed so that he could save his life when the need arose.

Having no option, the corps removed it but handcuffed his two hands so that he could move freely without him getting stuck to the bed. They all fled for their lives but Manolo who has sent his men after Cardo and the Vendetta spotted Dumaguit and began sh00ting him.

Romulo jumped to save his life, Manolo found him and when he was ready to pull the trigger, Cardo arrived with a motorcycle and hit him for him to fall. Cardo was there on time to rescue Dumaguit but when they tried to escape, Catindig held nurse Andi at guπpoint and threatened to sh00t her should Cardo attempt to escape with Dumaguit.

So, Dalisay precisely sh0t Catindig to deàth. Then, Andi, who was an accomplice of the Vendetta, told them to escape without her. General Delfin Borja who appeared in the scene to hear Andi directing Cardo to flee with Romulo thought Cardo was the one who was responsible for the mass deàth at the facility untill he saw the lifeless body of Manolo. The duo successfully escaped.

Dressed like a ninja together with his ex military men, Delfin now realised Manolo led the men to cause the mayhem. Hipolito who tried Manolo’s contact line for several times but to no avail was shocked to hear from the news that his ambitious right hand man joined his ancestors after the encounter with the Vendetta.


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