Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 367

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 367 The Venom and the Police raid the hideout of the Vendetta, Marco prepares his private army for a self mission to k!ll Cardo at the hideout

At the Cabreras mansion, Catherine told Lucas that Marco got himself into trouble due to Alyana. However, Lucas said it was Marco who was causing trouble and Catherine assumed he meant that Marco deserved what had happened to him.

Lucas said Marco was equally his son and cared for him. He assured that after that night their problems would be solved as the police would attack the Vendetta. Cardo bid an emotional goodbye to his group.

He knew they abandoned their respective families in cleaning up the society. In as much as it hurts him to quit, he reasoned that sometimes one has to put his or herself first. Catherine asked if there was a possibility that Alyana would d!e and her husband said they would all d!e. Bubbles tried to persuade Pilo to help her escape the place.

Pilo said he would not do anything that would make Homer lose his trust in him and advised her to stay loyal to Homer if she knew what was good for her. Diana Olegario understood Cardo’s decision and assured that they would carry on with the rest of the missions. Anton was happy for Cardo and Ramil added that Cardo would always be part of the group even when he was far.

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At the palace, Yohan spoke to a friend cancelling his engagement in a trip. Grace told him he could talk to their parents to join his friends. They could even organise a family beach outing but Aubrey reminded her of how their safety would be compromised.

Marissa who was eavesdropping told her husband that Yohan had to skip a friend’s birthday party due to their situation. However, Oscar was optimistic that his plans would work and it would be over soon for his family to have their freedom. Marissa decided to come up with good ways that she could make it up to the kids.

Bubbles was lying on the bed in trauma, when Homer pounced on her to get intimate but she pushed him away to ask of his vile scheming he was plotting against the Vendetta. Homer said his group would only relax when one his bosses become the president but he couldn’t care or less if it was the veep or Hipolito. He tried to get Bubbles in the mood and offered to give her massage while k!$$ing her.

He promised to give her money to go for shopping but Bubbles was tired of shopping all alone. Homer offered to go with her even if it would put his safety at risk just to make her up. Cardo was grateful for everything they have been through together and for the bond they had forged. It was sad but now he had to make a choice, the group raised their glasses to celebrate Vendetta.

Oscar prepared food with his special recipe for his family and Harald was invited to the family dinner. Homer went out with Bubbles.

“Just relax my l0ve you’re here with me!”

“That’s the thing, I am here with you.”

“What if someone recognises you.”

Homer promised not to allow anything bad to happen to her. Bubbles warned him against being reckless otherwise they would all end up in trouble. Marissa raised concern about civilians getting caught in the operation. Oscar revealed that he has already cautioned General Perez on that. After that night, Marissa was hoping they would restore peace in the society and also lift the ban on their family for them to have easy movement, in bringing their lives to normalcy.

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While in his car, Hipolito called Homer to inform him about the hideout of the Vendetta and ordered him to go that very moment to the hideout since the police would raid the place that night. He said Homer should go to the place he has given him before the police get there.

You better get ready Dalisay and Romulo, it will be the end the lives of the both of you. At the De Leons, Yolly saw Wally looking at Ricky boy’s pictures and told Yolly that they forgot to give them to Cardo and Alyana. Flora appeared in the scene and told Wally that Alyana and Cardo always had Ricky boy in mind and heart even if the pictures were not in their possession.

Homer called the rest of the Venom members to give them the address of the Vendetta’s hideout and told them that he would meet them there.

“Homer we are ready to shower those guys with bullets,” Pilo gloated.

“This is the moments we’ve all been waiting for to see the corpses of Dumaguit and Dalisay and the rest of the Vendetta,” Homer added.

Homer said sorry to Bubbles for his inability to send her home. He said he would send her to the train station near Ligata and she would remain in the car while he and his men would smoke out the Vendetta and rain bullets on them. Bubbles recalled borrowing money from Becky ever since she lost her family. Homer jubilated about the money he would gain from Lucas.

He did not care about the residents since they were all going to d!e. Bubbles looked worried since Becky was in that place too. Hipolito asked the vice if he should give orders for Alyana to be spared so that his son could get back to her. Lucas protested, he actually wanted Marco to stop obsessing over that woman, that meant, Alyana would have to d!e as well.

