La Vida Lena Episode 42

La Vida Lena Episode 42 Lukas appoints Lena as the Executive Vice President of Royal Wellness, Fernando Castro is arrested

Allison felt so sad by her father’s act and she went to Banàr to sulk. Rambo stumbled on her sitting in solitude crying. He rushed to comfort her and sent her home to see Digna. There, Rambo introduced her as the girl he was courting.

Digna saw tears in her eyes and Allison opened up to her. She said recently she and her sister discovered that her father cheated on their mother when she was alive and even had a son from the affair.

Digna consoled and advised her to be around those who truly l0ved her and treated her as family. She should not blame herself for what happened to her parents. After eating Digna’s special dish, Rambo escorted her home and gave her a wrist band for her to always remember him when she feels sad.

At M&R, Lena told Ramona that their plans against Lukas were working. She would testify to set him free and he would also help her achieve their goals. Ramona was shocked how Lena has accepted Lukas so easily as her father. Lena explained that nothing would ever change that fact so she ought to accept it, besides she and Lukas were both using each other.

She urged Ramona to trust her. Jordan went through Lukas’ phone and called Kiko to give him all the necessary information to make him find out all the illegal transactions made by Lukas. As the board were having a meeting with Adrian and Vanessa at Royal Wellness to think of a possible solution for their predicament, Lena barged in.

She told them to carry on with the meeting but Adrian told the board they should reschedule the meeting. Lena insisted in them not to stop, Vanessa  got in the way and asked her to leave. She called Sheila to throw Lena out and branded Lena as ambitious witch. Lena stood on her grounds that she would not leave because she would be the future president of the company.

“Says who?” Vanessa hissed.

“I did!” Lukas surprised them as he made his entry.

“From now on I am appointing Lena as my new executive Vice President.”

Vanessa wanted to show Lukas care but he stopped her. He explained to the board that the trial got suspended. The board thought since he pleaded Temporary Insanity he had to have a therapy session but Lukas explained that they were all formalities. He was innocent after all.

Adrian and Vanessa saw it as a mistake of him to appoint Lena since Adrian was in charge and everything was under control. Lukas doubted that everything was under control and asked the board which they had contrary opinion. Adrian suggested they vote on Lena’s appointment and all the board members voted in favour of the appointment of Lena as the VP of the Mm marketing.

Jordan went to M&R to handover some files that implicate Lukas. Martina was surprised that Jordan was not loyal to Lukas. Jordan explained that he only kept his distance to get close to Lukas to find evidence against him which Lena was aware. He left M&R before Lukas would notice his absence.

Elsewhere, Fernando Castro and his henchman beat and maltreated Brian to compel him to reveal the person who sent him to k!ll him. After proving stubborn, Brian could not endure the pains and threats against Vanessa anymore and he exposed Conrad as the one who contracted him to k!ll him.

Fernando suddenly became pale since he was not expecting the commissioner to double cross him. Kiko went to M&R to find out that Jordan has already given Ramona the files which he gave him earlier. He told Ramona that he has already spoken with some of the people who were in the picture being blackmailed by Lukas to give false testimony.

Ramona saw that as an opportunity to for her to speak with Sheryl since now all the evidence Lukas had on all the key witnesses were in her hands. Kiko also told her that he was also able to trace the money transaction to Fernando Castro, a drug lord. He showed pictures of the drug lord and his lackeys.

Ramona was able to identify them as her kidnappers. She urged Kiko to find them as soon as possible since Fernando’s statement could help to get Vanessa and Conrad behind bars. Vanessa went to Lukas’ office to pretend but her husband did not buy her crocodile tears. He told her that she and Conrad wished he would be detained but he was out. Vanessa told Lukas that they should forget about what had happened to concentrate on Royal Wellness in order to fix it.

Lukas asked why she would do that to him while he was the one who saved her from the slums and made her famous. Vanessa said Don Luis looked down on her and Lukas also hurt him so many times which made her fall into the Arma of Conrad. She, however, did not tell him the truth since she was scared that he would vent his anger on Adrian.

Lukas warned her to pack her things and leave the house before he returned to the house. Vanessa asked for forgiveness but Lukas said he would not forgive her and Conrad. He also promised to win the case and get her and Conrad behind bars. He sacked Vanessa from his office. She bumped into Lena and the latter made fun of her.

Fernando made up his mind to make Conrad pay for what he did against him. Ramona went to see Sheryl to plead with her to let out what she knew and assured that she had gotten all the evidence Lukas held against her. She told her not to worry no one would bother her so she should talk. As she was leaving, Ramona stumbled on one of Fernando’s lackeys and secretly followed him to their hideout. She called Kiko to inform him.

Adrian went to Lukas’ office to question his intentions of appointing Lena as VP while he helped him out to get out by threatening others for him not to end up in rehab. Lukas realised Adrian helped him since he wanted something.

Adrian did not admit it but Lukas told him to be thankful that he was still the COO and had not demoted him. He made it clear that Lena was the one who testified to get him out since she was a key witness to what happened.

He told him to be obedient and understanding if he still wanted to be his son. Jordan arrived to ask Lena if she covered for him and she told him there was no call for alarm. Jordan said her enemies were falling one after the other, Royal Wellness was practically hers so it was time for her to think about her happiness. Lena asked Jordan to wait for her to be in her future life.

As Vanessa was packing out, she advised Adrian to keep his eyes on Lena. Adrian revealed that he was one step ahead of Lena. He has paid someone at the office to spy on Lena to reveal her true intentions to get her demoted from Royal Wellness.

Fortunately, Fernando Castro was nabbed by the police that morning in Salvacion. He exchanged crossfire with the police in an attempt to escape  but was caught and arrested. During the crossfire one got injured. The news of Fernando’s arrest broke and Lena wished the drug lord would talk to expose Conrad and Vanessa now that Ramona had also gotten some of the key witnesses to testify in her favour.

Lena handover some documents to Lukas. He called her to ask if she had a hand in the arrest of Fernando and she admitted, saying she cod do lots of things that Adrian would not be able to do. Lukas said his charges were still in persistence and Lena indicated that the case was good as deàd since when Fernando confesses, Conrad would pay for it and while he would be imprisoned, there was no way he would pursue the case.

She then asked Lukas why he gave her the position as VP when he knew that she was his enemy and was also working for M&R. Lukas said she might be her enemy but she fought fairly and admitted she was quite a competition unlike the family he trusted and l0ved. They made a f00l of him.

After his interrogation with Fernando Castro yielded no positive result, even when the drug lord’s lackeys cooperated with the law to reveal their boss as a henchman, Fernando was not willing to tend Conrad in so Kiko called Lena to the precinct and she pushed the drug lord to the edge in ratting Conrad out.


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