La Vida Lena Episode 47

La Vida Lena Episode 47 Lena to file for bankruptcy over 749million debt of Royal Wellness, Adrian attempts to rape Lena while Brian gets arrested with multiple charges

Lena walked to the board room to address the media and the board to sarcastically show her enthusiasm for the position her biological father has bestowed on her as an illegitimate child. She was honoured to inherit Royal Wellness, a company which was built in the year 1958.

However, what surprised her was to have inherited a company which the previous administration out of their incompetency owed 749million. To Lena, it was a debt difficult to recover so with a great sadness that she announced, unless profit shoot up but for a miracle or divine intervention.

To everyone’s surprised, Lena intended to file for bankruptcy in the upcoming months. She told them that they have the Narcisos to thank for that. When Lena stepped out, Vanessa followed but the journalists stopped her asking her lots of questions but she paid no attention to them and she stormed Lena’s office to confront her for insinuating she was the reason the company was swallowed up in debts.

Lena asked her who had been managing the company if not for her. Vanessa indicated that every good company out there were equally having debts.

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“But they make sure they pay to accumulate,” Lena retorted

“You guys mismanaged the company just admit that!”

“But how could you think of ever closing it down,” Vanessa hissed.

“What about our employees?”

“Oh come on can you please stop acting like you care about them!”

Vanessa said it was obvious Lena did not factor their employees in the decision making since she did not even think of means to help solve the problem. Vanessa suggested that the repackage the Queen Vanessa soap which were there in stock to sell it. She believed with right packaging and the use of excellent marketing strategy

“Our queen Vanessa soap has been the highest selling of Royal Wellness, that’s my soap!”

“You mean it is my soap!”

“My formula which you stole the company grew bigger.”

“Thanks to my soap and thanks to me.”

“That’s why you want revenge?” Vanessa quizzed.

“I want to get back at you,” Lena confirmed.

“Not only for stealing my soap formula but for burning my house down which k!lled my grandpa.”

“But we have nothing to do with that,” Vanessa protested.

“And we didn’t steal the formula of your soap.”

“What happened to your grandfather is certainly not our fault!”

Lena got upset with how Vanessa never admitted to her crimes and swore to make her pay. She yelled at her to get out from her office before she makes the security throws her out. Lena was so happy that she had gotten to the emotions of Vanessa when she announced her plans to the board and the press. Martina asked how she would be able to file for bankruptcy if she had not consulted the board first.

Lena said she would do that and she believed that  the board would agree with the decision and that would be a win-win situation for them. Jordan did not like the idea since thousands of employees would be affected. Martina suggested they do what Vanessa proposed by selling the Queen Vanessa soap abroad to make up for the losses but Lena said she thought of that and it would not work.

“I would rather blow those bars of soap than to save Royal Wellness or the Narcisos reputation.”

“What’s up with the long faces!”

“Is this not what we wanted?”

“This is our goal, come-on let’s celebrate.”


Jordan put down his glass and found it shocking that they had to celebrate the downfall of thousands of employees but Lena said they were only celebrating the downfall of the Narcisos. That was their plan but Jordan reminded her of their plan, that was to take over the company not to shut it. That, he said would make all the innocent people suffer.

Later at M&R, Lena noticed lots of discrepancies in the financial transaction and Martina said she noticed it when she received the financial report. Lena realised from the report that they they had a transaction with Canadian clients and they paid that but the money was not reflecting in their profit. She wondered where the money went to. Martina did not have an answer but promised to delve into it. Jordan offered to help in managing the company’s cash flow.

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“That’s if you change your mind and decide to save Royal Wellness.”

“I have already made up my mind.”

“Is there no solution?” Jordan asked.

Martina suggested to merge Royal Wellness and M&R but Lena was sure Royal Wellness would pull M&R down. Lena said when when that happened the Narcisos would win, the fact was that Royal Wellness was beyond saving. However, she was thinking of a separation pay for the workers but that meant that she would take a loan and she did not know how to make that happen.

Adrian overheard it. Lena met with Miguel and he said he would no longer be the COO of Royal Wellness since he had been working to find investors for M&R and Harmony. Lena said he had always been interested in gaining the COO of Royal Wellness but now he was letting it go. Jordan called him a coward and explained that he only let down the position.

Due to the huge debt the company was facing. Later, Lena told Jordan that Miguel was unbelievable. He was an opportunist, a parasite and a loser and Jordan said she had always known that. He told her to break up with him before he dragged her into trouble.