Homer arrived at the place but his members were not yet there. He called them and they said they were on their way.

“This could happen, if I don’t do anything they will k!ll Miss Becky and all of my friends,” Bubbles thought.

This might be my only chance to free myself from Homer

Guzman called Girona and he was part of the group. He told Girona that according to General Borja, they had to set aside their friendship and carry on with their mission. When his friends arrived, he warned Bubbles to stay in the vehicle since she would be safer there. Bubbles could not sit there, knowing her friends and Miss Becky were in trouble.

“Makes sure they won’t be able to escape, I want them all deàd especially Romulo and Cardo,” Homer ordered his group.

“It’s really crowded here others will get hurt,” Roldan showed concern but his boss did not give a dèmn.

“K!ll anyone who gets in our way, Hipolito will take care of the rest.”

The Vendetta bid farewell to Cardo as Cardo was emotionally hugging each one of them, Homer and his nefarious group were also gearing up. Ramil charged Alyana to take care of Cardo. Bubbles had a chance to escape, when Homer set eyes on her and was about to run after her, the corps arrived and the venom group had to take cover.

Cardo told them that he would never forget any of them. At Camp Crame, General Borja called Guzman to give him update. Since the cops might reach there before them, Homer and his group thought of means to get to the Vendetta first. Bubbles got to Becky’s room to warn her to run since Homer, the Scorpion and his rebel group were there to attack the Vendetta.

As Superintendent Camilo Perez was bad mouthing Borja to the President, the General stumbled on him and called him for a private talk. Oscar was having second thoughts of including the CIDG. He told Herald he learnt that Cardo was part of the CIDG before going to SAF so it meant that he had some friends who might cover up for him. Herald had a contrary opinion, he believed the police would not allow their friendship with Dalisay got in the way. Oscar hoped so.

When Perez followed Borja to his office, he told Borja that it was not time for them to have a conversation but to monitor the progress of the operation. If it was to him, he believed his team would coordinate the operation better. General Borja told him that it was not a competition so they had to work together to bring Vendetta to book.

As Andy heard that she quickly ran and Becky ran after since Andy was going to alert Cardo and his group. The ladies got there and without hesitating, Andy in fear told Cardo that their lives were in danger. Bubbles added that Homer and his group had surrounded the area and their mission was to k!ll them. The group got their weapons and escaped through the back.

Catherine called Marco to ask him to come home. She told him that the police already knew the hideout of Cardo and were on their way to bring Cardo and his group down so it would be better if he returned home for his own safety. He asked his mother of the hideout and she said somewhere in Manila, Ligata. Marco said he would go there himself to bring Alyana along with him.

After hearing her father’s conversation with Marissa on the night operation, Aubrey asked Herald about it and he admitted. Cardo and Alyana  bumped into some officers who issued warning that Dalisay should surrounded. Cardo hesitated, scanned his eyes around and found a way. Quickly, be held Alyana’s hands and they run upwards.  General Borja called Guzman and he said they were already there and the other units were there but they were exchanging fire with the rébel group.

When Oscar got home, he learnt that Catherine has told Marco about the location of Cardo. He felt disappointed in his wife but he cleaved to the belief that by the time Marco would reach there, everything would be over by then. He told Catherine not to worry about Marco.

Meanwhile, Marco made a call to his private army demanding them to back him up for his self operation against Cardo at Ligata. The race was still on, Cardo reached a point and he had to draw out his guπ, to wait for Romulo.

“Commander we are already trapped,” Cardo said.

“We need to split up, we will go in two groups,” Romulo commanded.

“Keep them safe,” Romulo ordered Cardo to lead the girls out.

“We will stay here hold him off now go.”

Cardo led the girls to the rooftop and told them that the only exit for them to descend from the high rise place while he would go and help the commander. Cardo ensured the girls descended from the high rise place from a ladder and returned with manager to help Romulo.

Homer and his group also kept shòöting all the residents they encountered while Cardo and Romulo raced to be with the commander.


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