Lena said now that she discovered the real colours of Miguel, she was certain that he was like  Vanessa and she would ruin him and Vanessa. Lena realised things were not adding up since the Adrian she knew would have protested and prove himself as Narciso to save the company and believed something was not adding up.

Vanessa protested against Adrian’s decision of selling the Narcisos mansion. Vanessa said she was left with nothing and all that she had was the mansion to stay in and now he also wanted to sell it. Adrian revealed his plans for her to send her abroad to start a life there but Vanessa refused. She was happy with her life at Salvacion since she was Vanessa Narciso and that meant something while in the foreign that she would be less  regarded and she also has to start from scratch.

She visited Conrad to tell him that Adrian was up to something. Miguel went to see Lena and she told him that aside her worries about how to pay off the workers, M&R was also facing challenges and she saw some discrepancies in the financial statements. Miguel was quick to assume responsibility in delving into the discrepancy and told Lena to focus on Royal Wellness.

At the precinct, Ramona, Martina and Betchay teamed up to tell Lena that they disagree with her decision. They proposed means to bring the company back to its feet but Lena simply did not want to try. She was hellbent on ruining the company. She said crushing Royal Wellness means crushing Vanessa. Martina retorted that it was not right.

“Is there anything right about revenge?”

“There isn’t right we started this and we will see this through.”

“We always lose to the Narcisos that is why Ramona is on jail again.”

*We have to learn to fight the way they do.”

“Let’s be willing to get our hands dirty, let’s leave our conscience behind.”

“That is the only way to win this fight against the Narcisos.”

Kiko said he had to find more evidence to help in Ramona’s case. Jordan proposed they get Brian to delve into the case. Kiko went to see Conrad to convince him to expose the hideout of Brian. He promised to help shorten his prison term if he collaborate with them, adding that his daughters had missed him and told him to give it a further thought.

He should do it for his daughter so that all those who benefitted from all the illegal businesses would pay for their crime. Conrad then voice out that he did not know his hide out but believed he was closer to Salvacion. He said he still had Brian’s contact and he could be able to trace it. After his mysterious call, Adrian went to Lena’s office to find her sleeping.

He offered to help Lena give the workers separation pay. He said he was selling the Narcisos mansion for 155million and would help her. Adrian said he was in l0ve with her and told her that they should leave everything behind and flee. Lena said she hurt his feelings once and never wanted to do it again but Adrian said he did not care if she had to hurt him all over again.

He understood that she only did that to him to get back at his parents but now they could start things  over again. Lena said he was drunk that was why he was talking like that. After all that she did to him he could not say he l0ved her but he said he did. Lena said she did not l0ve him. Adrian forced to get intimate with her at the office. Lena struggled along with him.

In the midst of it Jordan got there and got Adrian off Lena. He hit Adrian when Adrian was not ready to let go. Jordan threatened to report him and Lena said for what he has done, he has gotten even with her and warned him not to get close to her. The Police stole their way in to the hideout of Brian to arrest him. His charges were frustrated murderer, arcsin, aggravated assault, physical injury, direct assault and so on which when found guilty, life imprisonment wouldn’t be enough.

Kiko said he did all that upon the orders of someone so he should tell him the person who sent him to burn Lena’s house which k!lled Dado but he refused to cooperate. Kiko vowed not to stop till he makes him confess to all his crime.

Jordan told Lena to file a case against Adrian but Lena said she would not. Jordan explained that what Adrian did was a crime and if he had not been there.. Lena interjected that was he not tired of being her hero.

Jordan said he would never and that was because he l0ved her. Vanessa found Adrian crying and drinking instead of celebrating since he was now rich beyond imagination. Adrian said everything was not about money, he could not get the l0ve of his life.

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Vanessa told him to forget about Lena. He could get any girl of his choice, she even thought he was over Lena but Adrian said he tried.

Learning that Brian was arrested, Lena visited him only to learn that Brian had always been taken orders from Lukas, Conrad and Adrian and not Vanessa. Brian revealed that Adrian was the one who ordered him to steal the formula and Lena asked how Adrian knew where her formula was.

Brian said Miguel was the one who told them the formula was written in her grandpa’s old note. Lena recalled when Miguel requested to see her formula.

“So how did you steal it?”

Brian explained that the attempt to steal the formula caused the accident that k!lled grandpa. The deàth of the old man was not part of the plan, he was supposed to steal the book but Dado saw him and they fought. That was when the lamp fell and the place caught fire.


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